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Is Robert Wagner Responsible for Natalie Wood’s Death?

November 18, 2011

Actor Robert Wagner waited several hours to call the Coast Guard after his wife, actress Natalie Wood, went missing from a yacht back in 1981. This according to the vessel’s captain, Dennis Davern.

According to Davern, Wagner also told those on board the boat what to say to authorities about the incident.

Speculation is running rampant that Wagner is responsible for Wood’s death, but it appears that at this time, he is not a suspect.

Interesting…One thing that I didn’t know was that actor Christopher Walken was also on the boat at the time of her death. I had no idea!


The investigation into Natalie Wood’s 1981 death has been reopened, but police say her husband Robert Wagner is not a suspect in the actress’ drowning.

Lt. John Corina told a news conference Friday that new information is substantial enough to take another look at the case. He said the information came from multiple sources.

This morning on TODAY, the former captain of the boat from which Wood drowned alleged that Wagner was responsible for the actress’ death. Dennis Davern, who captained the couple’s yacht, Splendour, said he was urging homicide investigators to look into the case.

“I made some terrible decisions and mistakes,” Davern told NBC News’ David Gregory. “I did lie on a report several years ago.”

That’s Me on The Today Show…

March 17, 2011

Yep! On my way to pick up some breakfast before my flight home from New York yesterday morning, I stumbled upon filming of The Today Show. And no…I wasn’t discussing the Casey/Caylee Anthony story 🙂

Matt Lauer and Al Roker were outside in the rain and they did a shot of the audience.

I grabbed a quick screenshot from the broadcast. Note that if I had paused it at a better part, you’d actually see me smiling with my eyes open! all my glory!

Maybe I’ll get a better photo to put up later!

Casey Anthony: Parents Appear on The Today Show

August 13, 2010

George and Cindy Anthony once again professed their support for their daughter during their latest appearance on The Today Show early this morning.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Today host Meredith Vieira interviewed the Anthony’s live from a studio in New York.

“I’m not certain of all of the forensic evidence,” Cindy Anthony said, when asked why she still thinks her slain granddaughter Caylee is alive. “A lot of stuff doesn’t make sense.”

“I can see that Casey panicked, maybe something happened, I can see something happening,” Cindy Anthony said. “Casey may have seen something or someone else.”

George Anthony said that the family has always wanted to find out what happened to Caylee, no matter where “the path” leads them.

Casey Anthony: Psychopath?

April 15, 2010

Interesting words from criminal profiler Pat Brown on the Today Show today as a term that many of you have used to describe Casey Anthony came out: Psychopath.

I missed the segment. Did anyone have the opportunity to watch? What did  you think?


Pat Brown, a criminal profiler, told TODAY’s Meredith Vieira that in her opinion, Anthony is a psychopath who is trying to get potential jurors to feel sorry for her. The letters are the way she does it, Brown said.

“This will prove she’s a new woman. After all, she’s found God,” Brown said, adding that juries will frequently sympathize with a woman who claims she was abused and mistreated but now has found the light.

“A lot of time women go to court, juries start feeling sorry for them,” Brown said. “It’s manipulation.”

Brown called the letters “a wonderful window into how a psychopath thinks.”

Children Direct Traffic at JFK Airport

March 3, 2010

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating five transmissions from the control tower at JFK Airport where tapes demonstrate that the child of an air traffic controller directed planes on a runway.

I understand that it was just in fun and that the kids only said a few words, but seriously? This definitely gets a WTF?!?!

From NBC News:

An air traffic controller at one of the nation’s busiest airport was suspended after his young son was permitted to give radio instructions to pilots. NBC News has learned the controller at Kennedy Airport brought his daughter into the tower the next night.

The man’s daughter communicated with pilots twice, NBC News’ Tom Costello reports.

His young son had several quick exchanges with pilots. The recorded clips were played repeatedly across a variety of news outlets on Wednesday.

“This lapse in judgment not only violated FAA’s own policies, but common sense standards for professional conduct. These kinds of distractions are totally unacceptable,” FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt said in a statement. “This kind of behavior does not reflect the true caliber of our work force.”

Yep! That’s Me Again on TV

February 14, 2010

I got another 3 seconds of fame again today on The Today Show.

We were doing work with a client for a segment on Vancouver, Washington vs. Vancouver BC for the Winter Olympics. Guess what?  I ended up on camera.

Click here to watch the clip. I’m at around 1:04 looking like a goof 🙂

Sorry…you have to sit through at 30 second commercial first…

Casey Anthony: Does the Media Need to Back Off?

January 26, 2010

Andrea Lyon, an attorney for Casey Anthony said on the Today Show earlier today that the media needs to back off and take a different look at itself when covering this high profile trial.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

The recorded comments from Andrea Lyon comes one day after Anthony, accused of killing daughter Caylee Marie Anthony, made headlines after being found guilty on six charges related to a check-fraud case.

The piece on the Today Show noted Monday’s verdict and included information about the Anthony-inspired play in Australia called “Tot Mom.”

When a reporter asked Lyon about the play’s significance and coverage of the Anthony case, she said:

“It tells me that the media process needs to take a different look at itself. You know, it’s one thing to cover a trial and cover a case. It’s another thing to create one.”

Additional details can be found at the Orlando Sentinel by clicking the link above.