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Netflix Finally Back to Normal

August 16, 2008

Netflix has announced that it has resumed normal shipping today after the most severe outage in the company’s history.

From Computerworld:

In a post today on the Netflix Community Blog, the company apologized for shipping delays and said that “all of our shipping centers are resuming normal operations after experiencing three days of significant issues.”

The problems were companywide, affecting customers served by all of Netflix‘s 55 DVD distribution centers across the nation.

Steve Swasey, a spokesman for Los Gatos, Calif.-based Netflix, said the DVD movie rental company will not detail whether the problems were IT hardware or software related. He said the problems “affected all of our shipping.”

“We haven’t said why [problems occurred],” Swasey said. “We’ve done our internal diagnosis, of course [but] we’re not going to get into it publicly. We worked on it feverishly … and we informed all our members” about the situation.

The shipping problems, which began Tuesday, affected about one-third — or 2.8 million — of Netflix’s 8.4 million members, Swasey said. The company normally ships about 2 million DVDs to members via mail, and gets an equal number in exchange from members returning movies. No DVDs at all went out on Tuesday to customers.

Netflix has said that all customers whose shipments were delayed will get a 15 percent credit which will be applied to their next billing statement. New customers using the service on a free trial basis will have their trial extended by an additional week.

Sounds good to me! Thoughts?