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Mother, Son Kicked Off Southwest Airlines Flight

October 30, 2009

UPDATE: Southwest Airlines has apologized for kicking the mother and son off of the flight.

Pamela Root and her son, Adam, were on their way home to San Jose, California (where I live) when they were kicked off Southwest Flight 637 on Monday afternoon. The reason? The child wanted dad, wanted to take off, and was a bit too loud for the crew and passengers.

Usually my kids are great on flights, but I’ve been in this position before. I would guess that the child would have given in once the flight took off, but they were never given the chance. I REALLY hope that Southwest Airlines looks into this, at least to find out more about what happened. Was the child kicked off immediately? Was the mother given a few minutes to settle him down? Was he kicking seats or causing a major disruption (if this is the case then it is definitely justified). I always fly with Southwest and would hate to see this issue not be at least looked into for all of the facts.

While I understand that there are those who will say that the mother and child should have been removed, without all of the details, I would have to disagree just because I’ve been on MANY flights with kids who are unruly like this and I’ve just learned thatit’s just a part of life.

As a parent, I know what it’s like to have a child who can be difficult at times. Like I said before, most of the time, my kids are great on flights. We even get compliments from other passengers who appreciate how good they are, and we always love that! But there are times when they aren’t, I would hate to be removed from a flight because we were having trouble getting them to settle down. Sometimes it takes longer than other times, but eventually, they do relax. Food always helps, their medicine helps too. Keeping them awake through their nap time until the flight is great because many times, they’re asleep before the plane takes off! It may sound funny, but even other supportive passengers can help!

We do our best as good parents to respect those around us. If you want to read about a bad parent, then you should check out my posts on Casey Anthony.

On this issue, feel free to agree or disagree with me. That’s what discussion is for 🙂

From the San Jose Mercury News:

Pamela Root’s 2-year-old son was screaming for the Southwest Airlines plane to “Go! Plane! Go!”

“I want Daddy!” Adam shouted. Over and over again.

Despite her embarrassment, the stay-at-home San Jose mom remained confident that once the plane took off and she fed him, Adam would calm down and take a nap — just as he had on the half-dozen other plane rides with Mom.

The flight crew wasn’t willing to find out.

With her luggage heading back home without her, Root was stuck in

Amarillo, Texas, and forced to buy a portable crib and diapers and stay another night with her parents. Still fuming, she wants Southwest to apologize and compensate her for the flight and things she bought. Adam’s father, Mike Root, a software engineer at Symantec, who was waiting for them in San Jose, is also livid.

Southwest, with its fun and family-friendly reputation, immediately began looking into the matter on Thursday at the request of the Mercury News. Spokeswoman Marilee McInnis said it’s “very rare” to ask someone to leave a flight, and especially “unusual” to remove a crying child.

From the New York Times:

The Oakland Tribune is reporting that a Southwest Airlines crew ordered Pamela Root and her young son off a flight from Amarillo back home to San Jose this week, because the boy was screaming “Go! Plane! Go!”

“I want Daddy!” repeatedly while the jet waited in line for takeoff. Root told reporter Lisa Fernandez that she had seen Adam like this before. Her strategy was to wait to feed him until after the plane took off, she says, which made him a little cranky for a short while, but insured that he would soon calm down and take a nap.

The plane returned to the gate for what the pilot described as “a passenger issue” which was the first Root knew she and her son were being forced to deplane. As she describes it, the conversation with the attendant who escorted her off went something like this:

“We just can’t tolerate that for two hours.”
“He’ll be fine once we take off.”
“We’ve heard that before.”