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Ted Stevens Believed to Be on Crashed Plane

August 10, 2010

Early this morning, a plane believed to be carrying eight people, including former Senator Ted Stevens, crashed in southwest Alaska. There is no word on any casualties at this time.

From the Associated Press:

Alaska National Guard spokesman Maj. Guy Hayes said there were possible fatalities. Five good Samaritans were on scene early Tuesday helping the crash victims, he said. It was unclear how they reached the site.

A U.S. government official told The Associated Press that Alaska authorities have been told the former longtime Republican senator is among several passengers on the plane. The official, who spoke on grounds of anonymity, says Stevens’ condition is unknown.

The federal official declined to be publicly identified because the crash response and investigation are under way.

Curt Schilling…Senator?

September 3, 2009

Former Major League Baseball pitcher Curt Schilling indicated on his blog yesterday that he was considering running for the Senate seat from Massachusetts formerly held by the late Edward Kennedy.

From the New York Times:

Mr. Schilling, an at-times outspoken conservative who campaigned for both George W. Bush and Senator John McCain in recent presidential elections, wrote on his blog that “I do have some interest in the possibility,” while also saying that his family and his video game company, 38 Studios, were priorities.

“To get to there from where I am today, many many things would have to align themselves for that to truly happen,” added Mr. Schilling, who won his first World Series with the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2001. “I am not going to comment further on the matter since at this point it would be speculation on top of speculation.”

Earlier in the day, New England Cable News had asked Mr. Schilling, 42, if he would consider running. “As of today, probably not,” he replied, adding that making a Senate bid was “a pretty big deal from a commitment standpoint” and that he would have to make a decision soon.

Michael Jackson Leaves Father Out of Will

June 30, 2009

According to the Los Angeles Times, a will Michael Jackson written and signed in 2002 placed his all of his assets in a trust and named his mother as guardian of his children.

Looks like he left his father, Joe Jackson, out in the cold!

From the Los Angeles Times:

The will is expected to become a central point of contention in what is shaping up to be a legal battle over the performer’s estate.

An L.A. Superior Court judge granted Katherine Jackson, 79, temporary custody of her three grandchildren and temporary and limited control of his assets Monday. Long-term arrangements are to be taken up at a July 6 hearing.

In court papers Monday, her lawyers said the family had not located a will for Jackson but acknowledged the possible existence of a will or multiple wills. The document executed in July 2002 appointed John Branca, Jackson’s longtime entertainment attorney, and John McClain, a music executive who had known the singer since he was a child, as executors, the source said. The role would give the men power to manage Jackson’s finances – an indebted but still profitable music empire – while the court is settling his affairs, a process that could take years.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Several people close to the late Mr. Jackson said that a lawyer for the pop singer could submit the will, believed to be his last, to Los Angeles Superior Court as soon as Thursday. That filing would cap a tense period in which relatives and advisers of the late singer debated what document, if any, was valid.

One or two other earlier wills have emerged since Mr. Jackson’s death last Thursday, according to people familiar with the situation. The Associated Press reported that Mr. Jackson’s parents, Joseph and Katherine Jackson, said in a Monday court filing that they believed the singer had died without a valid will. Joseph Jackson isn’t believed to be included in the most recent will.

In an email message, L. Londell McMillan, a lawyer who said he represents Mr. Jackson’s parents, said neither he nor his clients had seen the 2002 will. Mr. McMillan also once represented Michael Jackson.

Mr. McMillan said that he had spent much of Monday trying to ensure that Mr. Jackson’s mother would receive custody of the singer’s three children. A Los Angeles court on Monday granted her temporary custody pending a hearing in July. Mr. McMillan said the family is “pleased” with that decision. The 2002 will calls for the children to be placed in the custody of Mrs. Jackson.

Director of White House Military Office Resigns

May 8, 2009

An Air Force flyover that caused panic on the streets of New York last month cost U.S. taxpayers as much as $357,000 and has left one White House employee without a job.


On Friday, President Barack Obama accepted the resignation of Louis Caldera, director of the White House Military Office.

The president was said to have been furious about the incident and had ordered an internal review. The mission had been approved by Caldera, who had apologized.

Also on Friday, in a letter to Sen. John McCain, Defense Secretary Robert Gates provided requested details of the incident.

The cost of a jumbo jet that is used as the president’s plane Air Force One was estimated between $300,658 and $328,835.

The cost of two accompanying F-16 jets was $28,177 for a total of $357,012, Gates said.

Bristol Palin Says Abstinence Is Best

May 6, 2009

Uh huh….very interesting indeed!

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol Palin, who caused a stir on her mother’s U.S. vice presidential campaign last year when it was revealed she was pregnant, has urged young Americans to abstain from having sex to avoid becoming a teenage mother like herself.

From Reuters:

Some girls believe a baby “is like having an accessory on their hip,” Bristol Palin, 18, told a panel. “Having a baby is a huge responsibility and I think that teenagers should just wait to have sex,” she said.

Palin was speaking at an event organized by The Candie’s Foundation, which aims to educate teenagers about the problems young people face if they get pregnant, and which has appointed her as a teen ambassador.

Palin’s pregnancy hit the headlines when her mother — known for her staunch conservatism on social issues — ran as the Republican vice presidential candidate alongside John McCain in the White House race won by Democrat Barack Obama and his running mate, Joe Biden.

Bristol Palin had a son, Tripp, in December and has since split with her fiance and the baby’s father, Levi Johnston.

Bristol Palin and Fiance Levi Johnston Call Off Engagement

March 11, 2009

A shocker in Alaska! 🙂

The engagement is off for the teenage daughter of Alaska Governor  Sarah Palin and the father of her baby, Levi Johnston.

From the Associated Press:

Levi Johnston told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he and Bristol Palin mutually decided “a while ago” to end their relationship. The 19-year-old Johnston declined to elaborate.

Eighteen-year-old Bristol Palin says in a statement to the AP that she is “devastated.”

The two are the parents of a boy named Tripp, who was born Dec. 27.

Sarah Palin revealed her daughter’s pregnancy days after being named John McCain’s running mate on the Republican presidential ticket.

In an interview that aired on Fox News last month, Bristol Palin said her fiance saw the baby every day and described him as a “hands-on” dad.

The two had said they were considering a summer wedding.