Concert Review: Toby Keith and Montgomery Gentry, July 25, 2008

Perfect night, perfect crowd, perfect show! Shoreline Amphitheater!
The Biggest & Baddest tour comes to the Bay Area! The night kicked off with Trailer Choir. If you have never heard of this band, you soon will. Not only will they be on the soundtrack of the new Toby Keith movie, Beer for my Horses, they play some great music. “Off the Hillbilly Hook” and “Rockin’ The Beer Gut” completed a short, but fun set. You should be able to catch their music on CMT and GAC so keep a look out for them.

Carter’s Chord was up next. This was unfortunately the time when nature called and I answered. From what I could hear, they were talented (sounded like a young She Daisy).

The act which I was most looking forward to was Montgomery Gentry. I had seen them on two previous occasions and have yet to be disappointed. While they played a great set at this show, i was saddened to have them walk off stage before playing my two favorite songs, Speed and Lonely and Gone. I always thought those were staples of their set and was really looking forward to hearing them on this night.

I won’t complain though. With so many hits, it was hard to find anything really wrong with the set. Montgomery Gentry are showmen and they know how to work the crowd. Back When I Knew it All, Hillbilly Shoes, Hell Yeah, Something to be Proud Of and My Town were all included as well as a new song called Long Line of Losers. This is going to be a hit for sure.

Overall, a great show and a great introduction to the main event of the evening: Toby Keith!

The last time I saw Toby Keith live was at the Petaluma Fair nearly 10 years ago. I can say that while his songs have changed, his stage presence has not. He had the audience eating out of his hand all night long. With no new recent album, Toby filled a set with a long line of greatest hits that would have made any fan happy. I Wanna Talk About Me, Shoulda Been a Cowboy, Beer for my Horses, How Do You Like Me Now, I Love This Bar, A Little Less Talk (And A Lot More Action), Who’s Your Daddy, Whiskey Girl, She’s A Hottie, As Good As I Once Was…The list goes on and on. Hit after hit played for over 1 1/2 hours. Let’s not forget a great cover of Ted Nugent’s Stranglehold! Yeah!

A funny moment during the set occurred when Toby was joking around with a guy in the front row who paid “$15 for a beer”. Toby said “man you got F&^%#d!” over and over again. Seriously, the price of food and drinks is getting out of hand. But then again, I wonder when the last time Toby Keith had to pay for a beer was!

The night ended with two patriotic classics: American Soldier and Courtesy of the Red White and Blue. Great finale. The audience was pumped during the final song which always gets an audience singing every word. Three soldiers were brought up on stage who the crowd saluted. Great moment, great concert!

When the tour comes to your town, make sure to get your tickets. This is not a show to miss!

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