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Hijacking in Mexico Ends

September 9, 2009

An Aeroméxico airliner flying from Cancun to Mexico City with 112 passengers was hijacked this afternoon but passengers and crew were released unharmed after the plane landed safely.

From the Wall Street Journal:

While the plane was en route, the hijacker told the crew he had a bomb and would blow the plane up unless he was allowed to speak to Mexican President Felipe Calderón after the plane landed, Public Security Minister Genaro García Luna said.

The man “said he had a vision and wanted to warn the president” that a major earthquake was about to strike Mexico, said Mr. García Luna.

Mexican federal police initially arrested eight men shortly after the incident, but released all except the preacher, whose name was given as José Flores Pereira. Mr. Flores was born in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, but has lived in Mexico for the past 17 years, according to police.

Mr. García Luna said police believed there was more than one hijacker because the preacher told the crew he was accompanied by three others. It turned out the preacher was referring to the Holy Trinity, Mr. García Luna said.

Jamaican Hostage Standoff Ends

April 20, 2009

Police have stated that a gunman who hijacked a plane in Jamaica has been captured after an eight-hour standoff with police.

From the Associated Press:

Police spokeswoman Camille Tracey says authorities disarmed the young man whom authorities described as “mentally challenged.”

Authorities say the 20-year-old Jamaican forced his way past security check points and seized the CanJet Airlines plane late Sunday night. He quickly released all the passengers and two crew members, but six crew members were held at gunpoint hours longer.

Pirates Hijack Four More Ships Near Somalia

April 14, 2009

Somali pirates hijacked four more ships today, even as America’s top military commander said the United States is reviewing its options, including whether to go into pirate villages.

From ABC News:

The pirates have now seized four ships since the dramatic rescue of American Capt. Richard Phillips Sunday, who was taken hostage during a failed hijacking attempt.

Just as the cheers were dying down for the daring rescue of Phillips that left three pirates dead, Somali pirates swooped down on more victims. This time they struck in the Gulf of Aden along the north coast of Somalia.

Two Egyptian fishing boats were hijacked, according to Egypt’s Foreign Ministry, which said the boats carried a total of 18 to 24 Egyptians.