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Ohio Police Find Body That May be Missing Mother

March 30, 2011

Authorities in Ohio believe they may have found the body of Summer Inman, a 25-year-old mother of three who was reported missing last week.

Inman was working as part of a cleaning crew at a local bank when she was grabbed and forced into a white vehicle after stepping outside for a moment.

Her ex-husband, father-in-law and mother-in-law are currently in custody, facing kidnapping charges.

From CNN:

Police in the southeastern Ohio city of Logan have scheduled a Wednesday morning news conference where they are expected to release more information about the case.

“Tonight, the investigation into the kidnapping of Summer Inman has taken a sad turn, as investigators may have located Summer’s body just off U.S. 33,” the Logan Police Department said in a statement released Tuesday night.

Inman’s abduction and the arrests connected to her case have made national news recently.

Daughter Stolen 23 Years Ago Returns to Family

January 20, 2011

Incredible story!

Carlina White, who was separated from her family when she was kidnapped as a baby 23 years ago, has been reunited with her biological parents, Joy White and Carl Tyson.

From the Associated Press:

On Jan. 4, a woman known as Nejdra Nance, who was raised in Bridgeport, Conn., and now lives in Atlanta, contacted White, sending along baby photos that looked nearly identical to shots of Carlina posted on a missing children’s website. Nance told White she thought she may be her daughter.

“She said she just had a feeling, she felt different from the people raising her,” said Nance’s maternal grandmother, Elizabeth White, 71. “She searched, and then she found Joy.”

Joy White contacted the New York Police Department to see if it could help investigate whether the woman was really Carlina White.

“It sounded legitimate and credible, so I had missing persons reach out to her,” said Detective Martin Brown, who fielded the call. DNA tests performed on Joy White, her ex-husband, Carl Tyson, and 23-year-old Nance matched, police said. Nejdra Nance was Carlina White.


Police Searcing for North Carolina Girl’s Body

November 16, 2009

According to Fayetteville, North Carolina police, approximately 200 people are searching in North Carolina for the body of a missing 5-year-old girl after reliable information indicates that she may be dead.

From CNN:

The search focused on land near a roadway because “reliable information received that the body of Shaniya Davis may have been dumped there,” the Fayetteville Police Department said in a statement.

Investigators have been searching for Shaniya for several days.

Police charged the girl’s mother, Antoinette Nicole Davis, with trafficking and other offenses, authorities said. Davis was “prostituting her child,” said Fayetteville police spokeswoman Theresa Chance.

Other charges against the mother include felony child abuse, prostitution and filing a false police report, according to the Fayetteville Police Department.

The mother told police last week that the child vanished from their mobile home in Fayetteville.

From CBS:

Police have released horrifying still frames from a hotel surveillance video that shows a man carrying missing 5-year-old Shaniya Davis through a hotel hallway and towards an elevator.

Officials say a hotel worker called police to report seeing a child matching Shaniya’s description, but by the time police got there, the man and child had left.

Police identified the man as Mario Andrette McNeill, according to Fayetteville Police spokeswoman Teresa Chance.

Shaniya was seen with him Tuesday, about an hour after she disappeared from her home in Fayetteville, roughly 30 miles away. Authorities are uncertain of the connection between McNeill and the child, said Chance.
McNeill was arrested Friday and charged with kidnapping, but that has not led to police finding Shaniya.

10 Bodies Found in Cleveland

November 4, 2009

Investigators will continue their digging today after finding that the home of a convicted rapist, Anthony Sowell, had been turned into a tomb holding at least 10 bodies.

From CNN:

Fire officials were to help in the search inside Anthony Sowell’s house with plans to tear into walls and floors of the three-story structure for more remains.

“I like to believe there is nothing else more there, but we will not know until we finish the search,” said Cleveland Police Chief Michael McGrath. “It appears that this man had an insatiable appetite that he had to fill.”

Authorities on Tuesday charged Sowell, 50, with five counts of aggravated murder, police said. He also was charged with rape, felonious assault and kidnapping, police said. A judge denied bond for Sowell on Wednesday, saying the latest allegations were “gruesome” and the “most serious” he had heard during his time on the bench.

Sowell was arrested Saturday, two days after police discovered the decomposing bodies of five females inside his home and another woman’s body outside the house.

Jaycee Dugard Discusses Kidnapping

October 14, 2009

The first photos are emerging of a grown up Jaycee Dugard, who was kidnapped when she was 11 and held captive here in the Bay Area for 18 years by a couple in a compound hidden in the backyard.

A amazing story which actually concluded with a happy ending. It’s just sad we can’t say the same for others such as Polly Klaas, from my hometown of Petaluma, and victims of tragedies such as Caylee Anthony.

From CNN:

Dugard is featured on the cover of the new issue of People magazine, smiling brightly in the photo, her face framed by long brown hair.

“I’m so happy to be back with my family,” Dugard told the magazine.

She lives in seclusion with her mother Terry Probyn and her two daughters, who police say were fathered by her captor Phillip Garrido.

“They live a surprisingly normal life, considering the circumstances,” said Terry Probyn’s stepmother, Joan Curry, according to the magazine.

Dugard spends her time riding horses and cooking and is considering collaborating on a book, People reported.

Garrido and his wife are accused of abducting Dugard in 1991 from a bus stop near her home in South Lake Tahoe, California, and keeping her in the compound behind their home in Antioch, California.

Missing California Girl Resurfaces 18 Years Later

August 27, 2009

A woman who was kidnapped from a bus stop as an 11-year-old child back in 1991 has turned up at a California police station after 18  years. A convicted sex offender and his wife have been arrested in relation to the kidnapping.

Wow! I remember when this happened. I can’t believe that she appeared today! And less than 45 minutes from where I live in a town that I pass quite often. Crazy!

From CNN:

A sex offender admitted to authorities that he abducted an 11-year-old girl who has been missing from South Lake Tahoe, California, since 1991, California corrections officials said Thursday.

The 18-year mystery about what happened to Jaycee Lee Dugard, last seen being grabbed as she walked to her bus stop, ended with a routine parole check.

On Tuesday, Phillip Garrido, 58, was reported to parole authorities after he was seen with two small children at the University of California at Berkeley, said Scott Kernan, undersecretary for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

The next day, a parole agent ordered Garrido to appear for questioning and he did so, accompanied by two children and a woman, Kernan told reporters.

During questioning, he admitted to having abducted Dugard in South Lake Tahoe, and said the two children were his, Kernan said.

He and and his wife, Nancy, were taken into custody and held at the Concord, California, jail. An officer at the jail said the two had been booked and were ordered held on $1 million bail, but were no longer there.

From the Associated Press:

Jaycee Lee Dugard was reunited with her mother, who was overjoyed to learn the daughter she feared dead was actually alive.

It was not immediately clear how Dugard spent the 18 years since she was abducted as a blond, ponytailed child outside her South Lake Tahoe home.

Police said she recently walked into a Northern California police station with Phillip Garrido, 58, one of her alleged captors. He and his wife Nancy Garrido, 54, were arrested for investigation of kidnapping and conspiracy on Wednesday, police said.

Phillip Garrido is also being held for investigation of rape by force, lewd and lascivious acts with a minor and sexual penetration, said Jimmie Lee, a spokesman for the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Department.

Phillip Garrido was sentenced to 50 years in prison and served nearly 11 years in Nevada for a federal kidnapping conviction, said Suzanne Pardee, a spokeswoman for Nevada state prisons.

He also served seven months concurrently for a conviction for rape by force or fear at the medium-security Northern Nevada Correctional Center. Pardee said Garrido was paroled in August 1988.

A public records search showed Garrido as president of a company called God’s Desire.