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Free Pizza From Papa John’s

November 18, 2008

Mmmmmm. I’ve always loved Papa John’s pizza. Now that I’ve become a fan on their Facebook site, it appears that I’ll be receiving a coupon for free pizza! Thanks guys!

Papa John's

Credit: Papa John

From Wallet Pop:

Between 3 p.m. and 10 p.m. Monday, Papa John’s group went from around 10,000 users to nearly 124,000. That’s gonna cost it a lot of dough. The deal, which will be sent out via the group’s updates starting Wednesday and requires the purchase of another pizza, ends December 1.

The Pizza Wars are really heating up. Most of the big pie spinners now allow you to order on their sites, through widgets, or via text messaging. I find it more pleasurable to order Domino’s by its website than to actually eat the stuff. Watching that little status bar teasingly track your pie’s progress in the minutes before your doorbell rings is a lot saucier than the food.

But now the biggies are spreading their pepperoni though major social networking sites and more unconventional means. Last month, Pizza Hut began allowing customers to order using Facebook and immediately transgressed by notifying all the friends in their groups that they had done it. Apparently that was a spam too far, because the company apologized and relented. The Hut moved on to bribing online customers with free music downloads. Domino’s just enabled ordering by TiVo.

All of us on Facebook and MySpace have been tracked by from people we’d rather not hear from again. But people get socially greedy. Long-lost contacts notice that their Friend count could use a goose, and suddenly everything’s bygones. Papa John’s takes it a step farther, though. It’s so eager to boost its friends list that it’s going out of pocket to elevate the number. Like Paris Hilton, it’s paying for friends. I never thought of that. I wish I’d held out on those jerky former high school jocks for a little gratuity before accepting.

From CNET:

A tragic subculture in our country rarely receives the media attention it needs and deserves. The group I allude to, of course, is the underweight nerd. The Simpsons has Comic Book Guy, Family Guy has Peter Griffin, even The Nutty Professor has Sherman Klump. The skinny guys have…Steven Q. Urkel. Why should all the overweight nerds get all the spotlight?

Facebook and Papa John’s pizza are finally teaming up to give the little dudes a little help in their quest to be weightier. Any Facebook user who becomes a fan of Papa John’s will automatically receive an e-coupon good for one free medium-size pizza with any online pizza order. The offer expires December 1, so be sure to plan your pig-out soon.

Are these pizza promotions the start of a trend?


Restaurants Using Facebook and MySpace to Reach Out to Guests

November 10, 2008

Quick service chains are finding ways to connect with young customers who are used to communicating with their mobile phones or through social-networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook. Pizza Hut has recently rolled out a Facebook application that will enable users to order the chain’s food without exiting their profile pages. Some Subway franchisees offer ordering by text or through iPhone apps.

Our own client, Burgerville, has created a Facebook fan page so guests can keep up to date with happenings at the company. New fresh, local and sustainable seasonal menu items are featured and guests can share stories of their favorite menu items and their memories and experiences at Burgerville.

Burgerville is committed to fresh, local and sustainable practices, living this commitment through partnerships with local businesses, farms and producers. Initiatives such as an industry leading health care program, an expanded leadership development training program for employees, the company wide use of wind power, recycling used trans fat free cooking oil into biodiesel, as well as an expanded recycling and composting program, are all based around the belief that it is good business to adopt practices that are good for guests, employees, the environment and the local communities that they serve with restaurants. Did I mention they make great food?

From Advertisting Age:

Pizza Hut, which recently crossed the $1 billion benchmark in online sales, is launching a Facebook application that allows fans to place orders without leaving their profiles.

Pizza Hut’s not alone: A number of the nation’s biggest fast-food chains are beginning to embrace text and iPhone ordering capabilities, at least as tests. Already for the three months ending in August, food marketers sent almost 1.4 million text-message ads, up 37% from the same period last year, according to ComScore’s M:Metrics data. Consumers seem to want the offers: of all the ad categories using SMS marketing, restaurants had the highest response rates, with 15.5% of consumers responding to the ads.

Subway spokesman Les Winograd said some of the chain’s franchisees have begun to offer ordering via text and iPhone apps. The chain has an unusually open policy that lets individual franchisees experiment with their businesses.

“Some of that is stuff that they’re doing on their own, but they share information,” Mr. Winograd said. “We’re constantly encouraging franchisees to think out of the box and try something new. You never know, it might take off.” (He said adding turkey to the menu was a franchisee experiment in the chain’s early days.)