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Tiger Woods Returns to The Masters

April 5, 2010

Tiger Woods returns to the PGA Tour today at one of the greatest events each year, The Masters.

This return brings an end to his self-imposed exile stemming from a car accident in November outside his home which was followed by his admission of extramarital affairs.

I hope this doesn’t take the spotlight off the great NCAA Tournament game tonight between Duke and Butler. Celebrity gossip and Tiger shouldn’t be on center stage tonight. It should be the game in Indianapolis.

From CNN:

Woods is practicing this morning at Augusta National Golf Club, and is set to participate in a news conference – his second since the scandal broke – at 2 p.m. ET. (Our partners at will live blog the news conference here)

The golfer – even since his early childhood – has thrived in the spotlight and it may shine brighter today than it has before with millions of spectators turning on nearly any channel to catch him – not even on the course but at a news conference.

And our partners at wonder if Tiger, let alone any athlete, can be mentally prepared for what will happen at the Masters this year given all the attention. The tournament, they said, will effectively be a test of his toughness in the face of all of the drama. For other golfers, the spotlight on Tiger could be a good or bad thing.’s Peter Kostis says while all eyes will be on Tiger at the start of the Masters, the real drama surrounds some of the players over 40 and under 30.


Big 10 Officials Vs. SEC Officials. Whose Worse?

October 31, 2009

Until this morning, I would have favored the SEC in the battle. But after witnessing the Iowa Hawkeyes vs. the Indiana Hoosier this morning, I’m not so sure anymore.

I’m not a fan of either school, but this has been the most pathetically officiated game I have had the opportunity to witness in recent memory. The job done by this crew is downright embarassing. It the SEC suspended their crew for a couple of games, then this crew should take the rest of the season off!

There have been at least three calls that have gone against the Hoosiers, most recently a touchdown that was overturned after further review. Remember, you must have CONCLUSIVE evidence that a call is incorrect to have the play overturned. This has been reiterated numerous times during the game. An earlier TD was taken away from the Hoosiers which should have been overturned in favor of a touchdown. Now, a touchdown that was called good, only to be overturned. I’m at a complete loss for words.

Has anybody else been able to catch this game on ESPN? Is it obvious that every call is going the direction of the #4 Hawkeyes? Am I just crazy? 🙂

And…don’t get me started on the TERRIBLE calls that have been made throughout the MLB playoffs. At least they have been consistently bad for all teams in those games!