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Casey Anthony: 911 Tapes Played in Court…

May 31, 2011

Cindy Anthony put her head down on the witness stand and sobbed earlier today as recordings of her 911 call to police were played during testimony in Casey Anthony’s murder trial. The call was made after she discovered that Caylee had been missing for a month.

Another call featured today was the jailhouse call between Casey, her mother, brother and friend Kristina Chester.

From CNN:

“We’re talking about a 3-year-old girl,” a hysterical Cindy Anthony says on the call, made July 15, 2008. It was her third call to police that day, but this one was different — made after Cindy Anthony’s daughter Casey Anthony admitted to her brother that Caylee — who was actually 2 at the time — had been missing since June 16 and said the girl’s nanny had kidnapped her.

Also played for jurors Tuesday was a phone call Casey Anthony made to the Anthony home from jail on July 16, following her arrest. In the call, she speaks to her mother and brother and to her friend Kristina Chester, but wants her brother to give her the phone number of her then-boyfriend, Tony Lazzaro.

On the call, a tearful Kristina Chester tries to get answers out of Anthony regarding Caylee.

“I got arrested on a f—ing whim today,” Casey Anthony tells Chester on the call, “because they’re blaming me for stuff that I would never do, that I didn’t do.”

“Casey,” Chester said later in the call. “Your daughter, your flesh and blood, your baby.” But Anthony cut her off, saying, “Put my brother back on the phone. I don’t want to get into this with you. … I haven’t slept in four days.”

Casey Anthony: Week One of Murder Trial in the Books…

May 28, 2011

Well…the first week of testimony in the Casey Anthony murder trial definitely had it’s moments, and many thought that it was filled with bombshells.

What do you expect in the coming days/weeks?

From CNN:

As week one of the trial comes to a close, capped off Saturday by the compelling testimony of Casey’s mother, Cindy Anthony, an outsider to the case can only speculate if the jurors feel the truth is coming into focus.

If the jurors are looking for answers in Casey’s face, they may come away empty-handed. While Casey has broken down in court on several occasions, particularly when the subject turns to her relationship with Caylee, she is often stoic as she hears the recollections of the men and women who once made up her life.

On Saturday, Casey was essentially stone-faced until a court recess in the middle of her mother’s testimony. Then Casey was seen sobbing and speaking passionately to her attorneys. The defendant regained composure when her mother retook the stand.

Casey Anthony: Trunk Had the “Smell of Death”

May 27, 2011

The manager of the impound lot which held Casey Anthony’s car has testified that he detected a “very unique, distinctive smell of human composition which came from the trunk of Anthony’s car.

From Reuters:

“The instant flash in my mind (was), whew, I know what that smells like,” said manager Simon Birch, who examined the car within four to five days of it being stored at the lot.

No one reported Caylee missing until July 15, 2008, when Cindy and George went to the impound lot after receiving a notice that Casey’s car was there.

After driving the car home and confronting Casey, Cindy called 911 and told police her granddaughter was missing. She said Casey wouldn’t tell her where Caylee was, and that she smelled “a dead body” in Casey’s car trunk.

Birch testified he worked several years for a garbage company and about 30 years in tow lots, where six or eight times he had smelled the odor of decomposing human remains in a vehicle. He said he recognized the difference between human decay and trash.

Casey Anthony: Day Four of Murder Trial Begins…

May 27, 2011

It’s Friday and the fourth day of the murder trial of Casey Anthony. What can we expect to see today?

Well, on day three, we heard from her former boyfriend Ricardo Morales who testified that Anthony was cheery when she picked he and his friends up from the airport on July 15, 2008. This was about a month after authorities believe Caylee was last seen.

Day four should be much of the same. In fact, it has already begun!

From WFTV:

Casey Anthony entered the courtroom just before 8:30am, wearing dark pants and a black vest over a white shirt. She had her hair pulled back in a bun.

Chief Judge Belvin Perry quickly denied the defense’s motion that Casey’s lead attorney, Jose Baez, filed Thursday morning at 8:30am to renew a motion for a mistrial.

Judge Perry then called court to order at 9:00am.

The former girlfriend of Casey’s brother, Lee Anthony, testified that the Casey and Caylee had an “amazing” relationship. Mallory Parker was called to the witness stand by prosecutors who coaxed her into describing how Lee and her had searched for Casey in Orlando bars in an attempt to locate her when her family hadn’t seen her In many days during the summer of 2008.

Prosecutors said she was having fun with friends around the same time her daughter went missing.

Casey Anthony Owes Nearly $70,000 in Taxes

May 27, 2011

Two things in life are certain: death and taxes!

Today we learned that the Internal Revenue Service has issued a lien against accused murderer Casey Anthony over nearly $70,000 in unpaid taxes in the 2008 tax year.

From WKMG:

The lien is filed at 522 Simpson Road in Kissimmee, the address of Anthony’s defense attorney, Jose Baez.

The assessment was made Nov. 1, 2010.

The notice of federal tax lien indicates that Anthony owes $68,520.41 in unpaid taxes.

According to the notice, it was filed on May 17.

Casey Anthony: Defense Asks For Mistrial

May 27, 2011

Casey Anthony’s defense attorney, Jose Baez, began the fourth day of her murder trial by asking Judge Belvin Perry for a mistrial. Motion…denied!

From ClickOnDetroit:

Baez cited irrelevant testimony from friends and former boyfriends as being significantly prejudiced and impermissible character evidence. For three days, prosecutors portrayed Anthony as carefree and cheerful in the weeks after the girl was last seen, hanging out with friends and hitting the clubs.

Perry denied Baez’s motion after pointing out that Baez has asked many of the witnesses if Anthony appeared to be a good mother to her daughter, Caylee. They all said yes.