Casey Anthony: Motion on Party Photos to be Heard

Please note that this post is from 2010. For the most current updates on the Casey Anthony trial, please see my homepage.

Lots going on in the trial of accused murder Casey Anthony.

Next up on the docket, Judge Belvin Perry will hear quite a few new defense motions including one to keep the infamous Anthony party photos from being presented to an (out of town) jury.

Do you think these photos are relevant? Why or why not?

Credit: WDBO

From WDBO:

The racy photos show Casey and her friends engaged in drunken debauchery.  Some show Casey partying in an Orlando night club during the time that her daughter was missing.

Defense attorneys say viewing the pictures would cause jurors to form a prejudice.

“It has an incredible, powerful influence on the jurors,” said San Diego defense attorney Allen Bloom.

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17 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Motion on Party Photos to be Heard”

  1. Andrea Says:

    By all means the ones that were taken AFTER June 15th up to the famous 911-any form of media is relevant during that time to show where her priorities were as her daughter lay rotting in a garbage bag a few houses away from the bed she should have been tucked into.

  2. laurali1 Says:

    I agree, the photos are very important. It shows that Casey Anthony was not out looking under every rock trying to find her missing daughter. The photos before June 16th do not matter.

  3. Zelda Says:

    The photos need to be seen…’s the whole ball of wax for the prosecution.
    What is it they say.???……..a picture is worth a thousand words???
    Not introducing them only adds to the crime in my opinion.

  4. OneOp Says:

    If this picture above was taken after the positively established time ddof the death of Caylee Marie Anthony, Yes! However, I have in the past noticed that it is considered that Casey has her hand on the breast of the other girl. I do not see
    that. It is only in the height of her arm and hand that it appears so, I do not think
    it is a fact. As far as the mini dressing, That is what all the girls wear, many shorter than hers. mothers all around me, pushing their babies are in mini skirts
    and sports bras all day long. Perhaps if she was really looking for Caylee she would have better been dressed in jeans and world have had an expression of concern, a more serious demeanor. When did Caylee die and what is the date of the above picture.

  5. Honeydog Says:

    Agree. Um, aren’t the Photos during this SPECIFIC time-period considered “Evidence”, in a relative portion of the “Whole Picture”……

    (I don’t see why The Defense should feel so threatened by these Photos now— in every previous reported and televised “Explanation”, they claimed this Behavior was due to Casey’s “Grief” over Caylee’s “Disappearance”, and “her way” of trying to overcome and deal with it. Soooooo, Prove it.)

  6. Honeydog Says:

    (P.S: Evidentally, as I was writing my above Comment, *Zelda* and *OneOp’s* hit the Page first….
    Just want to note that my first word (“Agree”) was actually in follow-up to the first two Comments on the Page).

  7. Definitely! They should be admitted as they show her state of mind. The photos do not provide proof that she murdered her child, but, it does demonstrate that she wasn’t looking for her as she claims. It also gives an insight into the people in her life. JMO

  8. midget48 Says:

    according to the duhfence the photos After june 15 show prejudice. excuse me. what prejudice? kc stated that she was looking for her “missing” daughter. was precious Caylee having a high oh time at the bar?????? no, she was in the woods, knee deep in water, in a garbage bag, for God’s sake and sleazy was the one having a high oh time earning the title, MOTY. It is what it is.

  9. Boston Says:

    I think Mr Ashton and Ms Burdict should show a montage of pictures describing how Ms Anthony went looking for her child during the 31 days. Dancing at Fusion, getting a tattoo, wearing the American Flag, etc. They should notate the date and what she was doing. In between partying did she put any miles on her car looking? Or was she with Jeff Hopkins enjoying a wedding celebration in Jacksonville?

    Expose her lies through pictures.

  10. Nina Says:

    I agree that the pictures should be admitted..They show her lack of concern for the where abouts of her child,when she claimed that the Nanny took her..(which of course we all know, there never was one to begin with…Any photo of Casey after the 15th of July should be permitted.Casey didn’t care then and she still seems not to care..

  11. midget48 Says:

    honeygog, i believe it was called “ugly coping”. the ugly (kc) i understand—-coping—not so much.

  12. midget48 Says:

    honeygog/honeydog sorry

  13. Honeydog Says:

    *Midget48*~ I couldn’t recall the “Term” used, and, rather than get it wrong, I just tried to explain it. Thanks.

    (According to JVM’s Legal Panel tonight, the Photos are very relevant, and believed will be admitted….
    We’ll see.)

  14. Boston Says:

    For many psychopaths, violence has a calming effect.

  15. luvanrs Says:

    The photos should be admitted. They are only prejudicial to the defense because they show Casey in her true glory. A photo cannot lie.

  16. BamJammer Says:

    Who better than the jury to decide if Casey is potrayed in these pictures “looking” for her daughter Caylee after June 16th as she told investigators that she was in the nightclub. As far as the pictures prior to that I do believe that if the defense were to contend that Casey Anthony was a good mother, if their are pictures of the evening that friends contended to investigators that they told Casey that, those pictures are absolutely relevant. Because otherwise all you have is the subjective opinion of the witness as opposed to a picture which potrays the environment that Casey’s friends refer to.

  17. BamJammer Says:

    that made absoutely no sense at all. Sorry. I mean that in the police interviews there were witnesses that speak of an evening where friends told Casey that whereever they all were was not an appropriate environment for Caylee. ie.) If Casey had Caylee in some place where others advised Casey that it was unfit to have a child there. The is relevant if the defense wants to contend that Casey Anthony was a good parent. Apparently she wasn’t always and that is relevant.

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