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Facebook Expected to Reveal New Feature Today

August 18, 2010

Facebook has scheduled a media event for this afternoon at its Palo Alto headquarters and it is expected that the social networking giant will announce its entry into location-based networking.

From CNN:

For months, Facebook has barely tried to conceal details about its plan to jump into the check-in space, which is dominated by smartphone apps that let users tell their friends where they are at any given time. Facebook all but promised to debut a location-based feature at its F8 Conference in April.

“We are working on location features and product integrations, which we’ll be launching in the coming months, and we’ll share more details when appropriate,” spokesman Larry Yu told CNN content partner CNET last week.

But the tech pundits have speculated incorrectly about Facebook’s leap into the world of location features before.


iPhone to Add Cut and Paste Features

March 16, 2009

The founder of social news site Digg Kevin Rose has claimed to have a handful of details on what Apple will announce in its iPhone OS 3.0 unveiling tomorrow.

The cut and paste features sound interesting. Let’s see what is announced tomorrow.

From Ars Technica:

Among Rose’s mentionable tidbits is that copy and paste should finally arrive, and he even offered a believable explanation, a clip of which is embedded below, of how the feature will work.

Rose explains that, in iPhone OS 3.0, double-tapping a word will display a magnifying-glass-like icon that contains two draggable quotation marks. Drag the marks around the word or chunk of text you want to copy, and a contextual menu will appear, offering options to copy or paste. This sounds fairly plausible, and at least as good of a UI implementation as any of the previous mockups of how this feature could work. It is worth noting that Rose has a pretty good Apple rumor track record, nailing some announcements like the 4G iPod nano, the original iPhone, and iTunes 8. The full Diggnation episode (number 194), recorded live at SXSW this past weekend, is not yet up on the Revision3 Diggnation site. You will have to deal with the brief clips for now. Unfortunately, Rose does not get into specifics of just how far this copy and paste functionality will reach.

Google’s Android smartphone OS, for example, only allows the feature to shuffle around words in text boxes. Will iPhone OS 3.0 allow users to copy text from a webpage and paste it into an e-mail or a text box on the page for posting to forums? What about more ad-hoc behavior, such as copying details from a profile in the Facebook app for pasting into the iPhone’s internal Address Book?

From ZDNet:

According to Kevin Rose during a segment of Diggnation (video) the long-awaited copy and paste functionality will be demonstrated at Thursday’s iPhone OS 3.0 media event in Cupertino.

The revelation occurred during Diggnation #194 which was recorded live at Stubbs in Austin, Texas, during SxSW Interactive 2009. In it Rose reveals that copy and paste will be invoked by double tapping on a word, and a magnifier bubble will appear with two quotes that you can drag around your selection. Once you make your selection, you will have options to cut, copy or paste.

In the same segment Rose says that background apps and video didn’t make the cut for 3.0 but that the iPhone would catch up with all the features coming in the Palm Pre.

MacRumors adds that Copy and Paste will be arriving in 3.0 alongside a much improved homepage/springboard with the ability to organize in categories.