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Artist Spotlight: Jacob Davis

May 16, 2016

So, I’ve been meaning to write about a number of up-and-coming country artists over the past few months, but just haven’t had the time. With that being said, I’m now going to make the time.

Over the next few weeks (or months), I’ll be highlighting some of the folks out there that I feel are not getting the exposure they deserve. They may be brand new, they may have been around forever. I don’t know the reason why they aren’t racing up the country music charts, but my hope is to get the drum beat going on some fantastic artists that you may have missed.

To start things off, I’ll be taking a look at an artist who I’ve heard nothing but good things about: Jacob Davis.



As a bit of background (that comes from his website), at the age of fifteen, Davis picked up a guitar and started singing in his Shreveport, Louisiana bedroom. But it wasn’t until an open mic night during his junior year of college that he would ever perform on a stage.

Sounds like the kind of story that leads to a successful country music career, right?

What first got me interested in Davis, other than the positive feedback I received from his legion of fans, is his apparent love for 90’s country music. Let me tell you this, I was raised on country music from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, and have a particular love for the music of the 90’s (and not just country music). This is the time period where  I was in Junior High, High School and College. Music was a major part of my life, and I’m glad that this decade proved inspirational to others.

But enough about the 90’s. Let’s talk today.

According to Music Row, just this week, Davis was signed by Black River Publishing to its songwriting roster where he joins Kelsea Ballerini, John King and more.

“I have been a Jacob Davis fan since meeting him soon after he came to Nashville,” said Black River Publishing’s VP Celia Froehlig. “I am thrilled to now be working together. He is a great talent and the perfect addition to our BRE family. Get ready to hear some great new music from Jacob Davis in the not too distant future!”

So here’s what I really like about Davis: it’s all about his music.

The first song I heard was “Down to Earth”. Good melody. Catchy lyrics. Simple. But then I read a little deeper into the meaning of the song and of course it’s a song about the birth of his daughter. Naturally, I had to listen. Having two daughters of my own, I know the feelings he’s expressing. Nailed it! Here’s a link to a live performance of the song.

Another song I enjoyed was “Sooner than Later”. After hearing a couple of ballads, I loved the upbeat nature of the song. The lyrics also stood out. “She’s laying warm against my skin.” “She’s gonna love too hot…and burn too fast.” Who can’t relate to that. Here’s a link to a live performance from earlier this year.

“Something to Remember You By” is another one that caught my attention. With lyrics such as “I look around anytime, anyplace, they’ll always be something to remember you by” how can you not relate to that. Here’s a link to the lyric video.

But what really got me hooked is “Someone Else’s Girl”. We’ve all been there. In love with a girl that you can’t have because she’s with someone else. It’s a country music staple, right? But it certainly hits home. I remember back to college and a girl that I thought I was gonna marry…until she married someone else. Here’s a link to a live performance of the song earlier this year.

What can I say. I love discovering new music and I especially love hearing from up-and-coming artists. Jacob Davis fits the bill. He’s an artist that obviously isn’t getting the recognition he deserves. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for him here on the West Coast. You should too!

Make sure to check out his website and follow Jacob Davis on Twitter at @JacobDavisMusic and on Facebook. I hear the Jacob Davis Squad is pretty cool too. Probably should check them out as well at @JacobDavisSquad!

Upcoming tour dates can be found here. Hey Jacob, how about a date at the Rodeo Club in San Jose or Duke’s in Portland???

So what did I miss? Have you seen Davis live? Is the show as good as the live clips on YouTube? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.