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OSHA to Look Into Dallas Cowboys’ Facility Collapse

May 4, 2009

OSHA is examining what caused the Dallas Cowboys’ practice facility to collapse on Saturday, paralyzing a scout and injuring 11 others.

From CNN:

“We’re trying to determine if there were any violations, or determine the cause,” said Elizabeth Todd, spokeswoman for Region 6 of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

OSHA investigators will be interviewing witnesses and looking for identifiable hazards, she said. The procedure is routine and implies no wrongdoing, Todd said. OSHA has six months to finish its investigation.

Meanwhile, the CEO of a company that makes similar buildings says he believes fewer people would have been injured if the Cowboys’ facility had been supported by air rather than a metal frame.

About 70 people — including players, coaches, staff and media — were inside the metal-framed structure for a rookie mini-camp practice when a line of heavy thunderstorms hit the dome.

Video from the incident shows the lights swinging violently from the dome’s ceiling seconds before the ceiling crashes to the ground. Players and coaches rushed to help those trapped.

“It was as if someone took a stick pin and hit a balloon,” said photographer Arnold Payne, who was shooting the practice for CNN affiliate WFAA-TV.