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Did Lynne Spears Send Bristol Palin a Baby Gift?

September 5, 2008

That’s the rumor going around right now. Supposedly, Lynne Spears sent Bristol Palin a baby gift on behalf of her daughter, Jamie Lynn Spears. Lynne Spears is denying this rumor. Hey, maybe it was Britney!

From Fox News:

“I just got off the phone with Lynne. I can tell you that she hasn’t sent her any gifts, but that she does support Sarah and, of course, can empathize with their situation,” Curt Handling, Spears’ publicist at the Thomas Nelson publishing company, tells E! News.

On Wednesday, a source close to the Beverly Hills baby store Petit Tresor told that Lynne Spears, Jamie Lynn’s mother, called about the gift, and requested that the gift come from her daughter.

“It was ordered by phone, and they asked what could be done for under $100. They spent $60 on pink burp cloths,” the source said.

A store rep told ABC News that Spears included a card with the package: “Dear Bristol, Hang in there! XXOO, Jamie Lynn Spears.”

Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney Spears’ younger sister and the former star of the TV show “Zoey 101,” gave birth to her daughter, Maddie Briann, in June. She’s engaged to Casey Aldridge, a pipe-layer from Liberty, Miss., but the couple has been dogged by rumors of his infidelity.

This would make for an interesting development, especially in the tabloids. Sarah Palin announced on Monday that her unmarried daughter is five-months pregnant. Bristol Palin is engaged to marry the 18-year-old father of her child, Levi Johnston.


John McCain Opposed Money For Teen Pregnancy Programs

September 2, 2008

Senator John McCain, whose running mate, Sarah Palin, disclosed this weekend that her unmarried 17-year-old daughter is pregnant, has opposed proposals to spend federal money on teen-pregnancy prevention programs. He has also voted to require poor teen mothers to stay in school or lose their benefits.

From the Associated Press:

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s announcement Monday about her daughter Bristol was aimed at rebutting Internet rumors that Palin’s youngest son, born in April, was actually her daughter’s. Palin said her daughter intends to raise her child and marry the baby’s father, identified in news reports as Levi Johnston, 18, of Wasilla, a high school hockey player whom Bristol has dated for about one year. The baby is due in late December.

McCain’s record on issues surrounding teen pregnancy and contraceptives during his more than two decades in the Senate indicates that he and Palin have similar views. Until Monday, when the subject surfaced in a deeply personal manner, teen pregnancy and sex education were not issues in the national political campaign.

Palin herself said she opposes funding sexual-education programs in Alaska.

“The explicit sex-ed programs will not find my support,” she wrote in a 2006 questionnaire distributed among gubernatorial candidates.

McCain’s position on contraceptives and teen pregnancy issues has been difficult to judge on the campaign trail, as he appears uncomfortable discussing such topics. Reporters asked the presumptive GOP presidential nominee in November 2007 whether he supported grants for sex education in the United States, whether such programs should include directions for using contraceptives and whether he supports President Bush’s policy of promoting abstinence.

“Ahhh, I think I support the president’s policy,” McCain said.