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My Celebrity Encounter with Dylan Bruno (Numb3rs)

January 17, 2010

They always say when you go to Los Angeles, you’ll run into celebrities just about anywhere. We lived in LA for 2 years, and I used to meet quite a few when I worked for Hertz at Rusnake Westlake in Westlake Village, California. Well, we hadn’t been in LA for more than 30 minutes this time when we had out first!

Our favorite restaurant in Southern California (anywhere actually), is Dinah’s Family Restaurant near Culver City. What a great place for fried chicken, mashed potatoes and especially RIBS!

So as we walk into the restaurant, my wife looks over to the left and says “Hey, isn’t that the guy from Numb3rs”. I looked quickly and was like “I think so”. And it was. His name is Dylan Bruno and he plays Colby Granger on the show.

What’s even better is that we ended up being seated at the table next to him. We both thought that it was pretty cool because we are both HUGE fans of the show dating back to season one. Haven’t missed an episode!

He was there with his kids and I believe a friend. We talked to him a few times because his 7 month old son was quite the chatterbox! Not to mention cute as can be.

To make a long story short, Mr. Bruno was very down to Earth and friendly. I don’t know if he knew that we knew who he was. It’s hard not to get excited and say “Oh…I love you on Numb3rs” because I feel that celebrities should have their space too, especially when they are out with their families. I think that we see too much where celebrities can’t live their own lives in public without being attacked by the paparazzi or fans for pictures and autographs.

Sure…both my wife and I would have loved to have gotten our picture taken with him, or asked for his autograph. But, sometimes it’s just better to have a nice conversation with a celebrity just like normal people do.

He was a very nice guy and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to talk with him, if even just for a few moments. As big fans of the show, it was the highlight of our weekend trip to LA.

UPDATE: So we went to the Pacific Diner today and sitting next to us was Petros Papadakis. He’s a former team captain and tailback for the USC Trojans.  Now, he’s known for calling games on Fox Sports and Comcast Sports here on the West Coast and for his radio broadcasting.

Very nice guy who seems like a lot of fun!


Pete Carroll Resigns

January 10, 2010

According to ESPN, Pete Carroll has resigned as the football coach of the USC Trojans.

Not sure if this is a wise idea by Carroll. His NFL days have not been very successful and he’s leaving one of College Football’s most storied programs.

Oh well. Good luck, Pete!

From ESPN:

Carroll has reached an agreement in principle with the Seattle Seahawks on a deal to be their next head coach, multiple NFL sources confirmed to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter early Saturday morning.

USC told on Sunday night that the school had nothing official to announce.

Sources say, however, that Carroll has already started to form the staff he will work with in Seattle.

Pete Carroll Heading Back to the NFL

January 8, 2010


It appears that USC Trojans head coach Pete Carroll is heading back to the NFL, as a move to the Pacific Northwest appears imminent. Ladies and gentleman, you new coach of the Seattle Seahawks.

From ESPN:

Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks are “close” to coming to contract terms, the LA Times reported.

The Times reported that Carroll would leave USC to become the Seahawks head coach and team president for a five-year contract worth $7 million a year.

Carroll made $4.4 million annually as the Trojans coach.

From the Los Angeles Times:

Highly successful USC football Coach Pete Carroll was close to reaching an agreement with the Seattle Seahawks on Friday evening, headed toward a job switch that would deliver yet another blow to the university’s besieged athletic program.

While USC has come under fire for not properly monitoring athletes — with two investigations involving football — Seattle is offering big money and wide-ranging control.

The 58-year-old Carroll has been offered the job of both coach and president at an annual salary of $7 million for five years, according to sources close to the negotiations who were not authorized to comment on the situation.

Although Seahawks officials did not talk publicly about their interest in Carroll, a contingent from the team, including Chief Executive Tod Leiweke, met with the coach in Los Angeles this week.

Petaluma High School Football Coach Retires

December 13, 2009

He was an institution in North Bay football for 31 years but as of this week, Steve Ellison is no longer the head football coach at Petaluma High School. Ellison is one of the greatest men I’ve known, both in sports and in the classroom. His legacy will live on for years to come but there is definitely a hole in high school sports today in Sonoma County football.

From the Press Democrat:

Ellison said he had pretty much made up his mind at the start of the season that this would be his final year coaching. “I knew it was getting near the time,” he explained. “I didn’t want to be one of those guys who hang around too long.”

He said the character of the seniors on this year’s team made it a good time to step away. “I knew this would be a good group to go out with,” he explained. “For my birthday when they were freshmen, a group of them gave me a picture of themselves and signed it, ‘The future 2010.’ That really touched me. It helped me set the time line.”

Of course, neither the coach nor the players knew how good his and their final season would be. The Trojans went through the regular season a perfect 10-0, the first time a Petaluma team had been unbeaten since 1989. The went on to win two North Coast Section playoff games to finish 12-1. Along the way, they provided the coach with his 200th win at Petaluma.

Ellison, who has already retired from teaching, said he is looking forward to traveling with his wife, Linda, and spending more time with his 19-month-old grandson Braden Stewart.

Washington Huskies Shock #3 USC

September 19, 2009

This has to be one of the biggest wins in recent history for the Washington Huskies. The team that went 0-12 last years stunned #3 USC this afternoon by a score of 16-13.

They must be going crazy in Seattle. How I miss living in the Pacific Northwest!

From ESPN:

Southern California was leveled by another post-Ohio State funk, taken down by upstart Washington with a late drive that must have looked familiar to the Trojans.

Erik Folk kicked a 22-yard field goal with 3 seconds remaining and Washington’s fired-up defense stymied fill-in quarterback Aaron Corp and No. 3 USC in a 16-13 victory Saturday.

USC quarterback Matt Barkley, who directed an epic game-winning drive to beat the Buckeyes in Columbus, Ohio, last week, could only watch the latest stunning upset loss by the Trojans from the sideline. The star freshman was out with a sore shoulder.

It’s the second consecutive season the Trojans have lost their Pac-10 opener days after an impressive win over Ohio State and it marks the fourth straight season USC has lost to an unranked team.

USC Topples Penn State in Rose Bowl

January 2, 2009

USC quarterback Mark Sanchez passed for 413 yards and four touchdowns, USC dominated on defense and the No. 5 Trojans beat up No. 6 Penn State 38-24 yesterday in the Rose Bowl.

After this performance, the Pac 10 is now 5-0 in bowl games this year. I’d have to say that they had the best postseason of any conference!

From the Associated Press:

Penn State coach Joe Paterno watched from the press box, where he’s been for most of the season because of hip problems. He couldn’t have liked what he saw— at one point in the first half, the TV camera caught him shaking his head as USC (12-1) rolled to a 31-7 lead.

But even before the game, the 82-year-old coach said several times he thought USC was at least as good as any team in the country, perhaps better.

It doesn’t matter.

Out of the BCS championship mix, the Trojans can only wonder what might have been had they not lost at Oregon State 27-21 on Sept. 25.

What was thought to be a weak Pac-10 hurt the Trojans’ chances to reach the national championship game in Miami—where Florida and Oklahoma will play next week. But the Pac-10 finished the postseason 5-0.

“With all due respect, those are two great programs, I don’t think anybody can beat the Trojans,” USC coach Pete Carroll said. “I just think we can beat anyone we played. That’s happened a lot to us late in the season. This is a terrific finishing program. There are so many things we can do. We’re just hard to beat right now.

“I just wish we could keep playing. Unfortunately, we don’t get to. Maybe someday there will be a chance, but not now.”

And not soon, either. There’s no playoff in sight for major college football.

USC scored four touchdowns and a field goal on five consecutive first-half possessions for a 24-point halftime lead against a team that allowed only 12.4 points per game during the regular season.

With the No. 1 defense in the nation, there was no way the Trojans would blow that kind of lead.

The Nittany Lions (11-2) scored 17 points in the fourth quarter to make the final score respectable, yet fell far short of their 40.2-point average.

Paterno, who has won 383 games, including 23 bowls—both records—thought the Trojans were every bit as good as advertised. USC won 10 straight after losing to Oregon State, outscoring the opposition 380-80.

BCS Really Does Stand For Bull Crap System

December 1, 2008

Oklahoma in the Big 12 title game over Texas, who beat them earlier this season. Once again, the computers have made their decision, and as usual, it was a bad one. Will we ever get this right?

I’m not a Texas fan, I’m just a fan of college football. When will Division 1 learn that a playoff is needed. Whether its an 8 team or a 16 team playoff, or just a +1 game after the BCS bowls, something needs to change. There are so many teams who deserve a shot at the title this year. Can you imagine the ratings, and the matchups. What about a Cinderella team like Utah or Boise State. A playoff would be great for all involved: the teams, the fans, everyone.

From the Associated Press:

College football is careening toward its most unsatisfying conclusion in the 10 years since the BCS took control of the postseason, and that’s no coincidence. With more parity in the sport and more schools playing 12 games during the regular season (and 13 for those from conferences with title games), the chances that teams will separate themselves from the pack by going undefeated seems less with each passing year.

If Florida beats Alabama in the SEC championship game, Oklahoma beats Missouri in the Big 12 title game (more on that in a moment), and USC beats UCLA, all on tap for the final weekend, this regular season will conclude with seven one-loss teams from the six major BCS conferences and almost as many potential headaches.

At the moment, Texas looks like the recipient of the BCS’ annual “life-isn’t-fair” award. The Longhorns have already been denied the chance to play for their conference title, despite beating Big 12 South division rival Oklahoma in a head-to-head matchup and finishing with the same 11-1 record. And Texas Tech, a third member of the Big 12 South, could make almost as good an argument.

The Red Raiders also went 11-1 and beat Texas, but got hammered so thoroughly by Oklahoma that unlike his counterparts at both schools, coach Mike Leach hasn’t wasted much of his breath lobbying. He suggested using graduation rates to break the three-way deadlock. Instead, the Sooners will play North division survivor Missouri because the Big 12’s fifth tiebreaker rule — higher BCS rating — gave them the nod over Texas.

That decision is wrong on so many levels, it’s hard to know where to begin.

The BCS ranking is made up of three equally weighted components: the USA Today coaches’ and Harris Interactive polls, and six computers. The machines aren’t entirely without bias, since they process whatever information they’re given. But the chance that grudges and favorites might have affected voters in the human polls can’t be dismissed, since the only ballot that’s made public is the final one.

Texas coach Mack Brown and his Oklahoma counterpart, Bob Stoops, spent most of the past week either lobbying those same voters or talking about how unseemly it was being forced to do just that. The names and schools getting hosed changes each year, but whining by their coaches has become as much a fact of life at this time of the year as the cold weather sweeping across most of the country.