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Casey Anthony: Complaint Filed Against Jose Baez

August 19, 2011

Florida’s bar association will investigate a complaint filed against Jose Baez, incurred while he was defending Casey Anthony.

From CNN:

Zannah Lyle, a spokeswoman for the Florida Bar, said the complaint against Baez concerns his handling of when his client — who was acquitted of murder involving the death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee — would serve probation for her past convictions on check-fraud charges.

Baez said, in response, “I am looking forward to the Bar completing its investigation, so that it can be dismissed just like the 20 previous complaints. It is part of the job whenever you fight an unpopular case.”

It was not clear Thursday how the complaint originated or who filed it.


Casey Anthony: Jose Baez Currently Under Investigation

February 3, 2011

The Florida Bar has confirmed that a new complaint has been filed against Casey Anthony’s defense attorney Jose Baez.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

“There’s a file open, and anything else is confidential at this time,” said Karen Kirksey, a Florida Bar spokeswoman, adding that the complaint is “at staff” level at this point.

“That means the Bar is looking into it, asking questions, just looking to see if it has any merit,” Kirksey said. “No probable cause has been found.”

Baez hung up the phone as soon as a reporter called to ask about the complaint Wednesday.

Casey Anthony: Jose Baez Cleared of Ethics Charges

September 9, 2009

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the Florida Bar has cleared attorney Jose Baez of an ethical complaint, accusing him getting paid in the case of accused murderer Casey Anthony.

From the article:

In a Sept. 9th letter from the Bar’s grievance committee, the chairman David Golden said the committee “has determined that there is insufficient evidence to establish that Mr. Baez violated” Florida Bar rules and that the case is closed.

The committee began to look into the matter after a self-described freelance journalist and author Shannon Stoy filed a complaint in February. She is president of Blink Development Group, LLC, in Pennington, N.J.

In a six-page complaint, Stoy reported that she believed there was evidence “that could indicate possible violations” of Bar regulations by Baez.

Specifically, she charged that Baez may have entered into an agreement to reap money for representing Casey Anthony by publicizing the young Orlando woman’s story.

Casey Anthony: Attorney Can Practice Law in Florida

April 17, 2009

Judge Stan Strickland will allow a California attorney, Todd Macaluso,  to practice law in Florida once he pays filing fees with the Florida Bar.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Todd Macaluso joined the Casey Anthony team last month. He told reporters on March 2 that he excels at cross-examining technical experts.

“This is my world. I deal with the best experts in the world and I deal with the best attorneys in the world,” he said after a court hearing last month.”And on a case such as this where I believe that she is innocent, I’m going to fight as hard as I can to prove that in a court of law.”

In January, Macaluso was accused of unprofessional conduct in California.

Casey Anthony: Macaluso Files Paperwork to Practice Law in Florida

March 13, 2009

The latest attorney to join Casey Anthony‘s defense team, Todd Macaluso, has filed paperwork in court so he can practice law in Florida.

Good thinking! 🙂

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Todd E. Macaluso is from San Diego and is a member of the California Bar. He is not a member of the Florida Bar, which is required when practicing law in the state.

He appeared in court earlier this month. He told the media after a hearing that his specialty is cross-examining witnesses, especially expert-witnesses.

The paperwork filed request permission to practice law in this case.

According to the California Bar, a complaint was filed against Macaluso in January. He was accused pf unprofessional conduct because he didn’t have enough money in an account to cover several business expenses totaling more than $170,000 between July 2006 and February 2007.

Macaluso responded in writing last month to the charges. He wrote that the financial mistake was due to his office staff supervising the account. He wasn’t overseeing the account at the time because of the unexpected death of his brother. The mistake was not intentional.