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Barack Obama Re-Elected President of the United States

November 7, 2012

Barack Obama was elected to a second presidential term Tuesday, defeating Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

As of midnight (PT) tonight, Obama has secured 303 electoral votes while Romney has 206. The state of Florida is still close to call.

Obama appears as if he will also win the popular vote as well, with a nearly 2 million vote lead and 50% of the overall vote, compared to Romney’s 48%.

Secret Videos of Mitt Romney Surface

September 17, 2012

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, during a private fundraiser captured on video, told a group of donors how he really feels about the election. He joked about his money and that he would have a better shot at victory if he were Latino.

From Reuters:

“It’s not elegantly stated. Let me put it that way,” Romney said at a hastily arranged news conference in California to respond to his latest stumble on the campaign trail.

In the video Romney was shown telling fundraisers he has no way of attracting support from 47 percent of U.S. voters because they are dependent on government and pay no taxes.

“I’m sure I could state it more clearly and in a more effective way than I did in a setting like that,” Romney said.

Mitt Romney Set to Announce Presidential Bid

May 27, 2011

Sources close to former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and have confirmed that he will formally declare his candidacy for White House next week and he’ll make his announcement in New Hampshire.

It should be an interesting primary over the next year with anticipated opponents including Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich.

From CNN:

This will be the second time this spring Romney is using New Hampshire as a backdrop to make news. On April 11, Romney announced the formation of a presidential exploratory committee with a video he taped that day at the University of New Hampshire in Durham. The Granite State holds the first primary in the presidential primary and caucus calendar and is considered a must win contest for Romney.

“Republicans in the Granite State have been closely watching Gov. Romney for 10 years since he was elected in Massachusetts in 2002. He needs to win in a state where voters know him best,” says Rich Galen, a Republican strategist who advised Fred Thompson during his 2008 GOP presidential bid, and who is the author of, an on-line column.

Giuliani and Romney to “Crash” Democratic Party in Denver

August 21, 2008

Look out Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, instead of wedding crashers, we’re about to see party crashers, courtesy of the Republican Party.

From Reuters:

When Democrats gather in Denver next week to nominate Barack Obama for president, they’ll be joined by such uninvited guests as Republicans Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney.

The two former presidential candidates will be among two dozen or so Republicans in the city hoping to get their party’s message out during a week dominated by Democratic festivities.

Their slogan? “Not Ready ’08: A Mile High and an Inch Deep,” a play on the nickname for the high-altitude city in the western United States.

Along with daily news conferences and one-on-one interviews, the Republicans will roll out new TV advertisements and a website to keep up attacks on Obama.

We’ll see if this strategy helps Senator John McCain or if it backfires. It could be very interesting that’s for sure. I’m still more interested in their VP choices expected to be announced this week. Thoughts?