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Burgerville Interview Discusses Award Winning Employee Healthcare Program

August 22, 2008

Client Burgerville was recently featured on the “Taking Care of Business” show on the Employee Benefits News Web site. Jack Graves, Chief Cultural Officer of Burgerville, was interviewed by McLean Robbins who focused the 10 minute interview on the company’s award winning employee healthcare program.

Jack Graves, Chief Cultural Officer, Burgerville

Jack Graves, Chief Cultural Officer, Burgerville

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Burgerville is a Pacific Northwest quick service restaurant chain with more than 1,300 employees and 39 restaurants located throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington. Initiatives such as an industry leading healthcare program, an expanded leadership development training program for employees, the company wide use of wind power credits, recycling of used trans-fat free cooking oil into biodiesel, as well as an expanded recycling and composting program, are all based around Burgerville’s belief that it is good business to adopt sustainable practices that are good for their guests, employees, the local community and the environment.

Burgerville, Vancouver, Washington

In a time when many companies were cutting back on healthcare for employees, Burgerville took a bold step in the opposite direction. Effective January 2006, the company introduced new healthcare packages for hourly employees and their families that decreased the employees’ premium costs. These packages are unique in that Burgerville contributes more than 90 percent of the cost of both its employees’ and their dependents’ healthcare plan, following through on its commitment to ensure that the company’s employees remain healthy and well.

Hourly employees with six months of service and working 20 hours a week are eligible for coverage at a cost of only $15 per month with no deductible. Employees are the company’s most important asset and are key to Burgerville’s success. Decisions like their health care program come from a deep commitment to invest in their people. Without strong, vibrant, healthy people, there can be no healthy family or healthy community.

Serve With Love

Mission: Serve With Love

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