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Casey Anthony: New Boyfriend?

January 13, 2012

According to a few reports, Casey Anthony is secretly dating a new man and has even been attending church.

I’m sure we’ll learn more in the yet to be release “additional video diary’s”.

From Radar Online:

“She isn’t in hiding…she is out in public all the time…she attends church throughout the week to [sic],” a man who claims to have a “friend that is friends with her” posted on Facebook.

“She is doing good…she is dating someone and does work for his company.”


Casey Anthony: New Theory for Daughter’s Death

January 11, 2012

According to reports, Casey Anthony told two doctors that she suspects her father, George Anthony, took her daughter, Caylee, from her bed, sex with her and then drowned her to cover it up.

From ABC News:

“She said, ‘I think he held her underwater, maybe he was doing something to her and he tried to cover it up,'” Dr. Jeffery Danziger recalled Anthony saying in his deposition that was released today.

Anthony told Danziger that she called her mother Cindy Anthony four times, but could not reach her. It was not until several hours later that her mother called back and, at that point, a shocked Anthony “froze.”

“I hoped he’d step up to be my dad and take responsibility,” she told Danziger.

Danziger said Anthony implied that her father’s eventual suicide attempt was, “his way out of the grief or guilt and I’m left to take the wrap [sic].”

Casey Anthony: Rape Led to Birth of Daughter Caylee

January 11, 2012

It appears that Casey Anthony told a psychiatrist that she became pregnant with Caylee after passing out at a party when she was 18 years old. This according to depositions released today.

From the Los Angeles Times:

Casey Anthony told a psychiatrist she believes her daughter Caylee was the product of a date rape — an attack that must have occurred in the fall of 2004 after someone “spiked” her drink and she “blacked out” at a party, according to court records unsealed Wednesday.

The revelations about Caylee’s parentage are contained in hundreds of pages of documents made public Wednesday at the request of the Orlando Sentinel. The depositions were given by two doctors who conducted psychological evaluations of Anthony before her trial.

Casey Anthony to Fire Jose Baez

January 11, 2012

Reports are surfacing today that Casey Anthony is planning to fire her lead attorney Jose Baez.

The New York Post is reporting that Anthony is angry over the fallout of her case, and thinks Jose Baez hasn’t done enough to secure a sit-down interview with a TV network on her behalf. This is the main reason that she wants to get rid of him.

From The New York Post

Sources tell us Anthony is furious that Baez has been basking in the limelight and rubbing shoulders with top TV talent, but hasn’t nailed down a big interview deal for her.

Anthony’s original attorney, Cheney Mason, will take over as her representative to the media, and sources say an announcement is imminent.

“Casey doesn’t want to be reading that Jose’s working on all of these deals on her behalf,” a source said, adding that Anthony avidly pores over online reports about herself and her camera-hogging lawyer. “She thinks he’s using her name as a meal ticket,” the source said.

Casey Anthony: First Video Diary

January 5, 2012

Casey Anthony’s “first video diary,” which was apparently recorded back in October, appeared on YouTube this week. But, her lawyer says she did not put it there.

George and Cindy Anthony said earlier today that they’re concerned that the video diary is circulating online because it could put her in danger.


“It’s just a little surreal how much things have changed since July and how many things haven’t changed,” Anthony says in the 4 ½ minute video, which aired on TODAY Thursday morning.

NBC News confirmed that it is Anthony on camera. But one of her defense attorneys, J. Cheney Mason, while confirming she is the subject of the video, told the Orlando Sentinel newspaper Thursday that the video was ”unauthorized” and “inappropriate” and that his office is investigating how the video got before the eyes of the general public.

Casey Anthony: Cheney Mason Gives Crowd “The Bird”

July 7, 2011

It appears that attorney Cheney Mason got a little crazy while celebrating Casey Anthony’s not guilty verdict.

Thanks to TMZ for the picture below.

From TMZ:

An official COMPLAINT has been filed against Mason with the Florida Bar Association because of the finger  … in which Cheney is accused of violating a code of conduct which requires lawyers to maintain “integrity of the profession.”

Casey Anthony: Prosecutor Wants Baez Held in Contempt

February 24, 2011

See what happens when I go on vacation. I miss all the good stuff!

From WFTV:

In a motion filed Monday (read it), prosecutors are demanding Casey Anthony’s lead attorney, Jose Baez, be held in contempt of court because he keeps missing deadlines.

Baez says he’s confused and says his co-counsel, Cheney Mason, is just as confused if not more. But WFTV’s Kathi Belich was in the courtroom when the judge made it clear to them that they were to specify in detail what evidence they will object to as being novel and untested in court.

It’s the second time prosecutors have asked Chief Judge Belvin Perry to find Casey’s lead attorney in contempt of court for violating court orders.