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Caylee Anthony Tribute

February 1, 2009

I was sent this video today which I have seen previously but is a very nice tribute to Caylee Anthony.

I thought that I’d share it with those who may not have seen it already.

Casey Anthony: Judge Strickland Rules on Motions

January 30, 2009

Orange County Circuit Judge Stan Strickland ruled on several motions filed by Casey Anthony’s defense team during a motion hearing Friday morning.

In one of his rulings, Judge Strickland said that Anthony’s defense team, led by lawyer Jose Baez, can have access to the wooded area where Caylee’s remains were discovered in December.

From MyFox Orlando:

Judge Strickland granted the defense’s motion to access the crime scene where the remains of Anthony’s daughter, Caylee, were found. He said he will rule on the defense’s request to obtain the records of Equusearch volunteers who helped in the search at a later date.

In the issue of a change of venue motion, Judge Strickland said he will set a hearing date when the proper paperwork is filed. Defense attorney Jose Baez requested for that hearing to be held in March, but prosecutors said that the date is premature.

It was also determined that if the trial is not set for the end of the year, a change of venue motion may not be necessary.

Strickland said that it is premature for him to make a decision about change of venue, but Baez disagreed, saying that he would like to know if the case is moving and to what area.

The Anthony’s family attorney, Brad Conway, also addressed the judge Friday and said the family has allowed him permission to waive conflict with Mark Nejame, the man who is know representing Texas Equusearch. Conway said this would allow the Equusearch motion to move forward and the Anthony’s want the prosecution to speed up the case.

In addition, the prosecution said the state’s motion to strike the defense’s witness list was moot.

Casey Anthony Trial May Be Delayed

January 30, 2009

It appears that the expected beginning of Casey Anthony’s trial, set for March, will be pushed back as no decision was made today to set a date.

You ever notice that ALL high profile cases seem to be delayed in one way or another?

From Fox News:

Circuit Court Judge Stan Strickland said he would rule on the trial date later and granted a request by Anthony’s defense team to inspect the crime scene where the remains of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee were found.

Caylee’s death was declared a homicide after her bones were discovered in December in a wooded area close to the family’s home. Anthony, 22, is charged with killing the child.

Strickland set another trial status hearing for late February or early March to weigh when the criminal proceedings can begin. Attorneys said they may not be ready to go to trial until later this year.

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He also said he would consider a change of venue motion after the paperwork is filed and a hearing is set. A change of venue might not be necessary if the trial doesn’t begin by the end of the year, Strickland said.

Anthony has been ordered to appear at all hearings before her trial, despite efforts by her lead attorney Jose Baez to waive her obligation to come to court because of the “media circus” surrounding the case. Strickland on Thursday struck down Baez’s latest attempt to stop Anthony’s court appearances.

The Man Behind The New Caylee Anthony Doll

January 26, 2009

An interesting post from Blogger News Network on the man behind the new Caylee Anthony doll, Jaime Salcedo.

I CAN NOT believe that this company, and this man, is even attempting to sell this doll. I’ve seen that he also sold Michael Vick dog chew toys. Unbelievable!

From the post:

It seems that there are almost no lows that individuals and companies will not go to to sell a product. Jaime Salcedo is living proof. Research reveals a pretty interesting past for Mr. Salcedo, everyone has an entrepreneurial streak it is just that some endeavors are not as productive as others.

A brief look into Mr Salcedo paints an interesting picture, how about a Michael Vick Doll? A chewy dog treat, what could be in worse taste? Vic was clearly in the wrong, but to try and profit from it makes me want to vomit.

Even if you ignore Salcedo’s past transgressions, you have to seriously be concerned by this ‘business man’. It did not take much digging to reveal this quote:

I ordered 2 Vick Dog Chew Toys on Aug. 6th. I sent payment through PayPal. Like everyone else, I have not received my merchandise.

I can think of nothing lower than trying to profit from someone elses nightmare. His latest idea is the talking Caylee Anthony doll. An item that I cannot think will catch on.

A little bit of further digging showed that Mr. Salcedo is hardly unknown to the authorities, as the Attorney General of Florida will attest.

My normal practice is to quote my sources, and link to articles and sources. I just cannot bring myself to do that. I know trash when I see it, and Salcedo is the dictionary definition of the word trash.

Caylee Anthony: Grandfather “Wanted To Be With Caylee”

January 23, 2009

According to various news reports, George Anthony texted family members saying that he “did not want to live anymore and that he wanted to be with Caylee”.

No matter how you feel about this case and the people involved, you must feel for George Anthony who is struggling with the death of his granddaughter and his daughter, Casey, in jail, accused of the murder.

Thoughts on today’s developments?

From CNN:

The distraught grandfather of slain Florida toddler Caylee Anthony sent his family and friends text messages saying he “did not want to live anymore and that he wanted to be with Caylee,” according to a police report.

George Anthony, 57, then disappeared for several hours, and his family’s worried attorney called police.

“You can see that George has been pushed to the brink of what could have been another tragedy in this case,” said the attorney, Brad Conway. “This has been nothing less than hell” for the couple, he added.

He asked reporters to respect “the pain and the anguish” the Anthonys have gone through and “give them a little bit of space.” He pointed out that they have not yet been able to bury Caylee, whose remains were found in December.

Casey Anthony: Documents Show Casey Joked About Drugging Caylee

January 22, 2009

A section of the newly released documents in the Casey Anthony case have shown that Casey once joked about drugging her daughter, Caylee, in her sleep.

From Fox News:

The documents, which were made public on Wednesday, include reports on police interviews with a former boyfriend of the girl’s mother, Casey Anthony, 22, who is charged with killing the toddler.

The former boyfriend, Ricardo Morales, told investigators that Anthony had joked about administering baby medicine to put Caylee asleep, though he also said it appeared that Casey had a normal relationship with her daughter, according to’s report on its review of the new documents.

Detectives also questioned Morales about chloroform, traces of which were found in the trunk of Anthony’s car during forensic testing, reports.

The state attorney’s office reports also contained text messages from several of Anthony’s friends indicating surprise that she had never mentioned that her daughter was missing for a month before authorities were contacted.

“Y wouldn’t u tell me of all people?” former boyfriend Anthony Lazzaro wrote, according to the reports. “Why would you lie to me thinking she was fine and with your nanny?”

Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez, declined to comment on the documents, reports.

Caylee Anthony was 2 years old when she disappeared in June, but she wasn’t reported missing until a month later, by Casey Anthony’s parents. The girl’s body was found in December in a wooded area by the family’s Orlando home by a utility worker.

The documents released Wednesday indicate that the girl was placed in a laundry hamper bag and had silver duct tape around her mouth. The documents – more than 300 pages — include reports from police and crime scene investigators, FBI crime lab reports and transcripts of 911 calls placed by the meter reader who found the girl’s remains.

From WPEC:

Investigators are mulling over text messages sent from a one-time boyfriend of Casey Anthony.

Tony Lazaro texts were sent the morning after Casey’s mother called 911 to report Caylee missing.

That was a month after she was last seen.

The texts say:

“Why wouldn’t you tell me of all people? I was your boyfriend that cares about you and your daughter.”

“Doesn’t make sense to me. Why would you lie to me thinking she was fine and with your nanny?”

Police say Lazaro was one of the people expressing surprise that Casey Anthony never mentioned her daughter was missing.

Casey Anthony: New Motion Hearing Set

January 22, 2009

A hearing to consider three new motions in the Casey Anthony case was set this afternoon. The court will hear two motions filed by defense attorney Jose Baez and one by the State attorney’s office next Friday, January 30.

From MyFox Orlando:

One motion ask the court to give Baez and his defense team access to the scene where the remains two year old Caylee Anthony were found.

According to Baez, the site which is private property now has a ‘No Trespassing’ sign on it and Baez said the owner of the property has not returned his phone calls. The other motion will compel prosecutors to turn over more documents related to the case, specifically those from Equusearch, the Texas based volunteer group that searched for the remains.

The motion filed by the state concerns issues with the defense witness list.

At next Friday’s hearing the trial date could be discussed.