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Dick Cheney Hospitalized

February 22, 2010

Former Vice President Dick Cheney has been hospitalized with chest pains, this according to CNN.

First Bill Clinton, now Cheney. Not a good time to be a politician with a bad heart!

From CNN:

His doctors are evaluating the situation, and Cheney, 69, is resting comfortably at George Washington University Hospital, the staff said in a statement.

From WPTV:

Cheney was admitted Monday afternoon after experiencing chest paints. Two doctors say tonight that Cheney is stable, but may have additional treatment tomorrow. Cheney had an angiogram to allow doctors to look in his coronary arteries. What they saw raises the possibility of additional treatment.

Dick Cheney has had four heart attacks–the first when he was just 37.

Dick Cheney Linked to Concealment of Terror Program

July 11, 2009

According to reports today, the CIA withheld information about a secret counter terrorism program from Congress for eight years on direct orders from former Vice President Dick Cheney.

From the New York Times:

The report that Mr. Cheney was behind the decision to conceal the still-unidentified program from Congress deepened the mystery surrounding it, suggesting that the Bush administration had put a high priority on the program and its secrecy.

Mr. Panetta, who ended the program when he first learned of its existence from subordinates on June 23, briefed the two intelligence committees about it in separate closed sessions the next day.

Efforts to reach Mr. Cheney through relatives and associates were unsuccessful.

The question of how completely the C.I.A. informed Congress about sensitive programs has been hotly disputed by Democrats and Republicans since May, when Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused the agency of failing to reveal in 2002 that it was waterboarding a terrorism suspect, a claim Mr. Panetta rejected.

The law requires the president to make sure the intelligence committees “are kept fully and currently informed of the intelligence activities of the United States, including any significant anticipated intelligence activity.” But the language of the statute, the amended National Security Act of 1947, leaves some leeway for judgment, saying such briefings should be done “to the extent consistent with due regard for the protection from unauthorized disclosure of classified information relating to sensitive intelligence sources and methods or other exceptionally sensitive matters.”

Dick Cheney Hospitalized With Irregular Heartbeat

October 16, 2008

Vice President Dick Cheney went to the hospital earlier today after experiencing an irregular heartbeat and according to his office, was scheduled to have an outpatient procedure to restore his normal heart rhythm.

From the New York Times:

“During a visit with his doctors this morning, it was discovered that the vice president is experiencing a recurrence of atrial fibrillation, an abnormal rhythm involving the upper chambers of his heart,” Mr. Cheney’s office said in a statement released around 10:30 a.m. Eastern time. “Later this afternoon, the Vice President will visit George Washington University Hospital for an outpatient procedure to restore his normal rhythm.”

Mr. Cheney, 67, has a history of heart trouble. The last time he experienced an irregular heartbeat, on Nov. 26, 2007, the doctors at George Washington hospital administered an electrical shock and restored a normal rhythm, enabling the vice president to return home and resume his normal schedule immediately.

President Bush said he spoke to the vice president before Mr. Cheney went to the hospital. “He was confident, his doctors are confident, and therefore I’m confident,” the president said in Ada, Mich., where he spoke to a business group.

From CNN:

Doctors discovered Wednesday that Cheney was “experiencing a recurrence of atrial fibrillation, an abnormal rhythm involving the upper chambers of the heart,” Megan Mitchell said.

He will undergo an outpatient procedure to restore his normal rhythm, she said.

Cheney canceled a Wednesday campaign event in Illinois for Marty Ozinga, a Republican nominee for a U.S. congressional seat.

The 67-year-old vice president has a history of heart ailments, including four heart attacks dating to 1978. He was briefly hospitalized in January 2006 after suffering shortness of breath.

Cheney also experienced an abnormal rhythm in the upper chambers of his heart November 26. His normal heart rhythm was restored through a procedure called cardioversion, which uses an electrical impulse.

Should We Be Afraid of “That One”…

October 8, 2008

So it appears that the Obama campaign is not too happy with John McCain’s reference to him last night as “that one”. I missed that part of the debate but have seen it over and over again on the news this morning. I’ve included video of this portion of the debate below.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Obama spokesman Bill Burton sent a one-line message to reporters after McCain made the comment that said, “Did John McCain just refer to Obama as ‘that one’?” And again at the conclusion of the debate, the Obama campaign emailed reporters, “Did John McCain refer to Obama as ‘that one’?”

McCain made the remark tonight when discussing a 2005 Senate vote on an energy bill. “There was an energy bill on the floor of the Senate loaded down with goodies, billions for the oil companies, and it was sponsored by Bush and Cheney You know who voted for it? You might never know. That one,” he said, pointing to Obama. “You know who voted against it? Me.”

Obama campaign manager David Plouffe also referenced the remark in his post-debate statement. “John McCain was all over the map on the issues, and he is so angry about the state of his campaign that he referred to Barack Obama as ‘that one’ – last time he couldn’t look at Senator Obama, this time he couldn’t say his name,” Plouffe said, referencing the first presidential debate at the University of Mississippi.

UPDATE: Asked about the remark, McCain campaign adviser Charlie Black said he didn’t believe McCain meant any disrespect and that Obama’s campaign was spinning the remark. “I’d have to go back and look at it. It appears to me that the Obama campaign decided before the debate that they would come in the spin room and instead of debating the issues they would say ‘John McCain is erratic,’” Black told reporters, “The American people think a lot of things about John McCain, but they don’t think he’s erratic. They [the Obama campaign] don’t have any substance in this debate, so let ‘em say it.”


Per NBC/NJ’s Mike Memoli, Biden said this morning that he didn’t think McCain meant to diminish Obama last night when he referred to him as “that one,” chalking it up instead to his discomfort in being the aggressor. “When John knows that he’s on the attack and he’s not feeling good about it, John never looks you straight in the eye,” Biden told TODAY’s Ann Curry. “If you notice, John didn’t make a whole lot of eye contact last night because I think John when he’s on the attack mode and making the other guy a bad guy, it’s just not his style.”

From the Huffington Post:

When McCain uses dehumanizing phrases like “that one” to refer to Barack Obama, he is implementing long-standing military techniques for dehumanizing one’s opponent during wartime.

According to military wisdom, dehumanization is a necessary technique during wartime because it enables human beings to kill other human beings without hesitation in combat situations.

Think about that.

Now, think about that in the context of an election in a country where racism is still prevalent and McCain’s opponent is the first black Presidential nominee in our nation’s history.

When McCain refuses to look at Barack Obama and refuses to use his name, he is employing modified versions of this same technique – and versions that could be said to fall on the acceptable side of the line of strategic judgment. But when McCain tolerates expressions of “Kill him!” targeted at Barack Obama during pro-McCain political rallies, he steps over the line – very, very far over the line.