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Joe Satriani Files Plagiarism Lawsuit Against Coldplay

December 5, 2008

Joe Satriani has filed a lawsuit against Coldplay, accusing theĀ  band of plagiarising one of his songs on their latest album.

From AFP:

Joe Satriani, known for his instrumental compositions, alleges Coldplay’s song “Viva la Vida” had “copied and incorporated substantial original portions” from his own track “If I Could Fly” recorded on an album released in 2004.

Satriani’s lawsuit demands damages and “any and all profits” related to the alleged copyright infringement.

A representative for the band was not immediately available for comment.

Coldplay’s latest album “Viva la vida,” released in June, has topped the charts in Europe and the United States. The recording helped Coldplay win seven nominations for the 2009 Grammy Awards.