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Casey Anthony: Ex-Boyfriend Says George Anthony Abused Her

April 21, 2011

In a newly released deposition filed in court yesterday, Casey Anthony’s ex-boyfriend Tony Lazzaro said Anthony told him that her father, George Anthony, physically abused her.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

“From what I remember, I think it was just hitting – that she was physically abused,” Lazzaro told attorneys during a Feb. 18 deposition.

A transcript of that deposition was placed in the court file late Wednesday along with another deposition of Casey’s former friend Amy Huizenga.

He said Caylee never appeared to be neglected or abused, but when asked about Casey, Lazzaro said she had told him about being abused herself.

“I just don’t recall it being sexual in nature,” Lazzaro said. “It could have been. Honestly, it would have been much better to do this at that time. I just know she said that they didn’t live together and she made it sound like her dad was like this really bad guy.”


Casey Anthony: Judge Belvin to Make Key Rulings Today

April 21, 2011

It is expected that Judge Belvin Perry will be making some key rulings today on critical pieces of scientific evidence that prosecutors plan to use in their murder case against Casey Anthony.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Belvin is expected to make decisions today on whether scientific evidence about chloroform levels found in Anthony’s car trunk and the growth of plant roots in the woods where the child’s remains were found should be used at her trial.

In recent weeks, Anthony’s defense team has been arguing against plans by the state to use such cutting-edge scientific evidence at Anthony’s trial.

Prosecutors want to use novel scientific work focusing on odor and air samples originating from the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car.

Casey Anthony: Are You Obsessed?

April 21, 2009

I had to share this post from Mike Thomas at the Orlando Sentinel. Good stuff!!!

See how many of these you fit into! 🙂

From the Orlando Sentinel:

1. You read all 13,453 comments posted on today’s Casey story.
2. You typed 100 of those comments.
3. You typed them in capital letters.
4. You haven’t said goodnight to your kids in six months because bedtime is during Nancy Grace.
5. You know who Leonard Padilla is but not Joe Biden.
6. You just bought two hamsters and named them George and Cindy.
7. You get in shrill arguments on message boards with complete strangers about duct tape.
8. You called all your friends to vote in our online poll supporting the death penalty for Casey.
9. All your friends are starting to avoid you.
10. This list really upsets you.

Casey Anthony: Parents to Appear on CBS Early Show

April 21, 2009

The funny thing is, I turned down a chance to be on the same show this week because of the TIME Magazine article I was in.

Looks like they’ll be talking about everything including their daughter Casey and the time line leading up to Caylee’s death.

One of my favorites, Hal Boedeker (please check him out) has the scoop!

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Step aside, Oprah Winfrey. CBS will have the first interview with George and Cindy Anthony since granddaughter Caylee’s remains were found. Winfrey’s people had promoted that she would have that first interview next month. since granddaughter

Don’t George and Cindy know it’s not nice to cross Oprah?

CBS’ “Early Show” will interview the Anthonys over two shows this week.

Maggie Rodriguez will conduct the interview Wednesday and Thursday in the show’s New York studio.