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Is It Time for Joe Paterno to Go?

November 8, 2011

It has been a very interesting time in college football this week. Not because of the “Game of the Century” between Alabama and LSU. Not because of the BCS controversies with who should be #3, #4, #5 etc… Not because of the great Heisman Trophy debate between Andrew Luck and Trent Richardson (among others).

No, the talk of college football this week is the sudden and saddening turn of events in Happy Valley with Penn State University. As most of you know, the University has  had its football program turned upside down this week with allegations of sexual abuse taking place over a number of years, with a member of the coaching staff involved and others knowing about it.

Joe Paterno

Former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky is at the center of the scandal. Penn State senior vice president Gary Schultz and athletic director Tim Curley have already surrendered on charges that they failed to alert police to the complaint about Sandusky. Pennsylvania attorney general Linda Kelly has stated that Joe Paterno is not a target of their investigation into how the school handled the accusations but she didn’t say the same for university president Graham Spanier.

The question remains: how much was known and who else should take the fall? A lot of people are calling for Paterno’s resignation. So…is it time for Paterno to go? I’ve been a fan of Penn State football since I was probably 6 or 7 years old. I always looked up to Paterno as one of the greatest coaches of all time. Now his legacy is in question and in my eyes, he holds at least some of the responsibility.

Paterno’s weekly news conference, which was to take place today, has been canceled. It had been scheduled for noon (ET) where he would meet with members of the media, as he does every week. No reason has been given for the cancellation, but one can only speculate that the session would have been dominated about questions surrounding the sex scandal.

Did Paterno do all that he could? Should he be held legally responsible…or morally responsible?

From the Associated Press:

The Pennsylvania state police commissioner said Paterno fulfilled his legal requirement when he relayed to university administrators that a graduate assistant had seen Sandusky attacking a young boy in the team’s locker-room shower in 2002. But the commissioner also questioned whether Paterno had a moral responsibility to do more.

Jerry Sandusky: Credit AP

I’m sure that more will come out in the coming weeks but for now the question remains: Is it time for Joe to go? He’s 84 years old and has coached the team for 46 years. Until last week, his legacy would have been that he could arguably be the greatest college football coach who ever lived. Now…who knows?



Andrew Luck to Return to Stanford

January 6, 2011

Great news for Pac 10 and Stanford Cardinal fans! ESPN is reporting that Andrew Luck will return to Palo Alto for his Junior year in 2011.

Can you say Heisman? National Championship? Maybe! I bet the Carolina Panthers are a little upset right now…

From ESPN:

Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, the odds-on favorite to be the No. 1 pick in this spring’s NFL draft, announced Thursday that he will stay in school and play his redshirt junior season. “I am committed to earning my degree in architectural design from Stanford University and am on track to accomplish this at the completion of the spring quarter of 2012,” Luck said in a statement. The school announced that Luck wouldn’t be made available for comment.

The Carolina Panthers own the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft and indicated earlier this week that they would be interested in drafting Luck if he decided to leave school.

Stanford Uses Good “Luck” Charm in Orange Bowl Blowout

January 3, 2011

The Stanford Cardinal proved tonight what most of us on the West Coast always knew: if not for the Oregon Ducks, they would be playing for a National Championship.

In its first BCS bowl game in more than ten years, Stanford survived a close first half to blowout the Virginia Tech Hokies in the Orange Bowl, 40-12.

With the victory, the #4 Cardinal reached 12 wins for the first time in the school’s history. Now the question remains: what’s next for Jim Harbaugh and Andrew Luck?

From ESPN:

Luck, the Heisman Trophy runner-up, threw for 287 yards and four touchdowns Monday night to lead Stanford past Virginia Tech (No. 13 BCS, No. 12 AP) 40-12.

It was a performance reminiscent of Elway, the former Stanford quarterback who is expected to become the Denver Broncos’ chief football executive this week. He served as an honorary captain, and ex-Stanford QB Jim Plunkett was also on hand to lend support.

The Cardinal (12-1) likely will end the season ranked in the top 5 for the first time since the unbeaten 1940 team finished No. 2. Their success comes only four years after they went 1-11 and hired Harbaugh as coach to lead a turnaround.

No Surprises in New BCS Rankings

November 15, 2009

If you were expecting big changes in the BCS rankings this weekend, well, you’re not going to be happy.

The top 8 teams remained the same for a second straight week with only minor changes to the top ten.

With so many undefeated teams, I wonder if this is the year people finally realize that we NEED a playoff in college football. Whether it’s an 8 or 16 team tournament, we MUST have it, and have it soon. I have a feeling that we will have at least 3 undefeated teams when all is said and done in January.

Here are the top ten teams in this week’s poll:






Boise State

Georgia Tech



Ohio State

Stanford made the leap up to #17 and USC fell to #18.

USA Today has the full rankings.


Allen Stanford Wants Out Of Jail: “It’s Too Hot”

July 28, 2009

Allen Stanford, accused of more than $7 billion in fraud, believes he should be transferred to another detention facility because there has been no air conditioning in the jail cell where he is being held.

I say, make him sweat more! Put him in a smaller cell that’s even warmer! That’ll teach you! 🙂

From Reuters:

“For at least a week, during the hottest part of the summer, with outside temperatures of 100 degrees (38 Celsius) or more, the place where Allen Stanford is being held as a pretrial detainee has had no air conditioning and for part of that time was without power altogether,” Stanford’s attorney, Dick DeGuerin, said in a court filing on Sunday.

Stanford, who has been in custody since his arrest on June 18, is being housed in a single cell that he shares with between eight and 10 other men, according to the filing.

Cost of Diabetes Treatment Has Doubled Since 2001

October 28, 2008

The cost of treating adult cases of diabetes in the United States nearly doubled between 2001 and 2007, according to a study published yesterday which questioned the efficacy of new and more expensive drugs. I have a long family history of Diabetes in both my family and my wifes so this comes as no surprise to me. Its amazing how much it can cost to be healthy in the United States.

From AFP:

The increase was due to a rise in the number of sufferers but also higher use of more costly treatments, said the study from researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine and the University of Chicago.

“It’s important to recognize how expensive treatment for diabetes has become,” said Randall Stafford, associate professor of medicine at the Stanford Prevention Research Center and senior author of the study.

“This near-doubling of diabetes costs may partly reflect better care, but we need to step back and examine the value of newer and more costly medications that may be overused.”

The cost of diabetes treatments rose from 6.7 billion dollars in 2001 to 12.5 billion dollars in 2007.

In 2000, 4.0 percent of the US population had diabetes. By 2050, the percentage is expected to increase to 7.0 percent, the study said.

From Reuters:

U.S. doctors are using a wider array of newer, more costly drugs to treat diabetes with little long-term proof that they work better than older, cheaper medications, U.S. researchers said on Monday.

They said newer treatments boosted the average cost of a diabetes prescription by nearly 40 percent in six years.

A separate team that combed through clinical trial data found only the drug metformin cut the risk of heart problems in people with type 2 diabetes, the most common form in which the body gradually loses its ability to respond to insulin.

Taken together, the studies make the case for more long-term data on diabetes drugs as Americans’ poor diet and rising rates of obesity are expected to swell the number of diabetics to 29 million by 2050, up from 21 million.

Three Stanford Students Die in Big Sur Crash

October 13, 2008

Stanford University community is in mourning today after three Graduate School of Business students were killed on Sunday when the Jeep they were riding in veered off a cliff on Highway 1 near Big Sur. The students killed in the Friday night crash were identified as Viet Nguyen, 28; Chris Sahm, 29; and Micah Springer, 23.

From United Press International:

The cause of the accident was still being investigated. Police were called when the three Stanford University Graduate School of Business students failed to show up at a gathering in Big Sur, the newspaper said.

About 200 people gathered at Stanford’s Schwab Residential Center Saturday night to mourn the loss of the students.

“This is a tragic loss for the Stanford community for three brilliant and promising students who had so much to contribute to the world, and lost their lives too suddenly and too soon,” Stanford President John Hennessy said in a statement.