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FBI Caught Using GPS on Student

October 8, 2010

Sounds straight out of a spy novel…and it happened just a few miles from my house!

Yasir Afifi, a resident of Santa Clara, California, received a visit from the FBI this week after he found a secret GPS tracking device on his car. It wasn’t that he found the device that caused the FBI to show up. It was that his friend posted photos of it online.

Afifi, a business marketing student at Mission College in Santa Clara, discovered the device this past weekend when he took his car in for an oil change. When a mechanic raised his car up on hydraulic lifts, Afifi saw a wire sticking out near the right rear wheel and exhaust.

From CNN:

The device was real, the student was being secretly tracked and the FBI wanted their expensive device back, the student told in an interview Wednesday.

The answer came when half-a-dozen FBI agents and police officers appeared at Yasir Afifi’s apartment complex in Santa Clara, California, on Tuesday demanding he return the device.

Afifi, a 20-year-old U.S.-born citizen, cooperated willingly and said he’d done nothing to merit attention from authorities. Comments the agents made during their visit suggested he’d been under FBI surveillance for three to six months.

An FBI spokesman wouldn’t acknowledge that the device belonged to the agency or that agents appeared at Afifi’s house.

US Journalist Freed by Iran

May 11, 2009

Great news today! An American journalist jailed for four months in Iran was freed Monday and reunited with her parents after an appeals court suspended her eight-year prison sentence on charges of spying for the United States.

From the Associated Press:

The release of Roxana Saberi, a 32-year-old dual Iranian-American citizen, clears a major snag in President Barack Obama’s efforts to engage Iran in a dialogue after decades of shunning the country. Washington had called the charges against Saberi baseless and repeatedly demanded her release.

Saberi’s arrest in late January, followed by a secretive, one-day trial and a heavy prison sentence, prompted sharp U.S. criticism. Soon after, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and other officials appeared to back off, suggesting the sentence could be reversed.

On Monday, an appeals court reduced her jail term to a two-year suspended sentence, Iran’s judiciary spokesman, Ali Reza Jamshidi, told reporters. Jamshidi said she was free to leave Iran.

“I’m very happy that she is free. Roxana is in good condition,” Saberi’s Iranian-born father Reza Saberi said after her release.

“We had expected her release but not so soon. She will be preparing to leave (Iran) tomorrow or the day after tomorrow,” he told reporters at his house in Tehran.

He said Saberi was staying at a friend’s house, where her parents would join her.

Julia Child a World War II Spy

August 14, 2008

Say it ain’t so! Recently released documents have shown that famed chef and author Julia Child worked as a spy for the Office of Strategic Services which was the precursor to the CIA. Child’s spy work occurred during World War II.

From the Associated Press:

At 28 as an advertising manager at W&J Sloane furniture store in Beverly Hills, Calif., Child clashed with new store managers and left her job abruptly.

“I made a tactical error and was out,” she explained in a handwritten note attached to her application to join the Office of Strategic Services, a World War II-era spy agency. “However, I learned a lot about advertising and wish I had been older and more experienced so that I could have handled the situation, as it was a most interesting position.”

Child was not yet married and was applying for the job under her maiden name, McWilliams, according to previously top-secret records released by the National Archives on Thursday. She was hired in the summer of 1942 for clerical work with the intelligence agency and later worked directly for OSS Director William Donovan, the personnel records show.

Details about Child’s background and nearly 24,000 other OSS employees are revealed in the newly released documents, withheld from public view as classified records for decades by the CIA.

See, you never really know who could be a spy. It could be me, it could be you. There were numerous other notables identified in the files including: John Hemingway, son of author Ernest Hemingway; Kermit Roosevelt, son of President Theodore Roosevelt; and Miles Copeland, father of Stewart Copeland, drummer for the band The Police.