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Casey Anthony: Is An Addiction to This Case Unhealthy?

December 13, 2008

I read this post on MomLogic a few days ago and have been thinking about it ever since. I’ll post of bit of the text for you all to read then my thoughts can be found immediately following.

From the post:

It happened with the O.J. Simpson trial back in 1995. To some extent it’s happening again with Casey Anthony, the mother accused of murdering her own child.  People are fixated on getting all the latest information on the case. The black glove has become the pizza.  And for anyone so inclined, there’s plenty of information to be had.  CNN’s Nancy Grace talks about it in excruciating detail every night, there are virtually millions of articles on the topic available on the web and various message boards where you can share your theories with others 24/7. Yes the sad story of the fate of little Caylee has the public firmly in its grasp.

“There are people out there who are literally addicted to Caylee,” says William Murtaugh, a man who uses an old TV news truck to feed breaking Casey Anthony news to his website. “The commercial media cannot provide everything we want. We want more. We’re addicted to it,” Murtaugh said.

For women particularly, especially those with children, the story has a particular draw. “Any time there’s ever a case where a mother has done something to her child, there is going to be interest for women,” says momlogic’s licensed marriage and family therapist Shannon Fox. “It’s seems impossible for most mothers to compute, it goes against every maternal instinct we have to protect our children.”

The ease of getting information on the case is another factor that feeds the obsession. Florida’s public record policy makes every document, video, text message, even Casey’s prison dinner menus available to the masses.

“What people fail to realize,” says Fox, “is that Casey Anthony is not an episode of ‘C.S.I.’ It’s real. All the exposure to information makes people numb to a heinous crime.”

But the public’s interest in the tragic story might transcend the typical true crime enthusiast. “The need to know about the case also might be linked to the recession,” remarks Fox. “A lot of times, when the economy is bad, people turn to these kind of stories to give them a distraction.”

However, there are some red flags that immersing yourself in the case might not be good for your mental health, warns Fox. “Any time an obsession takes you away from living your own life — for example, you can’t stop thinking about it, you talk to you friends about it — it might be something worth examining,” she says.

One poster on a Casey Anthony message board could be interpreted as a cry for help:

“I’m going to LIVE blog Nancy Grace tonight since I’ve been forced by my obsession to waste this hour every night.”

Another indicator it might be time to lay off the Casey coverage, says Fox, is if any time you justify your bad actions by saying to yourself,  “Well, at least I’m not as bad as Casey Anthony.”

I started this blog back in August as a place where I could bring stories that I find of interest, to others. At the time, I only wanted to talk about sports, politics and music…three of the great loves of my life. But I soon found that there was so much more to write about on a daily basis. I don’t just write about the Caylee/Casey Anthony trial (although my posts on this seem to garner the most hits by my readers). If one was to look through all of my posts, you’ll see that I cover a variety of topics and issues that are going on around the world today, and they are stories that I felt important enough to post.

I will say though that I have been following this story from the onset. I’ll admit that I do check  up on happenings because I think that this is a story that has captivated many people all across the country. I’ll also say that I’m not addicted to the story as others may be. I have yet to meet anyone through my posts that I would consider to be an addict but there are many people who, like myself, feel a strong tie to this story. I don’t follow the story to feed any addiction, I follow the story for one main reason:


My family. My 3 year old daughter was born exactly 5 days after Caylee Anthony. My son, 18 months later. I consider myself to be a pretty good dad  (but could always be better, couldn’t we all) and I believe that I’m raising them well. Yes, like all kids, sometimes they’ll get on my nerves, but I love them more than anything in the world. Having a daughter the same age as Caylee would be brings the reality of this story home. I know that this is not a television program, there are real people involved.

Saying all that, and being a father of two great kids, I cannot see how anyone could ever harm a child, much less their own. This is why I have been drawn to this story and have been sharing the news that I have read to you, my readers. When I do hear updates on this story, I will pass them along as I always have. I know that most people who stop by here are looking for the latest updates and I hope that I can provide them to you when I can.

I’m not a professional news reporter. I’m not a journalist on scene covering this story everyday. I don’t sit at my computer or watching the news 24/7 waiting for the next breaking update. It’s funny. I’m just a 30 year old “kid” but I get emails all the time from people who say they’re my fans. (and others who I communicate with quite often via email…you know who you guys are) 🙂 I always get a smile when people say they’re my fans. In reality, I’m just a normal guy, just like everyone who reads the blog. I’m not a guy with a big ego who thinks I’m better than anyone else. That’s just not the case. If you do stop by to read, please feel free to leave comments on any post. I love going through the discussions and seeing what people have to say. But please, be respectful. That’s all that I ask.

Like I’ve said before, my goal in writing this blog is that I can keep people informed, no matter what the topic may be. Knowledge is power and if you’re reading this now, thank you for the opportunity to pass my knowledge on to you. 🙂 My email is always open so feel free to write me anytime!

Thanks for listening and reading. It means a lot!