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Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton Working on a Roll Call Deal For Democratic National Convention

August 26, 2008

As the Democratic National Convention is set to begin, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are once again working together to bring unity to an uneasy relationship.

From the Associated Press:

Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama worked out a convention city deal to give her some votes in the Democratic roll call for president, a step toward an uneasy alliance of former rivals and their still-bitter supporters.

Many Clinton backers said Monday they were not interested in compromise and wanted a prime-time celebration of Clinton’s nomination. Clinton herself said she wouldn’t tell her backers how to vote.

Still, she told supporters she would cast her own vote for Obama and said, “We were not all on the same side as Democrats, but we are now.”

Democratic officials involved in the negotiations said Monday the plan calls for a state-by-state vote for the presidential nomination Wednesday night, with delegates casting their ballots for Clinton or Obama.

But the voting would be cut off after several states, the officials said, perhaps ending with New York, when Clinton herself would call for unanimous nomination of Obama by acclamation from the convention floor. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity while the deal was being finalized.

Obama won 365 more delegates than Clinton in a long and heavily contested primary. Clinton ended her campaign quite some time ago and urged her supporters to back Obama, but many have not accepted the defeat. If the Democrats do not come together soon, I think we’ll be heading towards a John McCain presidency. Not sure how I feel about that but I can safely say that we are looking at a very interesting next ten weeks leading up to the general election in November. Thoughts?