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Times Square Evacuated Again

May 7, 2010

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that the  suspicious package and evacuation is in fact a “false alarm”.

Looks like a “suspicious package” is to blame today.

The suspicious package is a white cooler that was left near the front of the Marriott Marquis Hotel.


NYPD spokesman Paul Browne says police have created some distance between the cooler and are “in an abundance of caution” looking into whether the cooler was abandoned by someone. Browne said no evacuations have been ordered from buildings.

From CNN:

A spokesman for the Times Square Alliance says, according to the NYPD, the following streets are closed:

  • East bound on 46th street from 8th Ave
  • West bound on 45th street from 6th Ave.
  • And the Broadway and 7th Ave plaza between 44th and 47th.
  • 44th and 47th streets themselves are not closed.

Suspicious Truck Shuts Down RFK Bridge

May 5, 2010

The NYPD is investigating a truck that has been abandoned just yards from a toll booth near the Manhattan side of the Triborough Bridge.

From the Associated Press:

Police say witnesses reported seeing a man flee the vehicle Wednesday night. A smell of gasoline was reported coming from the vehicle, which was described as a U-Haul or Ryder truck.

The bridge has been shut down to traffic. Emergency services officers along with the bomb Squad and the fire department are responding to the scene.

The Triborough Bridge was recently renamed the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge. It’s a complex of spans connecting Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx.

From Fox News:

A truck, smelling of gas, was found abandoned on New York City’s Triborough Bridge late Wednesday night, closing the bridge that connects Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx in both directions.

The incident is being treated as a hazardous materials scene and there was no immediate indication it was related to terrorism

New York Police Department spokesman Paul Browne told Reuters a worker on the bridge found the U-Haul rental truck with Arizona license plates, abandoned on the bridge.

Car Bomb Found in Times Square

May 1, 2010

Police have discovered a car bomb in a Nissan Pathfinder in the heart of New York City this evening. The discovery soon led to the evacuation of Times Square.

At this time, not much else is known but all of the top news stations in the country have gone to breaking news coverage. Conflicting reports of a man who was possibly seen fleeing the scene. Seems those reports are false.

I’m sure there’s more to come, including a press conference with Mayor Bloomberg. Stay tuned!

From the Associated Press:

Police evacuated buildings and cleared streets of thousands of tourists around New York City’s Times Square after finding an apparent car bomb in a parked SUV.

New York City police say a mounted police officer noticed smoke coming from the SUV at 6:30 p.m. Saturday. A law enforcement official tells The Associated Press that bomb investigators found propane tanks, powder and an apparent timing device inside the vehicle. The official wasn’t authorized to release the information and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Police evacuated several residential and commercial buildings and cleared several streets of thousands of tourists milling around on a warm Saturday night.

From CNN:

Several blocks around New York’s Times Square were closed to pedestrian and vehicular traffic Saturday night after a police officer saw smoke emanating from a box inside a parked car, according to authorities.

New York Police Department spokesman Paul Browne told CNN that the shutdown began after a foot patrol officer passed by a Nissan Pathfinder with Connecticut plates on 45th Street between and 7th and 8th Avenues. Browne said the officer noticed a box inside the car with smoke coming out.

Browne said officials at the scene were using a robot to search inside the car. The police department’s public information office said the box and other items found in the search are not confirmed at this time to be a bomb.

From ABC News:

The incident began around 6:35 p.m., when the Fire Department of New York responded to a car fire in the vicinity of 45th Street and 7th Avenue, and because of suspicious characteristics of the vehicle, the police department ESU was notified.

The car was identified as a Nissan Pathfinder with a Connecticut or unmatched license plate.

Bomb techs from the FBI’s New York office were on scene with the NYPD Bomb Squad to aid in the investigation.

Inside the SUV, investigators found three propane cylinders, two five-gallon jerry cans of gasoline, a canister of powder, electrical components and an alarm clock.

From the New York Times:

“It appears to be a car bomb left in a Pathfinder between Seventh and Eighth” Avenues on 45th Street, said Deputy Commissioner Paul J. Browne, the Police Department’s chief spokesman.

The device, he said, contained “explosive elements” that included “propane tanks, some kind of powder, gasoline and a timing device.”

“This is very much an active investigation,” he said.

The police would not say whether they had any suspects, and did not say if they had determined what might have been behind the event.

Air Force One Photo Shoot Brings Back Memories of September 11

April 27, 2009

A photo shoot involving a 747 used as Air Force One and two fighter jets flying at low altitude led to hundreds of 911 calls from residents and workers in Lower Manhattan this morning.

Can we say memories of 9/11!

Credit: Jason McLane/Associated Press

Credit: Jason McLane/Associated Press

From the Associated Press:

John Leitner, a floor trader at the New York Mercantile Exchange Building, said workers received no official prior announcement about the exercise. He said everyone panicked when they saw the low-flying planes and began running out of the building, mere blocks from the former World Trade Center site, around 10 a.m.

About 1,000 workers gathered along the Hudson River until a security officer with a bullhorn told them it was a planned exercise. Workers in other office buildings also reportedly spilled out into the street.

The Federal Aviation Administration said the government was conducting a military photo op involving two Air Force F-16 jets and the 747. It said it notified city law enforcement about the mission.