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New York Man Spends $7,500 Fighting a $115 Ticket

December 8, 2008

A retired New York City man said he spent $7,500 fighting a $115 parking ticket because he had “nothing else to do.” Call me crazy, but I don’t know WHY he wouldn’t just pay the ticket!

From the Associated Press:

Former electrical hardware firm vice president Simon Belsky told the New York Post that he was erroneously ticketed two years ago.

The 63-year-old said the ticket cited his van for blocking a Brooklyn fire hydrant even though the only hydrant on the street was down the block.

The November 2006 fine ballooned from $115 to about $200 with penalties.

Belsky appeared in court last week and was due back on Feb. 2. He said if he won, he would file a civil suit against the city to recover the $7,500 he spent on legal work. He said if any compensation was awarded he’d donate it to educational programs.