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John McCain Appears on Saturday Night Live…So, How’d He Do?

November 2, 2008

Republican John McCain poked fun at his presidential campaign’s financial shortcomings and his reputation as a political maverick in an appearance on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” earlier this evening. So, how did he do?

From the Associated Press:

The presidential hopeful made a cameo appearance at the beginning of the show, with Tina Fey reprising her memorable impersonation of McCain’s running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

McCain, who is trailing Democrat Barack Obama in most battleground state polls, also appeared during the show’s “Weekend Update” newscast to announce he would pursue a new campaign strategy in the closing days of the campaign.

“I thought I might try a strategy called the reverse maverick. That’s where I’d do whatever anybody tells me,” McCain said.

And if that didn’t work, “I’d go to the double maverick. I’d just go totally berserk and freak everybody out,” the Arizona senator quipped.

Earlier in the show, McCain and Fey, portraying Palin, said they couldn’t afford a half-hour campaign commercial on network television like Democrat Barack Obama aired earlier this week. They said they’d sell campaign products on the QVC shopping channel instead.

Among other things, McCain advertised a set of knives to cut through pork in Washington. His wife, Cindy McCain, briefly appeared to advertise “McCain Fine-Gold” jewelry, a play on the campaign finance law McCain authored with Wisconsin Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold.

From CNN:

The Arizona senator appeared in the opening skit, next to former cast member Tina Fey reprising her role as his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

“This past Wednesday, Barack Obama purchased airtime on three major networks,” he said in the first skit. “We, however, can only afford QVC (the television home shopping network).”

Later, McCain — who delivered his lines with a smile on his face — took another shot at his own expense.

“Look, would I rather be on three major networks? Of course,” he said. “But I’m a true maverick — a Republican without money.”

Throughout the skit, McCain and Fey hawked campaign memorabilia such as a set of knives that cuts through pork, and a jewelry collection that McCain’s wife, Cindy, held up.

He dubbed the latter “McCain Fine Gold,” a play on the name of the campaign reform act that he sponsored with Russ Feingold, a Democratic senator from Wisconsin.

McCain also took humorous potshots at his Democratic rival, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, and his vice-presidential pick, Delaware Sen. Joe Biden.

McCain pointed to a set of 10 commemorative plates that he said celebrates the 10 town hall meetings he would have had with Obama.


Sarah Palin as President

October 17, 2008

I usually don’t post things like this but I had to this time. I’ve been a fan of watching Tina Fey’s portrayal of Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live but this is interactive fun!

Enjoy playing around on this Web site where Sarah Palin takes her seat in the Oval Office of the White House.

Make sure to click on as many items as possible and if you click on things multiple times, you’ll see different things including Katie Couric behind the door, numerous Mavericks on the wall and even “lipstick on a bulldog” under the desk.

Once again, here is the link to


Sarah Palin to Appear on Saturday Night Live on October 25th

October 10, 2008

Talk about a ratings bonanza! Speculation is building that not only will Tina Fey continue the Sarah Palin sketches between now and the election, but that Palin may at some point show up on the show. Fox News is reporting that Palin is set to appear on the October 25 episode.


Credit: NBC

From Fox News:

According to The New York Post, the Republican running mate has sealed plans to appear on “Saturday Night Live” on Oct. 25. Palin’s dress rehearsal is already set for Friday, Oct. 24, the paper reports.

But if Palin is readying her best Tina Fey impression, nobody close to her is giving any hints.

Neither the campaign nor NBC would confirm the report when asked by FOX News.

Palin was asked Tuesday by reporters whether she wanted to give Fey, who has parodied Palin — some say impeccably — on the late-night comedy show ever since she was tapped as the Republican vice presidential nominee, a “taste of her own medicine.” She seemed to relish the thought.

From the San Jose Mercury News:

Will it happen? (The Palin appearance, not the exploding heads.) Lorne Michaels, longtime sinister overlord of “SNL,” is coy.

“All in good time,” he told an interviewer. There are three more live shows left before the election. Saturday’s is a rerun.

Michaels said Wednesday he wasn’t actively seeking Palin, but that the McCain campaign called after the first skit, when Fey’s Palin appeared with Amy Poehler’s Hillary Clinton on the show’s Sept. 13 season premiere, to say they enjoyed it.

Palin told reporters Tuesday she’d love to appear on the show with Fey.

“I love her, she’s a hoot and she’s so talented,” Palin said. “It would be fun to meet her, imitate her and keep on giving her new material.”

Wait, did she actually see it? Must have watched it with the sound turned down.

Michaels is enjoying the ride, letting Fey know that she only has to impersonate Palin through Nov. 4.