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Casey Anthony: …and the Drama Continues

August 23, 2010

There’s a great article on the Orlando Sentinel Web site today which looks at the legal drama that is the Casey Anthony case. The writer focuses on lawyers battling back and forth and the overall public outrage with the case.

It’s amazing the drama we’re seeing here. I know that everyone who keeps up knows of the soap opera nature of the trial. What keeps you coming back? Are you more interested in what actually happens in the trial…or what will be the next “over the top” antic we’ll see?

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Sometimes, between the noise of media appearances, post-hearing press conferences, court filings and personal attacks, it’s easy to forget this case is about the murder of 2-year-old Caylee Marie and the life of her mother/murder suspect. The vitriol may subside for the moment after Orange-Osceola Chief Judge Belvin Perry last week called the various parties to a private conference to “discuss the tone of recent pleadings,” according to court administration spokeswoman Karen Levey.

Often it seems much more like a clash of egos in a case the public can’t seem to get enough of. The cast of characters features some of Orlando’s most experienced legal minds – and some of its most ambitious.


Casey Anthony: EquuSearch Records Hearing on the Horizon?

April 26, 2010

It appears that Texas EquuSearch are fed up with playing games with Anthony’s defense attorneys and are pushing for a hearing on EquuSearch records.

From The TV Guy:

Anthony defense attorneys Jose Baez and Cheney Mason visited the office of Mark NeJame, attorney for Texas EquuSearch, on Friday. The Anthony attorneys had gone to look at records of EquuSearch volunteers for the first time after an eight-month battle.

The defense had wanted photocopies of the records, but the judge twice ruled that the defense had to view them in NeJame’s office.

“The attorneys stormed out after the media showed up,” WESH anchor Martha Sugalski said of Friday’s visit.

From WESH:

For more than eight months, officials with Texas EquuSearch have waged an epic legal battle have fought to keep private records of Central Florida residents who answered their call for help.

A source said EquuSearch plans to file legal paperwork to have the judge order Anthony’s defense to review the records and be done with it.

EquuSearch attorney Mark NeJame would not comment on what the group is planning.

Casey Anthony: Ruling Delayed on EquuSearch Documents

April 5, 2010

UPDATE: Motion denied!

Judge Stan Strickland has withheld ruling on a motion Monday on whether records should be released in the case against Casey Anthony.

From WESH:

Anthony’s defense team is seeking about 4,000 pages of documents from Texas EquuSearch, but Tim Miller, who is president of the group, opposes the motion. Miller called it an invasion of privacy for volunteers who searched for Caylee.

Anthony’s attorneys want to know the names of the volunteers who searched the area around Suburban Drive and Hidden Oaks Elementary.

Attorney Mark NeJame represented Miller at the hearing. He said that Miller and the records have been available for months, and no request was made by the defense to speak with him or visit his office to review the documents.

“I think they should have the time to come to my office and review the 4,000 documents they’re jumping up and down they haven’t had access to because they haven’t made the time to come over,” NeJame said. “It is beyond me. It is incredulous to suggest that there is this bombshell, that things have been hidden from them when they’re still sitting in my office.”

Casey Anthony: Is Defense Team Running Out of Money?

February 17, 2010

I doubt that they are, but you never know right?

I’d say that it is a valid question and I open it up for discussion. For further details, WDBO looks at this possibility today.

From WDBO:

Marti Mackenzie, a well-known public relations executive, offered no explanation for why she was leaving the case. But high-profile Orlando attorney Mark Nejame says it does make him wonder.

“That would be one of the first places you would look (if money is running out),” Nejame told WDBO. “That’s just a luxury and maybe a determination has been made that too much has been spent already.”

Anthony’s case has dragged on for almost two years, and her attorneys have refused to explain how they’re being compensated. Her team includes lawyers and experts from New York, Chicago, and, until recently, California.

Casey Anthony: EquuSearch Fights Back

February 12, 2010

A lawyer for Texas EquuSearch has filed a response to claims made by Casey Anthony’s defense team earlier this week.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

In recently filed documents, the defense said the organization’s argument that releasing all its information, including the volunteers’ cell phones and other identifying details, to the defense could have a “chilling” effect on volunteers in future searches.

The defense argued that EquuSearch attorney Mark NeJame invited a local television station to view some of the records, which makes the chilling effect argument moot.

But in a response filed Wednesday, NeJame stated the defense team’s motion is “inaccurate and lacking in demonstrating any proper investigation or due diligence prior to its filing.”

“If counsel for the Defendant had conducted a proper inquiry he would have ascertained that none of the previously approximately 4,000 undisclosed names of the searchers were shown, reviewed, or looked at by Adam Longo, reporter for Central Florida News 13,” NeJame wrote. “In fact, those approximately 4,000 names of the searchers were in a separate box and in a separate office located approximately fifteen (15) miles away when Mr. Longo was present.”

Casey Anthony: Defense Files New Motion

February 9, 2010

Casey Anthony’s defense team has filed a new motion that they hope will help gain them access to all of Texas Equusearch’s records.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

According to court documents filed today, the defense says the organization’s argument that releasing all its information, including the volunteers’ cell phones and other identifying details, to the defense could have a “chilling” effect on volunteers in future searches.

The defense argued that last year Texas EquuSearch’s attorney, Mark NeJame, invited a local television station to view some of the records — which makes the chilling effect argument moot.

Tiger Woods Will Not Play in Own Tournament

December 1, 2009

Tiger Woods has announced that he will not be playing in his own golf tournament in southern California because of injuries he suffered near his Florida home early Friday morning.

There are still rumors running wild surrounding this incident. Was Tiger drinking? Was there a domestic violence issue? Was Tiger cheating?

All I know is that Tiger is not speaking with the police but his attorney Mark NeJame (well known recently from the Casey/Caylee Anthony case) handed over the required documents on  Sunday at Woods’ home and no further discussion is expected.

From CNN:

“I am extremely disappointed that I will not be at my tournament this week,” Woods said of the Chevron World Challenge in Thousand Oaks, California. “I am certain it will be an outstanding event and I’m very sorry that I can’t be there.”

He also canceled a Tuesday news conference for the start of the tournament, which helps raise money for Tiger Woods Foundation programs.

Woods suffered minor injuries in a vehicle accident early Friday in his luxury neighborhood near Orlando, Florida, according to a police accident report.

State police in Florida said Monday an investigation of the single-vehicle crash “is ongoing and charges are pending.”

The incident has ended Woods’ golf appearances until next season, according to a statement posted on his Web site.

“Woods will not participate in any other tournaments in 2009 and will return to action next year,” the statement said.