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Twitter Trumps Mainstream Media Again

February 25, 2009

Demonstrating the power of social media, Twitter once again beat traditional media to the punch today when it was the first outlet to publish dramatic pictures of the Turkish Airlines crash.

Credit: Laura Eekhos

Credit: Laura Eekhos

From CNN:

Moments after the plane crashed at Amsterdam’s Schipol airport on Wednesday morning the news was appearing on Twitter, iReport’s International Correspondent Errol Barnett said.

“This is a story that broke on Twitter first and continued to unfold from there. Eyewitnesses were posting comments about the shock of seeing the plane ‘dive’ and amazement of passengers walking out of the wreckage,” Barnett said.

“It was a dramatic image of a fractured plane posted on that was the first worldwide view of the Turkish Airlines crash. It was snapped by an eyewitness driving on the nearby A-9 highway, just north of the crash site.”‘

Barnett said that when CNN saw the image it moved quickly to confirm with Dutch officials that a crash had happened.

“Within minutes we were reporting on the story. We then confirmed with the Twitter user that the image was theirs and took it to air.

“This proves that social networking sites can be a real asset in covering breaking news and gathering eyewitness accounts but the web should always be treated with extreme caution,” Barnett said.


Voting Maching Breakdowns, Problems Reported in Key States

November 4, 2008

Voters are already running into problems casting ballots this morning in scattered locations around the country including Florida, Ohio and Virginia, three of the most important states in the 2008 Presidential Election.

From CNN:

People called the CNN Voter Hotline to report irregularities at their precincts, including late poll openings, long lines, and broken or not enough voting machines.

Other callers reported brisk and efficient voting as millions across the United States cast their ballots in the presidential race as well as many House and Senate contests.

In Kansas City, Missouri, iReport contributor Jessie Sargent said she had been waiting in line for three hours because precincts had received the wrong voter registration lists.

“I was there at 5 a.m. and was eighth in line,” Sargent said. “I got up to the table, and they realized they had the wrong books. After swapping books, they [thought] that they still had the wrong books but later figured that the pages were in the wrong order.

“There have been quite a few people leaving because of work and school, and they have no provisional ballots or books to sign in to.”

In Shaker Heights, Ohio, just outside Cleveland, the first few voters at one precinct received ballots that were missing the presidential race.

“The first four voters [at that location] were given the wrong ballots. Those ballots were voided, and the four voters were given the correct ballots,” said Kimberly Bartlett, a spokeswoman for the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.

From the Los Angeles Times:

Voting machine malfunctions and other problems were exacerbating long lines at polling places in several key battlegrounds as voting got underway on the East Coast and in the Midwest this morning, election monitors reported.

There have already been breakdowns in Philadelphia, Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio, according to reports gathered by the Election Protection Coalition, a cooperative effort by more than dozen voting rights groups.

All three cities were high on the list of expected hot spots where problems were feared.

The coalition, which by 9:30 a.m. EST had received nearly 11,000 reports of problems, has also fielded complaints about polling places not opening on time in Virginia, where long lines have been predicted for weeks.