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Casey Anthony: Reimbursement For Experts’ Travel?

December 2, 2010

Jose Baez has requested that his “experts” be reimbursed for their prior travel expenses.

From WESH:

In a new motion, Baez asks to be paid back for the travel costs of five experts who came to Orlando in July to review evidence in the case.

Baez argues that Judge Belvin Perry agreed in October to pay such costs within strict state guidelines for travel expended.


Casey Anthony: Jail Video Questioned by Defense Team

December 2, 2009

Attorneys for accused murderer Casey Anthony plan to argue several motions next week, including a motion that is aimed at prohibiting the Orange County Jail from recording her visits with her defense team.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Jail officials said video recordings at the jail, which are routine according to corrections policies, are for the protection of the inmates and their attorneys, according to Allen Moore, a jail spokesman.

The attorney visits between Casey Anthony and her attorney, José Baez, are usually held in a classroom that is always digitally videotaped without any audio tracks, Moore said.

“Our recording system in that part of the jail does not have the ability to record audio,” Moore added.

Anthony’s team also wants the destruction of most existing video of their meetings.

Circuit Court Judge Stan Strickland has scheduled a hearing on those motions at 9:30 a.m. Dec.11.

Woman Claims She Saw Caylee Anthony on Plane

December 2, 2008

As with all rumors, please take this one as is, a rumor. Frankly, I do not believe this and am pretty sure that the woman has received what she was hoping for, her 5 minutes of fame.

FOX 35 in Orlando has an exclusive interview with a woman, Wanda Weary, who claims she saw Caylee Anthony board a plane to Atlanta on July 2nd.

In the interview, Weary says she spoke to Caylee and that Caylee said her full name and the woman that was with her confirmed that she was Caylee Marie Anthony.

The sheriff’s department says that this tip is unfounded and they are not pursuing. I can understand why they are not pursuing this tip because it just does not seem credible. But I’m not an investigator, so what do I know ūüôā

For more information about this new claim, as well as other thoughts about the case, please check out the blog Thinking Outside the Circle . Lots of good stuff there!

Expert Believes Casey Anthony’s Trial Will Be Delayed

December 2, 2008

A member of Casey Anthony’s defense team believes her January trial will be delayed.¬† Dr. Lawrence Koblinsky made the prediction last night on the Nancy Grace Show.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the trial is delayed. Most high profile trials are so we should expect this to be no exception.

From ABC Action News:

Dr. Koblinsky, is a forensic scientist whose main area of expertise is DNA evidence.  He was recruited as an expert witness several months ago by Anthony attorney Jose Baez.

The murder trial is set to begin January 5th.  But Dr. Koblinsky says it may take at least an extra month for defense lawyers to prepare for trial.

In an earlier interview on the Nancy Grace Show,¬†Dr. Koblinsky¬†talked about why he joined¬†the Casey Anthony defense team.¬† “To Mr. Baez I think he, as a good defense attorney, is entitled to know what the science says. I don’t make things black white, white black.¬†¬†But I have to give him the best that science can offer,” he said.

Casey Anthony is accused of murdering her daughter, Caylee Anthony.  The toddler went missing in June, but her grandmother, Cindy Anthony, did not report the disappeance until a month later.

Investigators say chemical and DNA evidence found in Casey’s car proves Caylee is dead.