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If You Can’t Beat Them…

November 13, 2013

Seems like health concerns are a top issue of everyone these days so I might as well share my experience this past Tuesday.

Yesterday started out like any other morning. Up at 6 a.m. to get the kids breakfast, lunches made and out the door for school. Only, it didn’t go according to plan.

Around 8:30 a.m. I was walking back from a short walk when I realized something was wrong. I had been to the gym a half hour earlier and did my usual workout. Maybe even LESS strenuous than usual.

Alas, as I made my way back to the house, I noticed that my stomach was aching, followed by some compression in my chest. I chalked it up to the cold that I’ve been feeling coming on. Then, all of a sudden, it hit me. I was trying to focus on the short driveway on the hill ahead but it wasn’t working. Everything started to go blurry. My heart was racing and I felt as though I was losing my balance.

It was at that moment that I realized that both of my legs and both of my arms were “dead”, like that feeling you get when you lay on them wrong. Ants marching I always say.

Well, I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to make the trek up the hill without help so I “tried” to call and text my wife. I later learned that both my call and text were unintelligible. Looking back now, the text is actually kind of funny.

What happened next…I don’t know. I do remember trying to reach for the stop sign that was a few feet in front of me. Next thing I know, a woman in a car has her window rolled down and is asking if I am OK. Not sure what happened, but I was laying down on the grass, flat on my stomach with the stop sign right next to me. My guess…I passed out.

After a minute or two, I got to my feet and started to walk up the hill to our house. I had to stop twice on the way because I just couldn’t make it. Lucky for me, my wife got home about 5 minutes later and took me to the ER.

So in the end, I guess (according to the doctors) I was “majorly dehydrated” with “bottomed out” blood pressure and a heart beat that was racing out of my chest. I got IV’s for a few hours and have been drinking Gatorade ever since. Glad that it wasn’t anything TOO serious. The whole time, I thought I was having a heart attack. No joke. I was sure of it! But my EKG etc…looked fine. They are monitoring my heart, though, because it had a bit of an irregular heartbeat.

I have NEVER been as scared in my life as those few minutes when I had absolutely NO control over my body. We’ve all been under the influence of alcohol, but this was 10X worse than I have EVER been and I don’t want to EVER go through it again!

Oh, one good thing that did happen was when we drove to the ER, I couldn’t find my wallet or keys. Lucky for me, we found them in the grass area where I had passed out at. Whew! Crisis avoided.

Sorry for the rambling…just wanted to share! Take care of yourselves at all times! I know for me, it’s all about keeping hydrated and not over exerting myself for awhile.

Contaminated IVs Suspected in 9 Deaths

March 30, 2011

According to Alabama state health officials, nine of 19 patients who were infected with bacteria that got into their blood after they were fed intravenously have died in six hospitals.

From CNN:

“This represents an example of an outbreak that does, unfortunately, occur,” Dr. Don Williamson of the Alabama Department of Public Health told reporters in a conference call.

The bacteria, identified as serratia marcescens bacteremia, can prove fatal, though investigators — including those from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — have not determined that they caused the deaths, he said, adding that the investigation is ongoing.

Diet Supplements Can Be Risky

August 5, 2010

I learned this during my days at General Nutrition Center (GNC), but I want to be sure to be sure that you all know that just because a supplement is labeled natural, it doesn’t mean that it is safe. Now, an investigation by Consumer Reports agrees.

From CNN:

The report lists 12 ingredients found in supplements which are linked to serious side effects and which haven’t been shown to do what they claim to do.

They are: aconite, bitter orange, chaparral, colloidal silver, coltsfoot, country mallow, germanium, greater celandine, kava, lobelia, yohimbe.The FDA tells CNN it hasn’t been able to determine what scientific basis Consumer Reports is using for their warning.  FDA spokesperson Siobhan DeLancey says the agency has cautioned consumers or provided articles and case studies about possible side effects for 7 of the 12 supplements listed by Consumer Reports (aconite, chaparral, colloidal silver, comfrey, germanium, kava and yohimbe).

“It is important to note that these potential adverse events are based in large part on a degree of exposure and the duration of that exposure,” said DeLancey.  In other words, a specific amount of the ingredient over a specific amount of time.

Scientists Find Possible Genetic Roots of Alopecia Areata

June 30, 2010

Scientists have identified eight genes that may be associated with Alopecia Areata, a common cause of hair loss that affects 5.3 million Americans, including Miss Delaware Kayla Martell and yours truly!

I’ve had this condition since I was 9 and I can tell you, it’s not fun. But, it could be worse right? I could have a life threatening disease, could be missing a limb or any of a number of things! Who needs hair anyway, right?  🙂

It was frustrating through junior high school and high school. Kids can be cruel! At least college was fine. Now, I just live with it. Easiest just to shave my head every other day or so, and wear my baseball hat 🙂

From BusinessWeek:

The genes are already associated with other autoimmune diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis and type 1 diabetes, meaning that drugs may already be in the pipeline that could benefit people with hair loss, the researchers said.

“This greatly accelerated our ability to think about new drugs for patients with alopecia areata because so much work has already been done in these other diseases,” said senior study author Angela Christiano, professor of dermatology and genetics & development at Columbia University Medical Center in New York City. “It is a huge advantage.”

The study is published in the July 1 issue of Nature.

Alopecia areata affects more than 5 million people in the United States, according to the National Alopecia Areata Foundation, making it one of the most common autoimmune diseases. Hair loss may be confined to bald patches on the scalp, but in some cases it extends to the whole scalp or entire body, including eyebrows and eyelashes.

U.S. Cigarettes Higher in Carcinogens

June 2, 2010

Researchers with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have found that U.S. made cigarettes contain more cancer-causing chemicals than cigarettes brands made elsewhere around the world.

From CNN:

“Not all cigarettes are made alike” says Dr. Jim Pirkle, deputy director for science at the CDC’s National Center for Environmental Health. He says this is the first study to show that “U.S. cigarettes have more of the major carcinogen [TSNAs] than foreign made cigarettes.” TSNAs are “tobacco-specific nitrosamines,” the major cancer-causing substance in tobacco.

126 smokers in five cities – Waterloo, Ontario; Melbourne, Victoria (Australia); London, England, Buffalo, New York, and Minneapolis, Minnesota – were recruited for this study.

They were between the ages of 18 and 55 and smoked at least 10 cigarettes a day for the past year and had been brand loyal for at least three months. The cigarettes smoked by the study recruits represented some of the more popular brands for each country including: Players light and DuMaurier in Canada; Marlboro, Newport Light, Camel Light in the U.S.; Peter Jackson and Peter Stuyvesant in Australia; and Benson & Hedges and Silk Cut Purple in the United Kingdom.

Scientists analyzed more than 2,000 cigarette butts to get the data they are reporting today, says Pirkle.

The Next Two Days…

November 16, 2009

Hi All,

Just giving you a heads up that, more than likely, you probably won’t see many posts, or responses from me for the next two days.

I’ll be in St. Helena, California, in support of my step father who will be undergoing heart surgery on Tuesday. I feel it important to be there for him, and for my mom who will need someone to be with her.

Last year, my step father had quintuple bypass surgery which was very difficult, but he recovered nicely. Unfortunately, he is still having serious heart problems, including an arrhythmia and needs to go back in as soon as possible to hopefully fix the problems that he is experiencing.

I don’t know for a fact how dangerous this surgery is but I know that he has had health issues for quite some time and my mom believes that it is a very serious health concern.

Anyways, there is very limited Internet at the hospital and I’m sure we’ll be pretty busy with everything.

Hope everyone has a great week 🙂