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Extra Money Offer for the Caylee Anthony Search?

November 18, 2008

Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla has been contacted by a company that is willing to fund the search effort for missing 3 year old Caylee Anthony. The condition behind this would be that he must be willing to give them exclusive rights to film the search.

From WFTV:

Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla is considering an offer that would pour $200,000 into the search for three-year-old Caylee Anthony. Padilla says he has been contacted by a production company out of California that is willing to fund a two month search effort if he is willing to let them film the search.

Padilla says he is still looking into the offer.

Since everyone has followed this case for quite some time, and would like the search to finally bring closure to this case, what do you think about Padilla allowing a production company to film the search for money? Yes, it would be nice to have the extra money, but is this something he should do? Would $200,000 help that much? Thoughts?


Casey Anthony’s Lawsuit Against Zenaida Gonzalez

November 14, 2008

Well, it appears that a lawsuit has been filed by Casey Anthony against Zenaida Gonzalez. Anthony is seeking damages in excess of $15,000 and to recoup court and attorney fees.

From WFTV:

It’s proof that anybody can sue anybody, even Casey Anthony.

The woman’s name is Zenaida Gonzalez. She got caught up in the whole saga simply because she has the same name as the so-called babysitter who Casey claimed took her daughter Caylee.

Casey Anthony’s attorneys have filed a counter-claim (read document) seeking money from Zenaida Gonzalez, calling Zenaida’s lawsuit an attempt to cash in on a high profile case.

Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzales is the name of the mystery baby sitter Casey Anthony says took her daughter Caylee. In September, Eyewitness News broke the story that a Zenaida Fernandez- Gonzalez from Osceola County and her high-profile attorney, John Morgan, were suing Casey Anthony for defamation and infliction of emotional distress.

“Zenaida’s world has been turned upside down. She is in hiding. The mention of her name is red-flagged everywhere,” Morgan said.

Eyewitness News found out Friday that Casey Anthony’s lawyer has filed a counter claim calling Zenaida’s “a frivolous lawsuit which was filed for no other reason but to harass and embarrass” Casey Anthony.

It also calls it an “attempt to cash in on a high-profile media case” and contends John Morgan’s firm did it to “generate publicity for their law firm.

“The counter complaint goes on to claim Casey Anthony made truthful statements to investigators about a separate Zenaida Gonzalez and the woman suing her is not the mystery babysitter.

Prayer Vigil Held For Caylee Anthony Rather Than a Memorial

November 11, 2008

The service was organized by bounty hunter Leonard Padilla, who one day earlier launched a search at the park in hopes of finding Caylee Anthony. Cindy and George Anthony did not give their blessing for a memorial service. Yesterday, Cindy confronted Padilla and said that she was frustrated that he wanted to hold the service. Padilla chose to hold a prayer vigil instead.

From WESH:

Padilla had hoped to find Caylee’s remains after a cross turned up on a tree at the park in August. The cross was found by EquuSearch volunteer Anne Pham.

“I thought, you know, maybe this is the memorial to Caylee, so I took a picture of it,” Pham said.

When Padilla learned of the cross, his mind turned to Caylee’s mother, Casey Anthony, and his focus was on the water.”Caylee went in the river right here,” Padilla said.

Padilla said the team member who had been living with Casey Anthony thought some beads on the cross looked familiar.”

Casey was weaving beads and making little bracelets and things, and it’s the same material that this cross on the tree is made of. I’m not saying other people didn’t buy the same material, but it is significant that there’s a cross on that tree where she used to bring her daughter to play, and the park was mentioned three times during the investigation,” Padilla said.

George and Cindy Anthony Confront Leonard Padilla

November 11, 2008

It appears that the Anthony family has had enough of Leonard Padilla. This morning, a dive team searched the waters of the Little Econ River in Blanchard Park believing that they would find a trace of missing Caylee Anthony. No discovery was made. Then in the afternoon George and Cindy Anthony arrived and they were not happy.

From MyFox Orlando:

In the midst of a dive search that bounty hunter Padilla’s crew was doing Cindy and George Anthony came out to confront Leonard Padilla. The point of contention: a memorial service Padilla has planned for Caylee Tuesday morning.

Cindy Anthony did most of the talking. From a distance our camera caught what Cindy Anthony said. “It’s not 100 percent conclusive.  You guys aren’t doing any good for Caylee…If you want to put divers in there fine… but you’re not holding a memorial service for my granddaughter.

The Anthony’s didn’t say much after their talk with Padilla except that they’re at upset Padilla’s planned memorial service. “To me it’s defamatory against us as a family…there is a little girl out there alive,” said George Anthony.

Padilla made it clear their talk didn’t change his plans. “Why’s she worried about this memorial service tomorrow?  Would she rather think of her as not knowing where her granddaughter ended up…she ended up right here….her daughter put her here.”

Police Investigating Caylee Anthony Sighting in Gainesville

November 11, 2008

I don’t know what to make of this, whether it could be true or not, but Gainesville police have confirmed today that they are currently investigating a report that missing toddler Caylee Marie Anthony was seen at a local grocery store over the weekend. Even if these proves to be false, at least the police are following up on leads.

From the Gainesville Sun:

The Police Department confirmed Monday that officers were investigating the report that the child was seen at the Winn-Dixie store off South Main Street on Saturday.

“Right now we are treating it as an open investigation,” said police spokeswoman Officer Summer Hallett.

The girl’s relatives had been contacted about the possible sighting, according to police.

Officers were following up on the report, Hallett said. She did not release any other information on the ongoing investigation.

Like I said, this is an open investigation so we’ll have to wait and see what happens. I for one believe that this will sadly turn out to be nothing but a dead end lead but I will continue to hope that someone did actually see Caylee and that the police will someday find her alive. Thoughts from anyone?

Caylee Anthony Search Continues…Monday Update

November 10, 2008

According to MyFoxOrlando, EquusSearch crews are currently at what could be a key location in the search for Caylee Anthony. According to the report, a woman from Texas Equusearch found a cross on a tree back in August. She took a picture of it, and compared the bead work on the cross with a picture taken from an arts and crafts kit at Casey’s house and found that the two matched. I’m sure we’ll here more about this later today but if anyone hears anything, please feel free to share.

Please take this as a RUMOR ONLY.

With all of the rumors of findings yesterday which came out, I don’t want anyone to get excited that they may have some information concerning the whereabouts of Caylee Anthony. We all hope that she is still alive and well but we also know that after so long, it is entirely possible that we may never find out exactly what happened to this sweet, 3 year old girl.

From MyFoxOrlando:

As soon as the crew entered a wooded area off of 417 on a street called Sounderson, they found several garbage bags filled with rotted food. The garbage bags were covering what appears to be a hole created by a few trees.

When the bags were removed an awful smell came out. Equusearch core-people began shaking their heads. “You know how many times we search for one person and find another,” said Mandy Albriton of Equusearch.

Equusearch founder, Tim Miller, is at the scene.

Leonard Padilla , the bounty hunter who helped post Casey Anthony $500,200 initial bond, is at J. Blanchard Park. Padilla said they received some information over the weekend that he contacted the FBI about.

VIDEO: Padilla talks about significance of Monday’s search

When a search team looked in the area again recently, they found more beading on the ground under where the cross was hung.

Padilla says Casey mentioned J. Blanchard Park on three different occasions, and he says she may have dumped Caylee’s body into the water nearby.

The FBI is also attending the dive team’s search.

From yesterday’s Criminal Report Daily:

Meanwhile, there is a lot of chatter and rumors about a beaded cross necklace that was found in the woods. I have been aware of this find but was asked not to share the information. That information got leaked by a blogger on another site today and it has since been twisted into several different versions.

Cindy Anthony Calls Daughter Casey Anthony a Victim

November 10, 2008

According to Cindy Anthony, her daughter Casey, who has been charged with murder in the disappearance of her daughter Caylee, is also a victim in the tragic case. Yes, Casey, you are the victim in all of this. I understand that you have not been convicted of the crime. But you have not helped in any way to solve it.

From ABC News:

“Casey’s been a victim in this as well. Casey’s been grieving for her daughter,” Cindy Anthony said today on “Good Morning America,” adding that she has not given up hope that her young granddaughter is still alive.

“You know, this child — everybody in America, anybody that has seen videos of Caylee, just still pictures of her, Caylee has captured their hearts. So why is it so unbelievable that someone wouldn’t want to take Caylee as their own?”

About 1,400 volunteers searched for Caylee near Orlando, Fla., this weekend, but found no sign of the missing girl.

“There is no evidence that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Caylee is dead,” Cindy Anthony said.

She blamed law enforcement officials, who she said are not doing enough to find the girl.

“There’s never been an Amber Alert put out on Caylee,” she said. “You know, the bottom line is, we thought as a family, within a couple days, within a week, that no one was actually giving Caylee 100 percent effort in looking for her.”

Today, prosecutors called for a gag order in the trial of Casey Anthony. They would like to to bar attorneys, Orange County sheriff’s investigators and the parents of the mother from making any statements to the media.