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MySpace Teams with Google for MySpaceID

December 8, 2008

MySpace is teaming up with Internet search leader Google in a campaign that will extend MySpace’s reach and counter the expansion of their rival, Facebook.

From CNET:

As part of the Le Web conference in Paris, News Corp.’s MySpace announced that it has taken a deeper plunge into the data portability pool.

The social network has announced its support for Google Friend Connect, which launched in full last week, and is using the standard to help power a new set of tools called the MySpace Open Platform. In conjunction, MySpace has ditched the distinctly unsexy moniker of “Data Availability” in favor of the new sobriquet “MySpaceID” for its universal log-in project. The Open Platform, in addition to MySpaceID, encompasses its OpenSocial-compatible app platform and the Post To MySpace sharing feature.

Right now, with MySpaceID, members can log in to partner sites with their MySpace usernames and find which of their MySpace friends use those partner sites. In the future, it’ll also synchronize feed activity much like the rival Facebook Connect and allow MySpace members to register for third-party site accounts with their MySpace URLs.

Along with Google Friend Connect, MySpaceID was built with open standards OAuth, OpenSocial, and OpenID. MySpace, as well as Google, is one of the founding partners of the OpenSocial Foundation.

MySpace also announced the first two partners for MySpaceID: European mobile giant Vodafone and personalized home page service Netvibes. It still hasn’t yet rolled out log-in credentials for the original Data Availability launch partners–Twitter, eBay, and Yahoo–but product manager Max Engel says those are still in the works.

Facebook Connect and Google Friend Connect both launched last week, spurring a return to the social-networking turf wars and power struggle for control of the almighty “social graph.”

From the Associated Press:

The alliance, unveiled late Monday in Paris, builds upon MySpace’s seven-month-old effort to make it easier for the 127 million worldwide users of its online hangout to connect with their social circles while they’re at other Internet destinations.

MySpace is trying to pull it off by making its login system, called “MySpaceID,” compatible with any Web site that wants to embrace it.

By working with a similar service offered by Google, MySpace is betting more sites will welcome its audience. Blogs and other small sites with limited technical help probably will find it easier to use Google’s system, known as “Friend Connect,” said Max Engel, who oversees MySpaceID.

The collaboration between News Corp.’s MySpace and Google represents their latest shot across Facebook’s bow. MySpace and Google previously joined forces a year ago to promote a service, called “OpenSocial,” that competes against Facebook’s warehouse of online software programs.

Facebook also is peddling its own universal login service to create more ways for its roughly 130 million worldwide users to share their personal profiles and favorite applications wherever and whenever they want on the Web. The privately held company expanded “Facebook Connect” last week after seven months of testing.

By loosening their grip on the personal information stored on their owns sites, both MySpace and Facebook are vying to shape and steer even more social interaction than they already do.

In the process, they hope to become the command centers of their users’ online activities. By extending their networks on to other sites, Facebook and MySpace also could emerge as more alluring marketing vehicles, particularly as they glean more information about the interests of individual users.


Google, Facebook Fighting to Connect Friends

December 4, 2008

Google and Facebook have announced the availability of competing authentication systems that enable Internet users to sign in to third-party Web sites using either their Facebook or Google Account login details.

From CNET:

Google, likely in reaction to the official rollout of Facebook Connect, has opened up its universal log-in system, Google Friend Connect. Journalists on Thursday received a hurried e-mail saying, “Starting today, any website owner is welcome to add Friend Connect to his or her website — no need to be whitelisted. We’ll be posting on the Official Google Blog soon with additional details.”

As with Facebook Connect, the advantage to users on Friend Connect sites is that they can register using a log-in that they’re comfortable with and probably use every day–their Google or GMail ID and password.

Friend Connect appears somewhat easier and more straightforward to implement than Facebook Connect. Also, Friend Connect is linked to Open Social. “Any website that implements Friend Connect becomes an OpenSocial container, capable of running OpenSocial applications,” the e-mail said.

Friend Connect can also update social services like Orkut and Plaxo, but nothing with the size of Facebook’s network.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Facebook Inc. is taking a big step toward linking its social network with entertainment, media and other Web sites as the Internet company seeks new ways to accelerate its growth.

The Palo Alto, Calif., start-up Thursday announced the general availability of its Facebook Connect service. The previously announced service allows Web sites to let Facebook users log into their sites with Facebook accounts, eliminating the need for users to establish multiple log-ins and profiles for multiple sites. Consumers can then share the personal information they store on Facebook, such as updates about their activities, with other sites for a more personalized experience.

Facebook has been testing the new service for months. It is one of several that is trying to make it easier for people to share personal data across a variety of sites., owned by Wall Street Journal owner News Corp., has launched a similar service, and Google Inc. on Thursday announced the general availability of a service called Friend Connect, which has a similar aim.