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Google, Facebook Fighting to Connect Friends

December 4, 2008

Google and Facebook have announced the availability of competing authentication systems that enable Internet users to sign in to third-party Web sites using either their Facebook or Google Account login details.

From CNET:

Google, likely in reaction to the official rollout of Facebook Connect, has opened up its universal log-in system, Google Friend Connect. Journalists on Thursday received a hurried e-mail saying, “Starting today, any website owner is welcome to add Friend Connect to his or her website — no need to be whitelisted. We’ll be posting on the Official Google Blog soon with additional details.”

As with Facebook Connect, the advantage to users on Friend Connect sites is that they can register using a log-in that they’re comfortable with and probably use every day–their Google or GMail ID and password.

Friend Connect appears somewhat easier and more straightforward to implement than Facebook Connect. Also, Friend Connect is linked to Open Social. “Any website that implements Friend Connect becomes an OpenSocial container, capable of running OpenSocial applications,” the e-mail said.

Friend Connect can also update social services like Orkut and Plaxo, but nothing with the size of Facebook’s network.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Facebook Inc. is taking a big step toward linking its social network with entertainment, media and other Web sites as the Internet company seeks new ways to accelerate its growth.

The Palo Alto, Calif., start-up Thursday announced the general availability of its Facebook Connect service. The previously announced service allows Web sites to let Facebook users log into their sites with Facebook accounts, eliminating the need for users to establish multiple log-ins and profiles for multiple sites. Consumers can then share the personal information they store on Facebook, such as updates about their activities, with other sites for a more personalized experience.

Facebook has been testing the new service for months. It is one of several that is trying to make it easier for people to share personal data across a variety of sites., owned by Wall Street Journal owner News Corp., has launched a similar service, and Google Inc. on Thursday announced the general availability of a service called Friend Connect, which has a similar aim.


The Downsides of Social Networking: MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn etc…

September 4, 2008

According to a posting on BNET, if you’re in management, you might want to rethink spending time on Facebook, MySpace and others as some see the social networking sites and their related activities as “unserious.” Some of the potential pitfalls? Legal liability, an inability to completely eradicate traces of your page even when you remove it, disclosure of personal information and the chance you could leak secrets you shouldn’t.

From the blog:

Should you be using Facebook to shmooze online? If you’re in management or above, perhaps you should think twice before participating. According to Simon Dumenco at Portfolio, something about the social-networking site makes executives squirm. He points out that Bill Gates went cold-turkey on his half-hour-a-day Facebook habit, partly to escape his 8,000-plus daily “friend” requests, but also because he was encountering weird fan sites that, presumably, creeped him out.

There are other drawbacks for serious business folk thinking about networking via Facebook. First of all, it’s nearly impossible to remove all traces of yourself from the social-networking site, even if you deactivate your account or request it be removed in its entirety. Then there’s the triple threat of potential legal liability, disclosure of personal information, and the risk of leaking corporate secrets. And in reality, not many executives actually use Facebook anyway, with many preferring more professionally oriented sites such as LinkedIn and Plaxo.

The writer brings up some interesting points but I’ll admit, I have profiles on MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIn. In fact, feel free to click on the links to check out my profiles and add me if you wish. I believe that we all have a right to express ourselves, but must at the same time be conscious of what information we are giving out to the world.

I see no problem with having these profiles, as long as you understand the ramifications of posting your personal information online. Personally, I prefer MySpace and LinkedIn. I have yet to jump on the Facebook bandwagon although I do have an account. Thoughts?