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Casey Anthony: More Depositions…

November 10, 2010

Prosecutors will attempt once again to depose Roy Kronk’s adult son, Brandon Sparks, later today. The defense also has interviews lined up as well.

From WESH:

Before the discovery, Casey Anthony’s defense team claims Kronk told his son he would be on television soon.

Anthony’s defense team also plans to interview one of the public information officers of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday. Carlos Padilla worked under former sheriff Kevin Beary.


Casey Anthony’s Lawyers Can View Wooded Crime Scene

January 30, 2009

Judge Stan Strickland has denied a motion from Casey Anthony’s defense attorneys to remove prosecutors from her murder trial but ruled that the defense team can inspect woods where the remains of her slain toddler were found.

From the Associated Press:

The motion alleged that someone in the prosecutor’s office in Orlando filed a complaint with the Florida Bar against Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez, in an effort to interfere with her right to effective counsel. The motion also alleged that the complaint was an attempt to taint a potential jury pool and that the case should be taken from the State Attorney’s Office in Orlando and given to the Office of State Attorney General.

Circuit Judge Stan Strickland ruled there was no evidence that Anthony’s rights had been violated.

Casey Anthony attended the pretrial hearing in business attire rather than a jail jumpsuit after the judge this week ordered her to appear at all hearings dealing with evidence and witnesses.

Caylee Anthony’s remains were found last December by a utility worker in woods near where the toddler lived with her mother and grandparents. Caylee Anthony disappeared last June but a month passed before she was reported missing to authorities. Casey Anthony has claimed that a baby sitter kidnapped Caylee.

Forensic experts on her defense team have been wanting to examine the woods where the remains were found for weeks but the property owner has been uncooperative, Baez said. The judge gave the defense team permission to examine the crime scene.

Baez told the judge that he intended to seek a change of venue because of the publicity the case has generated in Orlando. No formal request has been made yet, and both the defense attorney and prosecutor in the case said in court that the trial won’t take place until later in the year.

“We want her to have her day in court,” Baez said after the hearing. “She is innocent and wants her day in court.”

The judge also heard a defense motion to force a search and recovery group to turn over records related to its search for Caylee’s remains. Texas Equusearch organized hundreds of volunteers to search areas in Orlando, including an area near where Caylee’s remains were eventually found. The defense request also seeks records on the volunteers.

An attorney for the search group, Mark NeJame, called the request a “fishing expedition” and told the judge he didn’t have jurisdiction to issue a subpoena for the records because the search group was based in Texas, not Florida. None of the volunteer searchers were in the exact spot where Caylee’s remains were found, NeJame said.

In a ruling issued several hours after the hearing, the judge denied the request.

Casey Anthony: Father To Be Released From Hospital?

January 26, 2009

According to a few local sources, George Anthony may be released today from Halifax Medical center in Daytona Beach.  Others believe that he will not be released until later this week.

I’ve seen stories saying that he will be released today, I hear some saying that there’s no way he’ll be released today. I guess that we’ll have to wait and see what happens. No one seems to know for sure.

Anthony was taken there last Friday after his attorney called 911 and reported him missing and possibly suicidal.

From ABC Action News:

In the call to the 911 dispatcher, attorney Brad Conway said, “George Anthony has been gone since 8:30 this morning and he has taken several bottles of medication from his house…We’re worried he’s done something to himself.”

According to reports, George left home Thursday for a job interview.  Later, his wife Cindy realized he’d taken a photo of her and his daughter Casey (photos) with him, along with two weeks’ worth of sleep and blood pressure medication.

In addition, George had sent disturbing text messages from his cell phone saying, “he did not want to live anymore” and “he wanted to be with Caylee.”

Police finally tracked him down through his cell phone signals.  He was at a Daytona Beach motel.  Officers say he was melancholy and despondent.  They also found a multi page suicide note.

George agreed to go quietly to the hospital, where he was held under Florida’s Baker Act, which allows authorities to hold a person against their will for 72 hours.  That time period expires today and he could be released.

“George has been pushed to the brink what might have been another tragedy,” Conway told station WFTV Friday afternoon.

The skeletal remains of George and Cindy’s granddaughter, Caylee Anthony (photos), were found in a wooded area near their home in December.

Casey Anthony, who was living with her parents when Caylee went missing last summer, is charged with killing her.  Casey maintains she is innocent.

From WESH:

Officials said they didn’t plant to discharge Anthony on Monday.

The Anthony family’s attorney, Brad Conway, said Anthony is feeling much better, but Conway said he needs to be able to properly say goodbye to his slain granddaughter.

Caylee Anthony disappeared in June prompting a major investigation that resulted in the arrest of Anthony’s daughter, Casey Anthony. Caylee’s body was discovered not far from the family’s home in December.

“He’s out of the woods, but he has a long way to go,” Conway said. “The first step is burying Caylee.”

George Anthony is recovering from a suicide scare.

“He does have that will to live and survive,” Conway said.

After spending the weekend at Halifax Medical Center in Daytona Beach, Conway said he’s making progress.

George Anthony has been under the care of a physician since early Friday morning, when police said they found him at the Hawaii Motel on U.S. Highway 1.

Investigators said a suicide note found in his possession was a clear indication that he needed help.

“It suggested that he wanted to be with Caylee. You know, leave this Earth and go to the next life to be with Caylee, with God,” Daytona Beach Police Chief Michael Chitwood said.

Casey Anthony: Does Media Coverage Erase Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

January 25, 2009

Interesting article out of Canada today which discuss the belief that in the United States you are “innocent until proven guilty”. Examples of recent cases “tried in the media” are Casey Anthony, Rod Blagojevich and OJ Simpson.

What do you think? With the abundance of evidence against Casey, should she still be considered innocent until proven guilty? What is the media and blogospheres role in her trial? Thoughts?


With high profile cases, like that of Casey Anthony who is being held for trial on a charge of killing her two-year-old daughter in Florida, issues concerning presumption of innocence become part of the debate.

The press continues to bring out salient details on the Anthony case. The very idea of a mother killing her own child is such a cultural taboo that it stimulates curiosity. Some folks hearing what facts have been brought out in the media have already made up their minds that the mother, Casey Anthony, is guilty of killing her daughter, Caylee. Still the legal definitions and concerns about the case need focus at all times during the public assessment of any case.

O.J. Simpson, for example, was tried in the press repeatedly both before, during and after his high profile trial. Again that’s because of the unique nature of the crime for which he was being held responsible and his particular place as a famous person. That’s when the issues of presumption of innocence come up, just like in the case of Anthony, when there are high profile cases that pique public curiosity.

The legal definition on presumption of innocence is spelled out by the legal community as this:

The indictment or formal charge against any person is not evidence of guilt. Indeed, the person is presumed by the law to be innocent. The law does not require a person to prove his innocence or produce any evidence at all. The Government has the burden of proving a person guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and if it fails to do so the person is (so far as the law is concerned) not guilty.

The establishment of presumption of innocence was underlined out in the courts with case law. This is what has been noted in some of the more liberal websites devoted to law and politics.

“It is better than 5, 10, 20, or 100 guilty men go free than for one innocent man to be put to death. This principle is embodied in the presumption of innocence. In 1895, the U.S. Supreme Court, in a decision in the case Coffin v. United States, 156 U.S. 432; 15 S. Ct. 394, traced the presumption of innocence, past England, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, and, at least according to Greenleaf, to Deuteronomy.”

They go on to relate the key elements of the Coffin case as substantiating the presumption of innocence with a major court decision.

This statement looks clear enough on the surface, but there are divergent views about what presumption of innocence is and isn’t. One writer underlines the fact that presumption of innocence is not stated explicitly in the Constitution but is part of English common law and the Fourth and part of the Fifteenth Amendments. There it is said that a person is presumed by law to be innocent until proven guilty. The writer, Blaine Kinsey, maintains that this does not mean that there should be no public discourse. He states,

The presumption of innocence is not a mandate that is imposed on all social discourse. It is not logical to assert, as a statement of fact, that a person is innocent until he/she has been proven to be guilty because it is possible for an innocent person to be convicted of a crime and it is possible for a guilty person to be acquitted of a crime.”

Both the Rod Blagojevich and Casey Anthony cases have been used to discuss the presumption of innocence, which Kinsey declares can be part of public discourse and not violate the standards of innocence. He goes on to write “

A person should not be considered guilty in the court of public opinion just because he/she has been accused of, or indicted for, a crime, but it is permissible for people to form opinions based on the information that is available to the public. “

Kinsey admits to being a member of the ACLU and retired as a Social Security claims examiner, so he isn’t an attorney. He does, however, express an opinion that is often used to dialogue about criminal cases and reflects the point of view of some of those who do so. Using his notions, it would appear reasonable to discuss cases but not presume guilt, if one is part of the process of decision-making, in either criminal or civil cases.

One source reflects the importance of folks not making up their minds until all the facts are in, even though discussion of the case may be reasonable, if we take Kinsey as a standard for discussion. This source reminds us to remember the three Duke lacrosse team players who were indicated for rape during the spring of 2006 by Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong. Nancy Grace decided to make a firm statement about this on CNN proclaiming guilt of the young men before trial when she said, “I’m so glad they didn’t miss a lacrosse game over a little thing like gang rape.”

Casey Anthony: Father’s Suicide Note Was 5 Pages Long

January 23, 2009

According to ABC News, George Anthony wrote a five-page suicide note before police found him alive in a Daytona Beach motel earlier today.

I’m sure that he had a lot on his mind and a lot that he wanted to get off his chest.

Do you think that anything was written in the note that could help the prosecution convict his daughter, Casey? Could this be used as evidence if in fact he did say anything incriminating? Thoughts?

Full Video of Brad Conway News Conference

From ABC News:

Anthony was taken into police custody early this morning and transported to Halifax Medical Center for evaluation under a Florida law called the Baker Act, which allows authorities to hold people without their consent for up to 72 hours pending a psychiatric evaluation.

In addition to the letter, Anthony sent suicidal text messages to his family saying he “doesn’t want to live anymore,” Daytona Police Department spokesman Jimmie Flynt said.

Police would not comment on the contents of the letter, but Flynt told ABC News it did not raise speculation that George Anthony was involved in his 2-year-old granddaughter Caylee’s murder.

Anthony’s daughter, 22-year-old Casey Anthony, was charged with Caylee’s murder in October before the toddler’s decomposed body was found less than a mile from the Anthony family home in December.

Halifax spokeswoman Salina Wang told ABC News that Anthony is in stable condition.

Anthony was reported missing by his family Thursday when he failed to show up for a scheduled meeting. Police were able to track Anthony to Daytona’s Hawaii Motel through his cell phone, which he used to send his family text messages that implied he intended to kill himself, Daytona Police Chief Mike Chitwood told ABC’s Orlando affiliate WFTV.

Chitwood, who spoke to Anthony when he was discovered at the motel, said Anthony was low-key and “melancholy” when they spoke.

“[Anthony] basically said to us, ‘You know, I just need to get away. I need to think things through.’ That’s why he was there,” Chitwood told WFTV.

Police then invoked the Baker Act and took him to the hospital.

Anthony “went willingly” and fully cooperated with police and was not handcuffed on the way to the hospital, Orange County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Carlos Padilla said.

“He was not arrested. He has not committed a crime,” Padilla told ABC News.

According to Padilla, George Anthony’s most recent actions have had no bearing on his status in the investigation into Caylee’s murder and does not draw suspicion that he was somehow involved.

“The pressures and everything may have gotten to him,” Padilla said. “My heart goes out to him.”

Caylee Anthony’s Grandfather in Custody

January 23, 2009

My apologies. I neglected to update this information in my last post.

Since I’m in California, and not in Florida, I was not aware of the law which allows the state of Florida to hold people involuntarily pending a psychiatric evaluation.

Very interesting developments this morning. What does everyone think about today’s news?

From WFLX:

The grandfather of Caylee Anthony is now in custody.

George Anthony was taken into custody early Friday morning under Florida’s Baker Act which allows the state to hold people involuntarily pending a psychiatric evaluation.

Anthony was reported missing from his Orlando home Thursday. His family became concerned after he reportedly sent suicidal text messages.

From NBC:

The grandfather of slain Florida toddler Caylee Anthony was in stable condition Friday after he was taken to a hospital over concerns that he might be suicidal.

A spokeswoman for the Daytona Beach hospital said George Anthony would be admitted to a hospital room after being observed. Anthony was found early Friday at a Daytona Beach hotel after he was reported missing for several hours.

Daytona Beach Police Chief Mike Chitwood told reporters that Anthony sent text messages to family members indicating he “wanted to end his life.”

Police also found a “five to six page suicide letter,” he had written, a police spokesman told NBC News. Anthony had not tried to harm himself, the spokesman said.

Anthony’s daughter, Casey Anthony, has been charged with killing Caylee. The child was not reported missing for nearly a month after she vanished.

Casey Anthony’s Father Hospitalized…Reported To Be Suicidal

January 23, 2009

A little more information this morning about the continuing saga that is the Anthony family.

George Anthony is in stable condition this morning after he was taken to a hospital over concerns that he might be suicidal.

I can understand what George must be going through. The murder of his granddaughter. His daughter accused of her murder. Does he know something about it? Is the guilt getting to him?

This must be a horrible time for him and I’m sure that he is feeling the stress.


From the Associated Press:

A spokeswoman for the Daytona Beach hospital says George Anthony will be admitted to a hospital room after being observed. Anthony was found early Friday at a Daytona Beach hotel after he was reported missing for several hours.

Daytona Beach Police Chief Mike Chitwood told reporters that Anthony sent text messages to family members indicating he “wanted to end his life.”

Anthony’s daughter, Casey Anthony, has been charged with killing Caylee. The child wasn’t reported missing for nearly a month after she vanished.

From Fox News:

Orange County officers tracked pings from Anthony’s cell phone to a location near Bethune Point. He was found at the Hawaii Motel on South Atlantic Avenue in Daytona Beach.

Anthony sent text messages to his family saying he wanted to end his life, according to Daytona Beach Police Chief Michael Chitwood. Chitwood said Anthony told him there was a lot of pressure on him and he needed to think.

He was involuntarily taken to Halifax Hospital by the police chief and is being evaluated. He hasn’t been admitted as a patient.

No drugs or weapons were found in Anthony’s hotel room early Friday morning. He had other items with him at the hotel, but details weren’t released. Those items are being turned over to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

“We do know George Anthony is saying, ‘I don’t want to live anymore,'” Chitwood said.

Documents made public on Wednesday suggest Casey Anthony once joked about drugging Caylee.

A former boyfriend, Ricardo Morales, told investigators she had made jokes about giving Caylee baby medicine to put her to sleep, according to But he also said she seemed to have a normal relationship with her daughter.

From the Criminal Report Daily:

George Anthony, father of 22-year-old Casey Anthony and grandfather of now deceased 2-year-old Caylee Anthony, was escorted to a hospital by police early this morning after he allegedly sent suicidal text messages to family members.

Anthony was reported missing yesterday, when he failed to show up for a meeting with his attorney. Later that day, he made contact with family members via text messages, in which he reportedly indicated that he wanted to “end his own life.”

Investigators were able to trace pings from Anthony’s cell phone to the Bethune Point area. His vehicle was located at the Hawaiian Inn, a motel near Daytona Beach, at about 2:30 a.m. this morning.

According to Daytona Beach Police Chief Mike Chitwood, Anthony was upset and stated that he was under a lot of pressure.

“We do know George Anthony is saying I don’t want to live anymore,” Chitwood told Fox News.

Chitwood personally transported Anthony to Halifax Hospital, where he was Baker Acted – involuntarily admitted – for an evaluation.

Tim Miller, founder and director of Texas EquuSearch, was notified of Anthony’s disappearance last night and was preparing to fly to Orlando to help in the search when he received the news that Anthony had been located.

“I know what I went through with the death of my daughter Laura, which doesn’t even compare to what George is going through,” Miller told Investigation Discovery. “George has my full support, and whatever he needs from me, I am there for him.  Texas EquuSearch will continue to hold George up in prayer as he goes through this most difficult time.”