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Can Justin Timberlake Bring Sexy Back to Myspace? Maybe…

July 1, 2011

Like most of us these days, I consider myself a member of Team Facebook. To be honest, the thought of Myspace still being around hadn’t even crossed my mind until it was announced this week that News Corp. had sold its struggling social network to Irvine-based Specific Media for $35 million. Obviously, this is a huge financial hit for News Corp. after paying $580 million for the social networking site back in 2005.

According to their press release, former N’Sync star Justin Timberlake will also take an ownership stake and play a major role in developing the creative direction and strategy for the company moving forward.  I have to imagine that it was Timberlake’s popularity, and his involvement in the music industry, that were the key draws to Specific Media. With Timberlake’s help, the new owners will look to rejuvenate MySpace and transform it into a destination for original shows, as well as bolster its already available video content and music.

So, does anybody else find it ironic that Timberlake starred as Facebook investor Sean Parker in the critically acclaimed Hollywood hit The Social Network last year? Equally as ironic is that Parker recently sat down with Jimmy Fallon at the NExTWORK Conference where he explained why Myspace surrendered to Facebook. You can read about it, and see video of the interview here.

Anyways, it’s hard to look back now and imagine that MySpace had been the most popular social network until it said “Bye, Bye, Bye” two years ago when it was passed in popularity by Facebook. But, according to comScore, the network still has approximately 35 million visitors in the United States per month, compared with more than 157 million for Facebook, and that’s still a decent user base to build on.

So the question remains: will Timberlake bring sexy back to Myspace or will he be left crying a river in the near future? In a statement, Timberlake stated: “There’s a need for a place where fans can go to interact with their favorite entertainers, listen to music, watch videos, share and discover cool stuff and just connect. Myspace has the potential to be that place.”

A USA Today article stated that Myspace Music has a catalog of 38 million songs and 700,000 musicians. That’s definitely a good start! I have to admit, the one aspect of Myspace that I enjoyed was how I was able to easily connect with bands on their site. Many of my favorite bands even ditched their traditional websites for Myspace pages.

Specific Media will also leverage the Myspace infrastructure to deploy socially-activated advertising campaigns, enabling brands to turn their campaigns viral by allowing users to share their favorite ads with friends. This isn’t surprising as Specific Media was founded back in 1999 to address the needs of the growing online advertising space. Over the past decade, the company has developed into one of the world’s largest online advertising companies, with capabilities spanning original programming, addressable advertising, and cross-media distribution.

But is Myspace still relevant and can Timberlake bring the star power needed to revive the struggling social network?

In an interview with AdAge, Specific Media CEO Tim Vanderhook stated that “The one thing we were looking for immediately was bringing Justin Timberlake in — we were looking for someone to drive creative strategy.” Vanderhook also noted that “Justin is a very busy person with many careers. He will have an office in MySpace, and he’ll have a team there. Probably not going to be there every day.”

His own office at Myspace’s Beverly Hills headquarters? Not bad…I hope his deal comes with “No Strings Attached”.

Specific Media and Timberlake are planning a press conference later this summer where they are expected to reveal their vision for Myspace. I’m sure at that time we’ll learn more about their future plans, but for now, I’m at least a little bit interested. I can’t say that I’ll go back and update my Myspace page right away (if I even still have one), but I won’t rule out the possibility.

With Facebook being the dominant social networking site today, do you expect to see users jumping ship? Will the addition of Justin Timberlake make you say “I Want You Back” to Myspace? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Casey Anthony: Judge Perry Allows Web Postings at Trial

February 11, 2011

Prosecutors in the  Casey Anthony case will be allowed to present information about her MySpace postings as well as her tattoo.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Chief Judge Belvin Perry issued a series of key rulings Thursday regarding evidence to be allowed in during the upcoming Casey Anthony trial.

Perry’s orders denied defense motions to exclude testimony that Casey Anthony had a history of lying or stealing and to prohibit the use of MySpace references attributed to Casey Anthony under the so-called “Diary of Days.”

Actress Brittany Murphy Dies

December 20, 2009

According to TMZ, actress Brittany Murphy died early this morning after she went into full cardiac arrest and could not be revived.

Until I hear confirmation from more sources, I’ll still chalk this up to a rumor but we’ll have to wait and see. TMZ has broken many stories such as this lately.

Murphy starred in movies such as Clueless and 8 Mile.

From TMZ:

A 911 call was made at 8:00 AM from a home in Los Angeles that is listed as belonging to her husband, Simon Monjack, the Los Angeles City Fire Department tells TMZ.

We’re told Murphy was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

Pro-Iranian Group Hacks Twitter

December 18, 2009

I thought something strange was up! It seems that Twitter was the target of a cyberattack yesterday that disrupted the popular service for thousands of users.

From the New York Times:

In a blog post late Thursday evening, Biz Stone, a founder of Twitter, said hackers had broken into the company’s domain name servers, which function as a directory for handling data requests. The hackers redirected those requests to non-Twitter servers.

“Twitter’s DNS records were temporarily compromised but have now been fixed,” Mr. Stone said. “We are looking into the underlying cause and will update with more information soon.

My colleague Robert Mackey rounds up various reports on the causes of the attack over on The Lede blog.

Mashable, a leading technology blog, attributed the outage to a malicious attack from a group claiming to be the “Iranian Cyber Army,” which replaced Twitter’s logos and text with its own imagery.

Twitter has not yet confirmed this report.

Cincinnati Bengals’ Chris Henry Dies

December 17, 2009

One day after suffering serious injuries from falling out of the back of a pickup truck during a domestic dispute, Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry has died at the age of 26.

This is a very sad story. I wonder what will happen with the Bengals game this weekend against the San Diego Chargers.

From ESPN:

Police say Henry died at 6:36 a.m. Thursday. Henry was 26.

Away from the team because of a broken forearm, Henry was rushed to the hospital Wednesday after being found on a residential road. Police say a dispute began at a home about a half-mile away, and Henry jumped into the bed of the truck as his fiancee was driving away from the residence.

Police said at some point when she was driving, Henry “came out of the back of the vehicle.” They wouldn’t identify the woman, and no charges were immediately filed.

“Detectives continue to work diligently on this active investigation,” police said in a statement Thursday announcing Henry’s death.

Henry is engaged to Loleini Tonga, and the couple has been raising three children. Tonga’s MySpace page identifies herself as “Mrs. C. Henry” and has a picture of her next to a person who appears to be Henry. She also has a post from Tuesday talking about buying wedding rings.

From USA Today:

Police confirmed that Bengals WR Chris Henry died Thursday morning after suffering injuries in an auto accident on Thursday in Charlotte.

TMZ and the Charlotte Observer reported his death, which police said occurred at 6:36 a.m. ET.

Henry was 26.

He was involved in a domestic dispute on Wednesday with his fiance, Loleini Tonga. Henry jumped into the bed of a truck driven by Tonga and at one point fell out as the dispute continued.

From Yahoo! Sports:

Henry leaves behind his fiancée, Loleini Tonga, and three children: 3-year old Seini, 2-year old Chris Jr. and 10-month old DeMarcus.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police detectives have been investigating Wednesday’s events, which were described as a “domestic situation” involving Henry and Tonga. According to police, a dispute at a Charlotte-area home led to Tonga leaving the residence in a truck. Henry jumped into the bed of the vehicle and then fell into the street nearly a half mile from the home. When police and paramedics responded to the scene, police said Henry had suffered life-threatening injuries, including severe head trauma.

Couple Crashes White House State Dinner

November 25, 2009

Talk about a security lapse!

A couple from Northern Virginia appear to have crashed the White House’s state dinner last night, penetrating layers of security with no invitation.

While the White House hasn’t provided an explanation, it is believed that this is the first time in recent history that anyone has crashed a White House state dinner.

Where are “Wedding Crashers” Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn when you need them! I’m sure they could give some tips on how this happened!

From the Washington Post:

Tareq and Michaele Salahi — polo-playing socialites known for a bitter family feud over a Fauquier County winery and their possible roles in the forthcoming “The Real Housewives of Washington” — were seen arriving at the White House and later posted on Facebook what appeared to be photos of themselves with VIPs at the elite gathering.

“Honored to be at the White House for the state dinner in honor of India with President Obama and our First Lady!” one of them wrote on their joint Facebook page at 9:08 p.m.

But a White House official said the couple was not invited to the dinner, not included on the official guest list, and were never seated at a table in the South Lawn tent.

A woman describing herself as a publicist for the Salahis denied that they were interlopers. Pressed for details, Mahogany Jones sent a statement saying simply: “The Salahis were honored to be a part of such a prestigious event ….. They both had a wonderful time.”

How could it happen? A former White House senior staffer — who more than a decade ago encountered a crasher at one of the executive mansion’s less-fancy parties — offered this theory:

A savvy pair of crashers, dressed to the nines, might arrive on foot at the Visitor’s Entrance, announce their names — then express shock and concern when the security detail at the gate failed to find them on the guest list. On a rainy night like Tuesday, with a crowd of 300-plus arriving, security might have lost track of or granted a modicum of sympathy to a pair that certainly looked like they belonged there. If their IDs didn’t send up any red flags in the screening process, they would be sent through the magnetometers and into the White House.

TwitterPeek Launches

November 3, 2009

A new gadget designed specifically for people who want to tweet on the go was launched today by a company known as Peek.

Just tweeting? That’s it?

You’ll have to read Sascha Segan’s review on PC Magazine for more information. Here’s a hint of what he thought…he gave it 1.5 out of 5 stars!

From PC Magazine:

A neat idea executed poorly, the cute li’l TwitterPeek will probably sell well this holiday season, aided by credulous blog posts and fawning fashion magazines. That’s because its concept is pretty buzzy: a bargain-basement Twitter-only handheld with a hip design. Just don’t expect it to work well or in many ways at all.

Let’s get the buzz out of the way. TwitterPeek is frickin’ adorable. It looks like a high-end, shrunken-down Scandinavian Speak n’ Spell. It’s a powder-blue or charcoal-gray, 4 by 2.7 by 0.4 inch slab, and it feels surprisingly solid thanks to its soft-touch front and metal back. The 2.5-inch, 320-by-240 screen shows eight lines of text plus status information. The QWERTY keyboard has nicely spaced keys, though you navigate mostly with a clumsy, stiff trackwheel attached to the side. Peek says the TwitterPeek has about three days of battery life, and my model lived up to that claim.

From CNET:

TwitterPeek, which looks like a smartphone, features a QWERTY keyboard and comes in black or aqua blue.

The idea behind TwitterPeek is simple. After buying the device, users need only to input their Twitter credentials to get going. The gadget lets them tweet, reply, retweet, send direct messages, and download followers. It supports one account at a time. Users can also view TwitPics by clicking the “view content” option from the TwitterPeek menu. The company claims its battery lasts three to four days with average usage.

Included in the price of TwitterPeek is a service plan. According to the company, users can access Twitter nationwide through Peek’s own “mobile network,” which accesses mobile-phone networks. If users choose to pay $99 at the time of purchase, they will get the TwitterPeek device and six months of Peek service. After that, they need to pay $7.95 per month for network access. If customers plunk down $199, they’ll get the device and service for the life of the product. In either case, TwitterPeek allows for unlimited tweeting.