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Sources Say that Child’s Remains Believed to be Caylee Anthony Were Previously Underwater

December 11, 2008

We’ll have to wait and see exactly what this means.

From the Associated Press:

A Florida sheriff says the child’s skull found near the Orlando home of a missing 3-year-old girl was “totally underwater” during previous searches for the toddler.

Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary said Thursday investigators could not immediately say whether the remains belong to Caylee Anthony.

Beary says officials searched the surrounding neighborhood several times since she went missing in June. A utility worker found the remains Thursday morning.

Beary says FBI and forensic investigators will work through the weekend to identify the remains in what they consider a top-priority case.

Caylee’s mother, 22-year-old Casey Anthony, has been charged with first-degree murder in connection with her daughter’s death.


Remains Appear to be Caylee Anthony

December 11, 2008

Once again, this is just a rumor but EquuSearch’s Tim Miller has stated that the sheriff’s office investigator thinks the remains belong to missing toddler Caylee Marie Anthony.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Tim Miller, the founder and director of EquuSearch, said the remains “appear to be Caylee, but with any case, we have to wait until a positive ID is made.”

Orange County deputies confirmed the discovery of a young child’s remains near Casey Anthony’s home this morning in the area of S. Chickasaw Trail and Suburban Drive. Spokesman Jim Solomons said the remains were found in a bag by a utility worker.

The location of the discovery is less than 1/4 mile from the Anthonys’ home on Hopespring Drive.

Todd Black, the spokesman for Casey Anthony’s defense attorney, said the worker picked up the bag and a skull rolled out of it. Residents said duct tape was found around the skull, but those reports have not been confirmed.

Captain Angelo Nieves of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said investigators “right now cannot confirm the sex of the child.” Nieves said lead investigator John Allen called George and Cindy Anthony about the discovery. The Orange County Jail was also notified.

Nieves said forensic detectives are inspecting the remains. FBI detectives are also at the scene.

From The Criminal Report Daily:

Tim Miller, founder and director of Texas EquuSearch, said that he is in agreement with sources close to the investigation who feel that remains found near the home of Casey Anthony are that of her missing two-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony.

“My prayers go out to the family of the deceased child,” Miller told Investigation Discovery. “I hope they can now come to peace and begin to put back together the pieces of their shattered lives.”

Casey Anthony’s parents, George and Cindy Anthony, are currently on their way to Orlando, from California, where they made an appearance on Larry King Live last night. It is unknown if they are aware of these most recent developments.

Earlier today, Investigation Discovery received a call from a source close to the investigation in the case who said that investigators believe the remains found today by a meter reader, at the intersection of Suburban Drive and Chickasaw, are Caylee Anthony; however DNA tests will be needed to make a positive identification.

The source claims the remains were found in a plastic bag with duct tape.

According to a spokesperson for Texas EquuSearch, the area where the remains were found could not be searched during the first search effort because the area was under water. During the second search effort the area was fenced off.

Casey Anthony’s Parents Appear on Larry King

December 11, 2008

UPDATE: This post is from December 12. For an update on Friday’s show, please follow this link.

Appearing on CNN’s Larry King Live last night, George and Cindy Anthony said that they are following new leads everyday. From what I saw, the hard questions were not really asked and I had hoped for more (but should have known that it would have gone this way).

From ABC Action News:

Cindy told King she got a tip that Caylee was spotted at a Tennessee grocery store at 4 o’clock Wednesday afternoon.

Cindy also took a call from a viewer. He wanted to know why Cindy recently changed her mind about the smell in the back of her daughter’s car from that of a dead body to a rotting pizza. Cindy replied, “I changed my mind on that (pause) I never changed my mind on that. What I stated was the car smelled. OK. I was told by my husband and also by the gentleman at the tow yard that there was bag of food that contained pizza and maggots in the car.”

But, Orlando investigators say they found traces of chloroform along with DNA evidence suggesting Caylee’s dead body was in the trunk.

Then King asked Cindy point blank, “Do you suspect you’re daughter(Casey).” Cindy replied, “No, never, not in all of this. I have not from day one. I haven’t.”

George Anthony says he believes Orlando investigators have their minds made up that Casey killed Caylee and have mishandled the case from the beginning. “I wanted them to put out an Amber Alert which they never did. “I wanted them to contact the FBI, which they never did,” George said.

Caylee Anthony went missing in June. Casey Anthony’s trial was set for January. But according to a television station in Orlando, the trial has been delayed until March.

Remains of Child Found Near Casey Anthony’s Home

December 11, 2008

According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, the remains of a young child have been located in east Orange County less than a half-mile from Casey Anthony’s parents’ home.

UPDATE: WKMG-TV says the age and gender of the dead child have yet to be determined.

“Deputies did respond to that area, and once we were on the scene, we determined that we do have the remains of a young child,” Orange County sheriff’s spokesman Jim Solomons tells WKMG-TV. “Obviously, our concern is that it’s in close proximity to some recent activity in that part of the county, and it’s incumbent upon us to determine what we have.”

From the Associated Press:

Sheriff’s deputies say the skeletal remains of a small child have been found near the Orlando home of a missing 3-year-old girl.

The Orlando Sentinel quotes the Orange County Sheriff’s Office as saying a utility worker found the body early Thursday. There is nothing that immediately indicates that the bones belong to Caylee Anthony, whose mother Casey Anthony has been charged with her murder. The sheriff’s office did not immediately respond to call from The Associated Press.

Casey Anthony insists that she left the girl with a baby sitter in June, but did not report her missing until July.

From CNN:

The discovery was made about 9:30 a.m. by a utility worker, who alerted authorities, spokesman Jim Solomons said. Investigators, including those from the Anthony case and defense team, were on the scene, he said.

Police Capt. Angelo Nieves was reluctant to disclose details of the discovery to reporters at the scene, other than to say the skeletal remains found in a plastic bag appeared consistent with those of a young child. The Anthony family has been notified of the discovery, he said.

Caylee Anthony, 3, has been missing since June in a case that has received national attention. Her 22-year-old mother, Casey Anthony, was arrested last month and faces first-degree murder and other charges in the girl’s disappearance.

CNN affiliate WFTV reported that the utility worker, a meter reader, picked up a bag at the site and a skull fell out.

Solomons said he could not confirm reports that the body was that of a small girl. Asked about the distance from the site to Casey Anthony’s parents’ home, he said it would be “very safe to say it’s in very close proximity.”

In a court hearing earlier Thursday, 9th Circuit Judge Stan Strickland postponed Casey Anthony’s trial at the request of defense attorney Jose Baez. The attorney said he had not received all the evidence due him from prosecutors and was not ready to proceed with the January 5 trial.

Baez asked Strickland if the trial could be delayed until March. The judge scheduled a hearing January 15 to consider a new trial date as well as a possible change of venue.

Prosecutors said earlier this month they would not seek the death penalty against Casey Anthony. Upon conviction, however, she could face a sentence of life in prison.

From WFTV:

According to information obtained by Eyewitness News, when the meter reader picked up the bag a skull fell out. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed to Eyewitness News that the body is a young child.

“We are assuming they are the remains of a victim,” said Orange County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Jim Solomons.

It is not clear at this point whether the body was that of Caylee Anthony.

“We know we have a recent discovery. We have investigators on the scene. We need to determine what we have,” said Solomons.

Deputies set up a perimeter near a small retention pond. Heavy rain pounded the scene, making the investigation more difficult.

Eyewitness News report Kathi Belich said sources told her they were taking this very seriously and would expedite DNA test to determine if the remains were indeed Caylee’s. Investigators told her they were “very optimistic” they had found the missing girl.

Caylee’s mother, Casey Anthony, has been charged with murder in connection with the case. She is currently in the Orange County jail. A jail spokesman said he did not know if Casey was aware of the morning’s discovery. During a previous search, a counselor was brought in to talk with Casey.

From WESH:

Eyewitness News has learned an Orange County water meter reader discovered a bag in the area of Chickasaw Trail and Suburban Drive (see map), around three-tenths of a mile from the Anthonys’ home (map from location to Anthony’s home).

According to information obtained by Eyewitness News, when the meter reader picked up the bag a skull fell out. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed to Eyewitness News that the body is a young child.

“We are assuming they are the remains of a victim,” said Orange County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Jim Solomons.

It is not clear at this point whether the body could be Caylee Anthony.

“We know we have a recent discovery. We have investigators on the scene. We need to determine what we have,” said Solomons.

Reports from the scene say deputies have set up a perimeter near a small retention pond.

Casey Anthony Murder Trial Postponed

December 11, 2008

The judge in the case of missing Caylee Anthony has postponed the trial of her mother, Casey Anthony, which was set to begin on January 5. The start date is now anticipated to be in March.

From Fox News:

Ninth Circuit Judge Stan Strickland complied Thursday with a request by Casey Anthony’s lawyer Jose Baez to put off the start date of her trial until March. He set another hearing for Jan. 15.

Baez also asked for a change of venue.

“We’ve done extensive research, which is why the motion hasn’t been filed yet,” he ahead of Thursday’s status hearing. “We want to be able to analyze coverage in all the media markets in the state of Florida.”

Caylee Anthony’s Body Found?

November 13, 2008

UPDATE: This post first appeared on November 13. Please follow this link for new developments on December 11.

Please consider this JUST A RUMOR until more information is available and confirmed.

According to bounty hunter Leonard Padilla, the dive team searching the Little Econ River around Blanchard Park say they have located a plastic bag with fingers and toes weighted down by bricks. A second bag with stuffed animals was also said to have been found.

We all hope that closure will eventually come in this case and bring peace to little Caylee Marie Anthony. I won’t hold my breath that these rumors are true but we will wait and see what happens throughout the day as more news comes out. I’ve heard too many rumors over the past week to believe anything at this point until confirmed. It’s always possible that Padilla is running around crying wolf to the media. Only time will tell.


Authorities are trying to determine if there’s a link between items found by divers in an Orlando park’s lake and the case of missing 3-year-old Caylee Anthony believed to have been killed.

Divers searching the area of Little Eonlockhatchee River found a plastic bag containing toys and small bones on Thursday, a bounty hunter told NBC News affiliate,

It was not clear if those were human remains or if they had any relation to Caylee.

Inside the bag, weighted down by bricks, were two toys and bones the size of fingers and toes, Padilla said. There also was a shamrock, which bounty hunter Leonard Padilla said was a favorite symbol of Casey Anthony, WESH reported on its Web site.

Anthony, 22, pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder in the case of her daughter.

Caylee has not been seen since June, but wasn’t reported missing until a month later. The child’s grandmother first called authorities in July to say she hadn’t seen Caylee for a month and her daughter’s car smelled like death.

From Fox News:

The divers, hired by bounty hunter Leonard Padilla, were combing the Little Econ River around Blanchard Park when they said they came upon a plastic bag filled with fingers and toes and weighted down with bricks. The second with the toys in it was also found and the area was roped off, according to

Orange County Sheriff’s spokesman Carlos Padilla (no relation to the bounty hunter) told that Leonard Padilla had informed police of his crew’s discovery and investigators were being dispatched to the scene to learn more, but he couldn’t confirm whether the bags contained what the dive team said they did.

A diving course director involved in the search, David Badali, told FOX News Channel’s Miami bureau that the bags found had bones, bricks, a green shamrock toy and another toy inside.

He said they were discovered in 10 feet of water at about 1:30 p.m., the area has been declared a crime scene and the FBI was retrieving the items.

Leonard Padilla told that the 30 to 40 divers conducting the search (which involves only five in the water at a time) are from a company called Black Water Divers and specialize in scouring extremely dark areas. He characterized it as a recovery mission to find 3-year-old Caylee’s remains.

The bounty hunter called off his search earlier this week, but had a change of heart Wednesday night and said he’d continue looking for the toddler, who is presumed dead. He said he has evidence that she was dumped in the river, but declined to elaborate.