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Man Attempts to Sell Kids on Craigslist

April 23, 2010

Police in New York have arrested a man accused of posting his children for sale on Craigslist.

From CNN:

Joshua Stagnitto told police it was a joke, said Investigator Bryan R. Blum of New York State Police in Rochester. Stagnitto turned himself in when he got transportation to come to the police station, Blum said.

Stagnitto, 24, of Brockport, is charged with one count of falsely reporting an incident in the third degree.

Blum told CNN the charge against Stagnitto stems from the fact “that he indicated a baseless allegation of a crime which caused public alarm” and triggered an investigation.

GM to Sell Cars on eBay

August 10, 2009

It appears that more than 225 General Motors dealers in California will sell vehicles through the eBay online auction site in a four-week trial.

From CNN:

Under the program, which begins Tuesday, consumers will be able to bargain with the dealers for Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Pontiac cars and trucks from model years 2008, 2009 and 2010. The program ends Sept. 8.

The new car shopping website,, will feature a “wide selection” of up to 20,000 new GM vehicles at “competitive prices,” the companies said in a press release.

Customers will be able to buy cars outright at the advertised price using the Web site’s “Buy It Now” option. Alternatively, customers can suggest a price under the “Best Offer” option, which may then be negotiated with the dealer.

“Together with eBay Motors, GM and our dealers are reinventing the car-buying experience for our California customers,” said Mark LaNeve, GM vice president of U.S. sales, in a statement.

GM emerged from bankruptcy protection on July 10, concluding a 40-day stay in Chapter 11 with the sale of its key operations to a new company majority-owned by the U.S. Treasury. The company pledged to win back American consumers and taxpayers.

The automaker has sold certain new and certified-used GM models on eBay Motors in the past. But the scale of the new program marks a significant shift for the online auction house, which is traditionally focused on used cars and auto parts.

Twitter Hacked…Again

July 15, 2009

For the third time this year,Twitter was the victim of a security breach stemming from a hacker who guessed the password for an employee’s personal e-mail account and then stole confidential company documents.

From the Associated Press:

The techniques used by the attackers highlight the dangers of a broader trend promoted by Google Inc. and others toward storing more data online, instead of on computers under your control.

The shift toward doing more over the Web โ€” a practice known as “cloud computing” โ€” means that mistakes employees make in their private lives can do serious damage to their employers, because a single e-mail account can tie the two worlds together.

Stealing the password for someone’s Gmail account, for example, not only gives the hacker access to that person’s personal e-mail, but also to any other Google applications they might use for work, like those used to create spreadsheets or presentations.

That’s apparently what happened to Twitter, which shares confidential data within the company through the Google Apps package that incorporates e-mail, word processing, spreadsheet, calendar and other Google services for $50 per user per year.

Co-founder Biz Stone wrote in a blog posting Wednesday that the personal e-mail of an unnamed Twitter administrative employee was hacked about a month ago, and through that the attacker got access to the employee’s Google Apps account.

Separately, the wife of co-founder Evan Williams also had her personal e-mail hacked around the same time, Stone wrote. Through that, the attacker got access to Williams’ personal Amazon and PayPal accounts.

Stone said the attacks are “about Twitter being in enough of a spotlight that folks who work here can become targets.”

Casey Anthony: High School Yearbook Sells for $500

June 4, 2009

A yet to be named buyer has paid $500 for Casey Anthony’s high school yearbook.

Hey, while you’re at it…mine’s for sale. Only $50 ๐Ÿ™‚

Petaluma High School. Class of ’96.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

An unnamed buyer spent $500 on eBay today for a dog-eared copy of a high-school yearbook with pictures of Casey Anthony inside.

The 2003 yearbook from Orlando’s Colonial High School was advertised at about $180 early in the day, but the selling price was $499.99, plus shipping and insurance.

A revised online description of the yearbook refers to Anthony, 23, as an “accused murderer” and “Tot Mom” — the name HLN personality Nancy Grace uses to refer to the east Orange County woman.

Conficker Wakes Up

April 9, 2009

According to Trend Micro, the Conficker worm is finally doing something–updating via peer-to-peer between infected computers and dropping a mystery payload on infected computers.

It seems that the worm is infiltrating computers in a staggered manner instead of all at once as was expected back on April 1.

From CNN:

Researchers were analyzing the code of the software that is being dropped onto infected computers but suspect that it is a keystroke logger or some other program designed to steal sensitive data off the machine, said David Perry, global director of security education at Trend Micro.

The software appeared to be a .sys component hiding behind a rootkit, which is software that is designed to hide the fact that a computer has been compromised, according to Trend Micro. The software is heavily encrypted, which makes code analysis difficult, the researchers said.

The worm also tries to connect to,,, and as a way to test that the computer has Internet connectivity, deletes all traces of itself in the host machine, and is set to shut down on May 3, according to the TrendLabs Malware Blog.

Because infected computers are receiving the new component in a staggered manner rather than all at once there should be no disruption to the Web sites the computers visit, said Paul Ferguson, advanced threats researcher for Trend Micro.

“After May 3, it shuts down and won’t do any replication,” Perry said. However, infected computers could still be remotely controlled to do something else, he added.

Casey Anthony Doll Removed from eBay

February 25, 2009

The “Casey Anthony” doll wrapped in an America flag that was being sold on the auction site eBay was removed yesterday.

I’m not surprised by this, are you? Who comes up with the ideas to sell these items anyways?

Credit: eBay and MyFox Orlando

Credit: eBay and MyFox Orlando

From WESH:

The doll was the latest in a series of items people have tried to sell related to the case. Earlier, a Jacksonville company marketed a Caylee doll and someone was trying to sell on eBay.

Anthony is charged with first-degree murder in connection with the death of her daughter Caylee.

The doll was dressed to resemble an outfit that Casey Anthony wore to a party before her arrest, showing her wrapped in an American flag.

Casey Anthony Voodoo Doll Available on eBay

January 27, 2009

There was outrage over the Caylee Anthony tribute doll so I wonder what the response will be to the new Casey Anthony Voodoo Doll that has appeared on eBay ๐Ÿ™‚


From WESH:

First, a company tried to sell an Inspirational Caylee Doll, and now someone is selling a Casey Anthony voodoo doll on e-Bay.

The doll is one of three available on the online bidding site. Bids for two start at $19.99 and for the third at $29.99.

The โ€œdoll is accompanied by handcuffs, Holy Bible and those famous White Sunglasses,โ€ according to the posting.

The seller is described as a New Orleans artist โ€œengaged in healing and spiritual craftmaking.โ€

Earlier on Monday, the company selling a doll inspired by Caylee Marie said it would stop production.

Showbiz Promotions was planning to sell its Caylee Sunshine doll, which is named for Caylee Anthony, for $29.99.

But on its Web site Tuesday the company’s president backed off the launch plan. Jaime Salcedo said in a statement that the company reversed course after “reviewing the response to our media introduction of the Sunshine Caylee Doll and listening to the advice of the general public.”

Salcedo had previously said the company wants the doll to “be a tribute” to Caylee Anthony, whose body was found by a utility worker in December.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

The same week that a promotions company announced its plans to sell a doll inspired by slain toddler Caylee Marie Anthony, someone is selling three voodoo dolls of the girl’s mother on eBay.

Three Casey Anthony voodoo dolls are for sale on the popular Web site, starting at $19.99.

A description of the priciest doll, with a starting bid of $29.99, is made by a New Orleans artist who is a “studied, practiced and renound (sic) Spiritual Healer; Gemologist and Jeweler. Equally engages in healing and spiritual craftmaking, (sic) and in designing and manufacturing spiritual (sic) and uniquie (sic) jewel crafts (emphasis on Voodoo Dolls and Dreamcatchers).

The $29.99 doll states it is signed by the artist, who is unnamed, and is accompanied by handcuffs, a Bible and white sunglasses.

One of the voodoo dolls, which appears to be made out of money, is called the “New Orleans Casey Anthony Mad Money Voodoo Doll.” The other is called “Sing the Blues.”

The Orlando Sentinel contacted the person selling the voodoo dolls, who said the artist did not want to comment.