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mBlox Powers “In Stadium Solutions” to Improve Security and Safety Via Text Message

October 7, 2009

Client mBlox, the world’s largest mobile transaction network, today announced that the company is powering In Stadium Solutions’ rapidly growing security and marketing fan text messaging service for sporting events held in prominent venues such as Dolphin Stadium, Notre Dame Stadium, Dodger Stadium, Daytona International Speedway. The service has also been active at major sporting events such as the Super Bowl and BCS National Championship Game.

From the release:

ISS’ text messaging system reduces the number of incidents and improves security at venues by allowing fans to simply and discreetly text a shortcode with a keyword and a brief description of the issue and its location. Ushers, public safety personnel, first aid and event staff can then quickly and efficiently take action as needed. This has helped reduce the number of unruly incidents and dramatically increased the response time to any type of issue such as medical situations, housekeeping and other guest service issues.

In addition to security and safety issues, ISS enables venues to engage directly with fans both while they are at the venue, through mediums such as quizzes and special offers, and after the event with incentives for the fans to return. The system can also be used to generate sponsorship revenue.

“In Stadium Solutions is a highly innovative company which has taken SMS and turned it into a service that enables stadium ushers and security personnel to address incidents before they turn into problems,” said Brian Johnson, senior vice president of sales and marketing for the Americas and Asia Pacific for mBlox. “Billions of SMS are sent each month so consumers know and trust the format. Clearly, the major sporting venues have seen the value in enabling spectators to alert staff inconspicuously with no danger to the fans themselves.”


Probe Confirms Metrolink Engineer Was Texting on the Job

September 18, 2008

According to CNN, a probe into last week’s fatal collision near Los Angeles has found that the Metrolink train engineer sent text messages from his cell phone while on the job.  It is still unclear whether he was doing so at the time of the crash.

From the article:

The National Transportation Safety Board is looking into claims that the engineer, 46-year-old Robert Sanchez, was sending text messages to two teenagers on Friday when his commuter train slammed into a Union Pacific freight train in Chatsworth, killing two dozen people, including himself.

Investigators subpoenaed the phone records of the engineer and determined that he “had sent and received text messages on the day of the accident, including some while he was on duty,” according to an NTSB statement Wednesday.

Investigators were still trying to determine at what time the messages were sent.

The NTSB already had determined that the brakes on the Metrolink train were not applied before the collision and that stop signals at the scene were working properly, said Kitty Higgins, an NTSB member assigned to the probe. Metrolink has said its train, carrying about 220 passengers, failed to stop for a red signal. Video Watch as callers to 911 describe the crash »

Twenty-four bodies were found at the scene after the head-on collision during rush hour Friday in the northwest Los Angeles suburb. A 25th victim, a man in his 50s, died later at a hospital. More than 130 people were injured.