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T-Mobile To Compensate Sidekick Users

October 13, 2009

T-Mobile and Microsoft have announced that customers whose data cannot be recovered will receive a $100 gift card in addition to the one month data service credit. The card can be used for T-Mobile products and services or to pay down a customer’s bill.

From ChannelWeb:

The mea culpa comes a few days after T-Mobile and Microsoft, which provides cloud-based T-Mobile data services through its Danger subsidiary, confirmed that a Microsoft server glitch had interrupted service for T-Mobile Sidekick users and affected users’ personal data — stored phone numbers, photos and other content — is likely lost forever.

T-Mobile also said it heard from some affected Sidekick users that their data had been recovered and that Microsoft might be able to recover some information for some of the affected users. Neither T-Mobile nor Microsoft has confirmed how many of the 1 million or so Sidekick users were affected.

From InformationWeek:

For customers whose data cannot be recovered, T-Mobile and Microsoft have increased the compensation.

Earlier on Monday, T-Mobile suspended the sale of its Sidekick mobile device while it investigated what happened.

As of Monday evening, the Sidekick was listed as “Temporarily Out of Stock” in T-Mobile’s online store.