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Big Ten = The Little Sisters of the Poor

January 1, 2011

That’s right…I said it!

Gordon Gee, how do you like your Big Ten now? What’s that? Was the Big Ten 0-5 today?

At least the Wisconsin Badgers showed up for their game. Hopefully you’re Ohio State Buckeyes show up for the Sugar Bowl…instead of getting stuck at the tattoo parlor!

Congrats to the TCU Horned Frogs on winning the 2011 Rose Bowl! Now, can we get a playoff system in place???


Boise State Does it Again

January 5, 2010

Congrats once again to the “Little Agent That Could”.

In a battle of non-BCS schools, the Boise State Broncos knocked off TCU 17-10 last night in the Fiesta Bowl.

With the game tied at 10-10 in the 4th quarter, coach Chris Petersen dug into his bag of tricks and pulled out a fake punt on a 4th and 9 play from their own 33 yard line. The play worked to perfection as the Broncos gained 29 yards and went on to score the winning touchdown.

What a game! Not quite as dramatic as the earlier Idaho vs. Bowling Green match-up but still, both teams put on a great show! 14-0 is something to be proud of Boise State, even if you won’t be National Champions.

From Fox Sports:

The latest BCS upgrade happened here Monday night when the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl assisted in crowning the first Irrational Champion.

Let’s use the I-word, because we’ve been a bit numbed by the extravagant caterwauling coming from both sides of the TCU vs. Boise State issue. As you may recall, a lot of BCS haters were greatly agitated when it was decided that two unbeaten teams — each representing a non-BCS conference — would celebrate this regular-season perfection by playing each other instead of some traditional powerhouse from a supposed big-league school. And the pro-BCS crowd has been a bit heavy-handed in insisting that teams from non-BCS leagues aren’t worthy of national championship contention.

Anyway, with the sixth-ranked Broncos (14-0) posting a 17-10 triumph over the fourth-ranked Horned Frogs (12-1), we now are obliged to figure out what we learned while watching two unbeaten teams slug it out in a game with no real championship on the line.

From Yahoo Sports:

Between hugging teammates, hugging cheerleaders, hugging coaches and hugging more cheerleaders, Boise State linebacker Derrell Acrey took a moment from the postgame Fiesta fiesta and declared that one day his Broncos weren’t going to play in just any BCS bowl. They were going to play in the BCS bowl.

The one for the crystal football.

“Sooner or later it’s coming,” Acrey said. “One of these days … one of these days.”

How about one of these days coming in 368 days, Jan. 8, 2011, when on this very field in suburban Phoenix the BCS championship game will be held.

It’s then Boise State might – just might – be able to break through college football’s final wall and become the first team from outside the traditional six major conferences to play for it all. Or put it this way, if the Broncos deliver a third consecutive perfect regular season in 2010 and they aren’t selected, the teams picked ahead of them better be the Colts and the Chargers.

Boise did its Fiesta Bowl thing again Monday, winning here for the second time in four years, this time 17-10 over fourth-ranked TCU. They finished the season 14-0 and should wind up ranked in the Top 3 of the final poll. They’ve won 26 of their last 27 games. They return 21 of 22 starters and 42 of their top 44 players on their two-deep roster. That includes sophomore quarterback Kellen Moore, who just had a season where he threw for 39 touchdowns against just three interceptions.