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Casey Anthony Doll Removed from eBay

February 25, 2009

The “Casey Anthony” doll wrapped in an America flag that was being sold on the auction site eBay was removed yesterday.

I’m not surprised by this, are you? Who comes up with the ideas to sell these items anyways?

Credit: eBay and MyFox Orlando

Credit: eBay and MyFox Orlando

From WESH:

The doll was the latest in a series of items people have tried to sell related to the case. Earlier, a Jacksonville company marketed a Caylee doll and someone was trying to sell on eBay.

Anthony is charged with first-degree murder in connection with the death of her daughter Caylee.

The doll was dressed to resemble an outfit that Casey Anthony wore to a party before her arrest, showing her wrapped in an American flag.

Casey Anthony to Be Released From Jail on Friday

September 5, 2008

It looks as if Casey Anthony will once again be leaving her Orange County Jail cell after an anonymous person posted the $500,000 bond.

From the Associated Press:

The mother of a missing Florida toddler is going free again.

Orange County officials say Casey Anthony posted $500,000 bond for the second time and should leave jail by Friday morning.

Three-year-old Caylee Anthony was reported missing in July from Orlando. She hadn’t been seen for a month before her mother told authorities.

The mother is charged with child abuse and making false statements to investigators. Detectives say they have evidence showing her car’s trunk had contained a decomposing body, likely her daughter’s.

Associated Press

Credit: Associated Press

From CNN:

Casey Anthony could be released from jail mid-morning Friday, according to a news release from the Orange County Corrections Department.

“I have verified that the jail is now in possession of paperwork provided by the Clerk of the Court that will satisfy the $500,000 bail on the child neglect charge. Bail has already been satisfied on the other 11 charges,” the release said.

The release did not say who posted the bail.

The story of Anthony and her missing daughter has garnered national headlines, been the nightly fodder of cable TV crime shows and brought a stampede of reporters to stake out Anthony’s Florida family home.

Anthony reported her daughter, Caylee, missing in July, a month after the last known sighting of her. Anthony told police that a baby-sitter kidnapped Caylee, but police found inconsistencies in her story, according to police reports.

Police jailed Anthony at that time for child neglect, making false official statements and obstruction of justice, but a bounty hunter paid the bond that let her out of jail.

She was arrested again August 29, this time on charges of forgery, fraudulent use of personal information and petty theft.

Investigators have also uncovered some damaging evidence in the case.

I found a video which has a compilaton of all of the jailhouse calls made by Casey Anthony. It’s very interesting to listen to this now after all that has been said in the news.

Caylee Anthony: Is A Shocking New Development on the Way?

September 3, 2008

Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla seems to believe so according to Local 6 News in Florida.

Associated Press

Credit: Associated Press

From the article:

A bounty hunter who helped Casey Anthony, the mother of a missing 3-year-old Orlando girl, leave jail last month said the world will be shocked by new revelations in the upcoming weeks, FLORIDA TODAY news partner WKMG Local 6 News reports.

Leonard Padilla and missing Caylee Anthony’s grandmother, Cindy, appeared on a national talk show Tuesday night.

Cindy Anthony told CNN’s Nancy Grace that she believes Caylee is still alive despite evidence indicating the child is dead.

“Right now, my gut is that either she is in Texas, Mexico or Puerto Rico,” Anthony said. “I think she is somewhere down there.”

“(Cindy Anthony) is living in total denial,” Padilla said in response to Cindy Anthony’s comment.

Padilla then said in the upcoming weeks, the country will see some revelations in the case.

“When the FBI, who has got some of the finest labs in the world, comes back (with findings), it is going to shock the world over something Lee, Casey and Cindy have known since Wednesday when they released their preliminary findings,” Padilla said.

“And also, the Dumpster located a mile and quarter away from the boyfriend Tony’s home is going to play a big part in this.”

Associated Press

Credit: Associated Press

Padilla initially said he believed Casey Anthony and that her daughter was alive. He has since changed his belief and has called the mother a liar.

Casey Anthony, 22, remains jailed on unrelated theft charges after she was charged in mid-July with child neglect and filing a false statement in connection to her missing daughter, Caylee, who was last seen in mid-June.

I don’t foresee any shocking developments in this case. I see Casey Anthony tried and convicted of murder with other members of the family involved in the cover up. I pray that they find Caylee safe and sound but it has been so long, and there has been so much evidence that she is not alive, that I have a hard time believing that she still could be. Time will tell. Thoughts?