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Charlie Sheen Gives Advice About Crack

February 15, 2011

Charlie Sheen advises people to stay away from crack cocaine “unless you can manage it socially.” Interesting advice as obviously, Charlie, you can’t handle it socially now, can you 🙂

Seriously…would you take advice about drug and alcohol use from Charlie Sheen? OK…maybe the best ones to take for a good time…but I digress.

From CNN:

The actor spoke glibly to the syndicated “The Dan Patrick Show” Monday morning on a variety of subjects, from drug and alcohol use to baseball.

“I healed really quickly, but I also unravel really quickly, so get me right now guys,” Sheen said. “Get me right now.”

During the interview, the actor said “it’s hard to say” how long he’s been clean, saying he doesn’t use the term “‘sober’ anymore, I’m not in AA, I don’t believe in it.”

Dr. Drew Pinsky, a California-based addiction specialist, told HLN’s Jane Velez-Mitchell that Sheen’s rationalization of his substance abuse issues are an example of what he called “stinking thinking.”

Antibiotics Help Childrens’ Ear Infections

January 13, 2011

This may sound like a given, but studies have found that giving young children antibiotics when doctors are certain they have ear infections will help speed up their recovery.

From CNN:

However, antibiotics do come with significant side effects including diarrhea, rashes, yeast infections and vomiting. Overuse of drugs also contributes to antibiotic resistance, so careful selection of who should take antibiotics is necessary according to 2 studies published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine.

According to one of the studies, ear infection, or acute otitis media, is the most frequently diagnosed illness in children in the United States, and most children with these ear infections are routinely given antibiotics.

But just 2 months ago, a new study confirmed practice guidelines from 2004, which recommend that children older than 2 with a confirmed diagnosis of an acute ear infection do not need to be given antibiotics because the drugs do not significantly speed up recovery.

Lindsay Lohan Heading Back to Jail

September 24, 2010

After failing a court-mandated drug test, actress Lindsay Lohan has been sent to jail, without bail, until October 22. On that date, there will be a probation violation hearing.

I didn’t get to see any video, but I heard that she was taken from the courtroom in handcuffs.

From E! Online:

The judge laid down the law and ordered the trouble-magnet star hauled away in handcuffs  for using cocaine while on probation—a screw-up that led to last week’s failed drug test and subsequent Twitter mea culpa.

Her probation was revoked, no bail was set and she will likely remain behind bars at her old haunt—the Century Regional Correctional Facility in Lynwood, Calif.—until her next hearing on Oct. 22.

“It is a wake-up call,” father Michael Lohan told E! News at the Beverly Hills courthouse this morning. “She needs to get into rehab and get away from some of those people.”

Lindsay Lohan Gets 90 Day in Jail

July 6, 2010

Judge Marsha Revel has found Lindsay Lohan in violation of probation and from early reports, it looks like the actress will be  serving 90 days in prison.

From the Los Angeles Times:

Judge Marsha N. Revel stated several instances over the last few years in which the actress lied about taking drugs and drinking.

“It’s like someone who cheats but doesn’t think it’s cheating if they don’t get caught,” Revel said.

Before sentencing, a tearful Lohan addressed the court, saying “as far as I knew I was in compliance with my programs.”

“I wasn’t trying to get special treatment,” the actress said. “I have to provide for myself. I have to work. Having said that, I did everything to balance my jobs and showing up. I’m not taking this as a joke. It’s my life. It’s my career…I take responsibility for my actions. I’ve tried to do the best I can. It’s been such a long haul, I don’t want you to think that I don’t respect you.”

Prosecutors had argued that the star of “Mean Girls,” “Freaky Friday” and “Herbie Fully Loaded” failed to comply with the weekly attendance directive for her alcohol education classes. An operator of the class testified that Lohan had nine absences.

Ten Young People Shot Dead in Mexico

March 30, 2010

Ten children, youths and young adults between the ages of 8 and 21 were gunned down, presumably by drug traffickers, in the northern Mexican state of Durango.

At this time, no arrests have been made.  

From CNN:

Attorney General Daniel Garcia Leal said that unknown gunmen who had set up a fake checkpoint on the road shot and even threw grenades at the victims, the state-run Notimex news agency reported.

The victims were in a pickup truck, returning to their homes after having traveled to pick up money to support their school as part of a government social program, Garcia Leal said.

The gunmen motioned the truck to stop but the victims, out of fear of being robbed or assaulted, did not comply, the attorney general said.

Michael Douglas’ Son Arrested

August 4, 2009

The son of Michael Douglas as been arrested in New York for getting in the middle of a deal to sell crystal meth.

From Fox News:

The 30-year-old sometime-actor/sometime-DJ was busted on July 28 at the Gansevoort Hotel in the Meatpacking District by a DEA task force, the sources said.

He had been staying at the hotel for some time in a room rented by his father, and when authorities barged in, they found the place a mess and Cameron Douglas “very strung out,” according to the sources.

An informant had told the investigators that Douglas — grandson of Kirk Douglas — was the middleman in a deal to move a half-pound of crystal meth from California to New York to sell.