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Casey Anthony: Ordered to Return to Florida

August 12, 2011

A Florida judge has ruled that Casey Anthony must return to the Orlando area to serve check fraud probation.


Judge Belvin Perry had to rule on whether Anthony, 25, should serve probation for a check fraud conviction — or if she had already completed it while awaiting her murder trial in the Orange County Jail.

Perry said he would authorize the Department of Corrections to make an exception and keep Anthony’s address private during her probation.

“It is clear the court stated the defendant’s probation was to start once she was released from jail,” Perry said in his order.


Casey Anthony: Department of Children and Families Finds Responsibility for Caylee’s Death

August 11, 2011

Casey Anthony is responsible for the death of her daughter Caylee, this according to a report released today by Florida’s Department of Children and Families concludes.

Since I’m sure you’re going to ask…the Orange County Sheriff’s Office will not take any further action as a result of the report.

From CNN:

A month after a jury acquitted Anthony on murder and child neglect charges, the state agency found that Anthony “is the caregiver responsible for the verified maltreatments of death, threatened harm and failure to protect” in her daughter’s death.

“The Department of Children and Families concludes that the actions or the lack of actions by the alleged perpetrator ultimately resulted or contributed in the death of the child,” said the report. The report was signed by officials within the department Wednesday.

Casey Anthony: Parents, Crowd Celebrate Caylee’s Birthday

August 10, 2011

George and Cindy Anthony gathered with more than 100 members of the public to celebrate what would have been their granddaughter’s sixth birthday.

The purpose of the gathering, besides remembering Caylee, was to unveil plans to create a memorial in her honor in the woods where her body was discovered.

From ABC News:

“This is the first time I’ve been here in so long,” George Anthony told reporters a few feet from where his granddaughter’s body was found. “It’s hard to come here.”

“Happy birthday Caylee,” some people joined in saying as the crowd released dozens of purple balloons into the air.

Bring Kids Home, a nonprofit group that helps missing and abused children, wants to build a memorial at the site. The project, set to be designed by artist Jefre, would center on a reflecting pond with a glass ring hanging over it like a halo. It would incorporate elements of A. A. Milne Winnie-the-Pooh books, and would feature cubby holes along a path for visitors to leave stuffed animals and other items that could in turn be given to children’s charities. Glass disks would contain the names of missing children.

The nonprofit hopes to raise $200,000 in donations and the memorial would need county approval.

Casey Anthony: America’s Most Hated

August 10, 2011

Guess what? Casey Anthony is the most hated person in America, this according to a new poll that tracks public perceptions of “celebrities”.

From Reuters:

Anthony, 25, who is now in hiding after being released from jail in July, was more disliked than California’s “Octomom,” former football star O.J. Simpson and socialite Paris Hilton, according to the poll released on Wednesday by E-Poll Market Research.

Anthony was acquitted in July of murdering her daughter Caylee in 2008, to the surprise and outrage of many legal pundits and millions of Americans who had watched her six-week trial live on television.

California-based E-Poll’s E-Score Celebrity research for the first week of August showed that 53 percent of those questioned were aware of Casey Anthony and her story, and 94 percent of those people disliked her.

Anthony was also considered “creepy” by 57 percent of those questioned and “cold” by 60 percent of respondents.

Casey Anthony: Living the Good Life?

August 9, 2011

It appears that Casey Anthony may be hiding out at the Southern California home of her former attorney, Todd Macaluso, this according to those who have stated that they have spotted her at the residence.

From WDBO:

HLN and several online tabloid reports claim that Casey may be hiding out in southern California.

Monday evening, Nancy Grace showed pictures of a mansion belonging to Anthony’s former attorney Todd Macaluso.  The home, a five-bed, five-bath, $5 million property, is located in Rancho Santa Fe, California. 

Neighbors say Casey is living in the mansion with two bodyguards.

Casey Anthony: Not a Good Time to be a Look-a-Like

August 9, 2011

L. Concetta Graves says the anger many feel abut last months not guilty verdict is being taken out on her because she bears a resemblence to Casey Anthony.

From NBC:

When L. Concetta Graves runs errands, she throws her hair in a ponytail and puts on a ball cap and some sunglasses but in recent weeks that look has become downright dangerous!

Graves says she frequently gets mistaken for Casey Anthony.

L. Concetta Graves says “some guy flung the door open real fast and he’s, ‘Oh my god, is that Casey Anthony?'”

Unfortunately for Graves, she’s increasingly confronted by suspicious, even angry people. This week she was stalked by a man at her nearby post office who didn’t believe her when she told him she wasn’t Casey. And last week, Graves and her brother, D.M., were walking in their neighborhood, which is on the same side of town as the Anthony’s home, when three men in a pickup truck yelled “baby killer” and then attacked the siblings!

Casey Anthony: $500,000 Offer From Hustler Magazine

July 29, 2011

Controversial Hustler Magazine publisher Larry Flynt has offered Casey Anthony $500,000 to pose nude in his adult magazine.

From CNN:

The pornography magnate told HLN’s “Nancy Grace” show on Thursday night that talks are ongoing that could land Anthony on the pages of his magazine, weeks after a Florida jury acquitted her of murder in her 2-year-old daughter Caylee’s death.

Anthony’s camp denied the report, dismissing it as “nonsense.”

But Flynt insisted he was serious about the offer, which he said would include $500,000 up front plus 10% of all profits. He said any payment that the Orlando woman might receive for interviews with media outlets would be “chicken feed” compared to what she’d receive by appearing in Hustler.

“If they want to get their hands on big money, they’ve got to go through me,” Flynt said.