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Casey Anthony: 20 Shocking Excerpts From Letters

April 7, 2010

If you get the chance, I recommend you all check out which has a very nice slideshow discussing the Casey Anthony jailhouse letters.

Please click on the link below for more!

From MomLogic:

Jail house letters written by Casey Anthony to fellow inmate Robyn Adams include much talk of boys, movies, travel and very little about Caylee, the daughter she’s accused of murdering. She spilled her hopes and dreams in over 300 pages of handwritten letters, which were eventually confiscate by jail officials.


Casey Anthony: Was Caylee “Big Trouble”

October 26, 2009

I only bring this up because I think it’s sometimes people take things a bit too literally and will do anything for a story.

Case in point: the National Enquirer. Yes, we all know that this publication has brought us some of the most important stories of our time including “Aliens Attack” and “My Dad is My Mom is My Uncle”. *I’m making up the titles of stories but you no doubt have seen similar titles while waiting in line at your grocery check stand* 🙂

Look, there is a lot of evidence in this case, but this shouldn’t be viewed as anything that would actually convict Casey Anthony. I’ve seen similar shirts on hundreds of children and my daughter even has one or two of her own. It’s possible that she was killed while wearing the shirt, but don’t believe that it was meticulously planned that way.

Let’s just stick to the actual facts that will be presented at trial…whenever that FINALLY happens! There is a lot of evidence that Casey is guilty. Others will argue that she is not. People are entitled to their own opinion, but if you look at the facts, you can come to your own conclusion.

To me, it seems that this is the story of a mother who was not old enough/mature enough to handle being a mother and the sad part in all of this is that a little girl was just an innocent victim. Frankly, I can’t imagine how ANYONE could harm a child. Everyone knows I have two of my own, and no matter how much “trouble” they can be, I still love them and can’t imagine my life without them.

UPDATE: Interesting look at this by Mom Logic.

From the National Enquirer:

In an act that police believe shows she carefully planned her daughter Caylee’s murder, Casey dressed the little girl in a T-shirt that sadistically spelled out her sick motive for killing the child.

“Big Trouble Comes In Small Packages,” was printed in fabric on the pink shirt.

The death penalty requires that prosecutors show premeditation – and the shirt is the key evidence that shows Casey plotted the murder, investigators believe.

The embroidered words – shredded from the shirt – were found last Dec. 11 with the skeletal remains of the precious 2-year-old.

The embroidered words – shredded from the shirt – were found last Dec. 11 with the skeletal remains of the precious 2-year-old.

In case documents recently released by the State’s attorney office in Orange County, Fla., authorities revealed they believe “Caylee was intentionally placed in this shirt because of what it says.”

Caylee Anthony: One Writers Trip to Tuesday’s Memorial

February 9, 2009

Great post on Mom Logic this evening.

Writer Andrea Levin, who has been covering this case for as far back as I can remember,  discusses the lead up to her trip to Orlando for tomorrow’s memorial.

Best of luck tomorrow, Andrea. Please let us know how it goes, how respectful those in attendance were and your overall thoughts of the day.

From Mom Logic:

The day before I was due to fly from Los Angeles to Orlando to cover the Caylee Anthony memorial, my three-year-old daughter pointed at the cover of a People magazine on the couch. “That’s Caylee, Mommy.” It’s not surprising really. Caylee is spoken of often in our house — I’ve been covering the story for over half a year. Of course, my daughter knows none of the details — yet in some ways I feel like I know George and Cindy Anthony. But of course I don’t. Not really. Not at all. And yet there I was preparing to attend the memorial of their granddaughter.

As I packed, I tried to figure out what outfit would be appropriate for the services at First Baptist Church — a venue that holds over 5,000 people. Should I wear colors to celebrate  Caylee’s short life — the one I know only by video clips and pictures in the media? Or should I condemn the hideousness of her death and wear all black? I packed both.

Just then, my little girl asked my what I was doing. “I’m going on trip, honey,” I told her.
“Can I come?” she asked. That one was WAY too hard to explain. But in some ways I wish she could come with me, to remind me that life is not all tragedy.

Later that night, I called Dominic Casey, the private investigator hired by the Anthonys, to see if he would be at the services. “I’m in charge of security,” he told me. I had already read security was going to be tight, but Dominic said the church would almost be on lockdown. Particularly from the press. It sank in. That meant me. Suffice it to say I’ve never covered anything like this before. The crime beat is new to me. I’ve certainly never attended a funeral for a little girl whose mom can’t attend because she’s charged with the child’s murder. But I’m not alone when I say this story has had a huge effect on me.

When I touched down in Orlando, I read a report that said Casey, from jail, issued a statement though her lawyers that she disapproved of a public service for her daughter.

It’s understandable. I would be mad too if a bunch of strangers showed up at my daughter’s wake. That is, unless I was responsible for her death.

Do you think it’s appropriate for the public to attend Caylee’s memorial?

Casey Anthony May Be Allowed To Watch Daughters Funeral From Jail

January 6, 2009

Casey Anthony is not permitted to leave jail to attend the funeral of her daughter, Caylee, but it appears that she may be able watch it on television.

I’m not sure if I agree with this at all. Although she has not been convicted of the crime, there seems to be overwhelming evidence that she murdered her daughter. Unless she did not commit this crime, I believe that Caylee’s funeral is an event she should not be allowed to attend, or view on television.

It seems that nowadays, prisoners have too many luxuries: television, gyms, etc…What ever happened to serving hard time?

From Central Florida News:

The Orange County Corrections Department is expected to make the final determination if Casey Anthony could watch her daughter’s funeral if it is carried by local TV stations.

The Anthony family had previously announced they would hold public and private memorials for Caylee. Those dates have not been finalized.

Casey Anthony’s attorney is trying to build a case that his client did not kill her daughter, as the prosecution has charged.

From MomLogic:

If a local TV station carries Caylee Anthony’s memorial, Casey Anthony might be allowed to watch from jail, a corrections spokesman — who wished to remain anonymous — says.

However, the spokesman insisted the Corrections Department has not made a final decision on whether to allow Casey Anthony to watch the funeral or not. Earlier, jail officials said she would not be allowed to leave jail to attend a memorial or funeral for her daughter.

Casey Anthony is accused of first-degree murder in her daughter’s death. The memorial expected to be held later this month after the defense team completes its work on the toddler’s remains.

In related news, Jose Baez, Casey’s criminal attorney, has set up a new tipline: 407-442-2814.

“We are particularly interested in the area where the remains were found,” the recorded message says. “If your tip is deemed credible, you will be contacted immediately.”

The message (in both English and Spanish) says attorney Jose Baez and his defense also will accept documents and photos, which can be sent to the following e-mail address:

Casey Anthony’s Jailhouse Coded Messages?

January 5, 2009

MomLogic has a great posting today on Leonard Padilla and his attempts to remain in the spotlight of the Caylee Anthony tragedy.

Not sure exactly what to think about this one so I’d love to hear from everyone else on their thoughts.

Personally, I think some people have way too much time on their hands and are reading too deep into things like this.

But who knows, I could be wrong. I have been before and will be again 🙂

From the post:

Most people following the Casey Anthony case think bounty hunter Leonard Padilla is a fame seeker and a glory hound — and that’s putting it nicely. The controversial reality show “celebrity” has inserted himself into the case by posting Casey’s bail in August and has landed himself a regular gig on CNN’s “Nancy Grace” show. Grace and Padilla make very likely bedfellows, both enjoy spinning tales and analyzing minutiae in the Anthony saga.

Most of Padilla’s theories have been misguided at best. When he claimed he had located the remains of Caylee back in November — and in reality had only brought up pebbles and an old toy — you’d think he would have slunk off, tail between his legs.

But not Padilla.

He’s still supplying endless sound bytes for the case and his latest theory almost seems almost plausible. Padilla believes Casey’s brother Lee Anthony knew where Caylee’s remains were and perhaps, gathering the information from Caylee in secret messages during their jailhouse visits, fed the tips to Roy Kronk, the utility worker who visited the area three times in August and finally discovered the remains on December 11th.

“[Lee’s] situation is there’s a daisy chain that extends from Casey all the way to the meter reader Kronk. They’re trying to fill in the spaces as to who carried the message where the body was so that the meter reader could find it after the fourth try,” says Padilla.

The remains were eventually found in December in a childhood hangout of Casey’s that was known to the entire Anthony family.

In a visit with his sister in July, Lee Anthony asks where to search for Caylee. Casey responds, “Check places locally Lee, in all honesty, places that are familiar to us, to our family.”

See for yourself by following this link. The question is this: in the video at the bottom of the page, are Casey and her brother speaking in “code” or is Mr. Padilla doing anything to keep himself in the spotlight? Thoughts?

Casey Anthony: Is An Addiction to This Case Unhealthy?

December 13, 2008

I read this post on MomLogic a few days ago and have been thinking about it ever since. I’ll post of bit of the text for you all to read then my thoughts can be found immediately following.

From the post:

It happened with the O.J. Simpson trial back in 1995. To some extent it’s happening again with Casey Anthony, the mother accused of murdering her own child.  People are fixated on getting all the latest information on the case. The black glove has become the pizza.  And for anyone so inclined, there’s plenty of information to be had.  CNN’s Nancy Grace talks about it in excruciating detail every night, there are virtually millions of articles on the topic available on the web and various message boards where you can share your theories with others 24/7. Yes the sad story of the fate of little Caylee has the public firmly in its grasp.

“There are people out there who are literally addicted to Caylee,” says William Murtaugh, a man who uses an old TV news truck to feed breaking Casey Anthony news to his website. “The commercial media cannot provide everything we want. We want more. We’re addicted to it,” Murtaugh said.

For women particularly, especially those with children, the story has a particular draw. “Any time there’s ever a case where a mother has done something to her child, there is going to be interest for women,” says momlogic’s licensed marriage and family therapist Shannon Fox. “It’s seems impossible for most mothers to compute, it goes against every maternal instinct we have to protect our children.”

The ease of getting information on the case is another factor that feeds the obsession. Florida’s public record policy makes every document, video, text message, even Casey’s prison dinner menus available to the masses.

“What people fail to realize,” says Fox, “is that Casey Anthony is not an episode of ‘C.S.I.’ It’s real. All the exposure to information makes people numb to a heinous crime.”

But the public’s interest in the tragic story might transcend the typical true crime enthusiast. “The need to know about the case also might be linked to the recession,” remarks Fox. “A lot of times, when the economy is bad, people turn to these kind of stories to give them a distraction.”

However, there are some red flags that immersing yourself in the case might not be good for your mental health, warns Fox. “Any time an obsession takes you away from living your own life — for example, you can’t stop thinking about it, you talk to you friends about it — it might be something worth examining,” she says.

One poster on a Casey Anthony message board could be interpreted as a cry for help:

“I’m going to LIVE blog Nancy Grace tonight since I’ve been forced by my obsession to waste this hour every night.”

Another indicator it might be time to lay off the Casey coverage, says Fox, is if any time you justify your bad actions by saying to yourself,  “Well, at least I’m not as bad as Casey Anthony.”

I started this blog back in August as a place where I could bring stories that I find of interest, to others. At the time, I only wanted to talk about sports, politics and music…three of the great loves of my life. But I soon found that there was so much more to write about on a daily basis. I don’t just write about the Caylee/Casey Anthony trial (although my posts on this seem to garner the most hits by my readers). If one was to look through all of my posts, you’ll see that I cover a variety of topics and issues that are going on around the world today, and they are stories that I felt important enough to post.

I will say though that I have been following this story from the onset. I’ll admit that I do check  up on happenings because I think that this is a story that has captivated many people all across the country. I’ll also say that I’m not addicted to the story as others may be. I have yet to meet anyone through my posts that I would consider to be an addict but there are many people who, like myself, feel a strong tie to this story. I don’t follow the story to feed any addiction, I follow the story for one main reason:


My family. My 3 year old daughter was born exactly 5 days after Caylee Anthony. My son, 18 months later. I consider myself to be a pretty good dad  (but could always be better, couldn’t we all) and I believe that I’m raising them well. Yes, like all kids, sometimes they’ll get on my nerves, but I love them more than anything in the world. Having a daughter the same age as Caylee would be brings the reality of this story home. I know that this is not a television program, there are real people involved.

Saying all that, and being a father of two great kids, I cannot see how anyone could ever harm a child, much less their own. This is why I have been drawn to this story and have been sharing the news that I have read to you, my readers. When I do hear updates on this story, I will pass them along as I always have. I know that most people who stop by here are looking for the latest updates and I hope that I can provide them to you when I can.

I’m not a professional news reporter. I’m not a journalist on scene covering this story everyday. I don’t sit at my computer or watching the news 24/7 waiting for the next breaking update. It’s funny. I’m just a 30 year old “kid” but I get emails all the time from people who say they’re my fans. (and others who I communicate with quite often via email…you know who you guys are) 🙂 I always get a smile when people say they’re my fans. In reality, I’m just a normal guy, just like everyone who reads the blog. I’m not a guy with a big ego who thinks I’m better than anyone else. That’s just not the case. If you do stop by to read, please feel free to leave comments on any post. I love going through the discussions and seeing what people have to say. But please, be respectful. That’s all that I ask.

Like I’ve said before, my goal in writing this blog is that I can keep people informed, no matter what the topic may be. Knowledge is power and if you’re reading this now, thank you for the opportunity to pass my knowledge on to you. 🙂 My email is always open so feel free to write me anytime!

Thanks for listening and reading. It means a lot!