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Casey Anthony: Defense Team Claims a Victory

August 27, 2009

An order was signed this morning to grant another material witness, Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch, in the ongoing investigation surrounding the murder of 2-year-old Caylee Anthony.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

The founder of the volunteer search group that helped look for Casey Anthony’s daughter last year will be questioned under oath by the mother’s defense team, a judge ordered this morning. Information on more than two dozen volunteer searchers also will be released.

Before the discovery, thousands of volunteers with Texas EquuSearch scoured various areas of the county for the missing girl in August 2008 and November. Casey Anthony’s defense team requested information on all the volunteers.

Orange Circuit Court Judge Stan Strickland ordered the information on 32 searchers — who were within several hundred yards of where Caylee was found — to be released to the defense and prosecutors.

Tim Miller, the EquuSearch’s founder, has said the volunteers didn’t search the specific area where the toddler’s remains were discovered because it was underwater in August and November.

From MyFoxOrlando:

Timothy Miller, a representative for Texas Equusearch, an organization dedicated to searching for and recovering missing persons, has been named a material witness in the case.

Documents of the 32 TES searchers have been subpoenaed and are to be disclosed to both the State and the Defense.

These documents are part of the ongoing evidence in the Casey Anthony case.


Casey Anthony: Back in Court Today

August 21, 2009

Casey Anthony returned to court today to attend a hearing that is expected to address four motions received by the court.

From WESH:

The first motion was to certify Timothy Miller as a material witness. Miller is the director and founder of Texas-based EquuSearch, which held numerous searches for Caylee Anthony.

Judge Stan Strickland said he would review the motion and rule as early as later on Friday. He said he was leaning toward allowing the defense to review the records to determine who they may want to question regarding search activities.